How to Dehydrate Bananas

Food dehydration is an effective and fun way to reduce waste, save money, and practice preparedness! Dehydrated food lasts for years when stored properly, is lightweight, and doesn’t require electricity to store. In this quick video, you’ll learn how to dehydrate bananas! These are a great on-to-go healthy snack for adults and kids, and can be used in recipes!

We love to help you dehydrate, store, and build your pantry! Here are some things we think will help you!

Excalibur Dehydrator:
Vacuum Sealer:
Vacuum Bags:

For high-volume dehydration and storage, we recommend the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator and a heavy-duty vacuum sealer with dual motors. For low- or moderate-volume dehydration, we recommend 6- or 9-tray Excalibur, and any vacuum sealer, with high-quality vacuum bags.

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  • T&L's Nana

    Thank you for sharing. I’m new . . . when finished, should they be crisp or pliable?

    • Sunshine Country Chickens

      Crispy if your bananas are slightly green, if you used ripe bananas the sugar content will make them pliable

  • BooksArePeopleToo

    Do you have a link to your meat slicer? If you don’t have a link, then could you post a reply with the details?

  • Kent Costello

    Hay I’m glad that I found your channel you me with my dehydrator stuff. I use it a lot . Always looking forward for your new videos keep it up and going & and be safe at these hard times we are having.

  • carolyn moody

    Many thanks.. blessings

  • Claude Smoot

    Why a stainless blade?

  • Joy Louise

    Thanks for the great tip about condition of banana ripeness for best dehydration. You are so knowledgeable. Just pulled your book off the shelf today to check before putting chives in dehydrator. Yep, everything I needed right there!

  • A Girl Has No Name

    *OHMYGOODNESS! I have NEVER heard about the banana choices. I always use the older spotty ones.*

  • Rebecca Zody

    Thank you so much.

  • Nancy M Weasel

    What brand slicer do you use?

  • Wanda Williams

    Thank God my hubby really listens to me. Lol. I’ve been searching for your channel forever. Almost a year, no joke. I was finally about to give up. Then my husband asked ” Babe, didn’t you say she had dehydrated collard greens?” Huh I didn’t say that, did I?.. I did a search, and once again. He’s right. I’ve subscribed and turned on that notification bell. Now, to give him a treat. Yep, a little Debbie’s, nutty butty. I haven’t to date found anyone who puts out such beautiful dehydrated foods.. Thanks for sharing. Now to show him too. Peace

  • Paige family Homestead Our Journey back

    hey we’re in full 😀 im a dehydrating junkie lol trying to teach others to use dehydration for preserving foods for tomorrow… and pack meals coming. loving your channel.

  • T.C. Meyer

    I dehydrated bananas about 5 years ago following your instructions. They seem to be turning a darker color. Should I dispose of them? Thank you.

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