How To Become an Expert at Homesteading

Today, while doing the daily chores, we talk about feeding animals, using pigs on pasture, and how making mistakes is a good thing.

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  • The Mindful Homestead

    Who needs to be an expert when you have a YouTube channel?! 😂

  • Gray Turner

    Remineralizing pastures through a year-round feed supplement/TMR is the most expensive means to improve the pasture. Ruminants can get a significant portion of their needs on pasture alone and that’s what you’re already paying taxes/mortgage on (for most people). Free-choice mineral supplements are much less expensive and animals only consume them when they are needed. I agree with most of the other stuff you were preaching about minerals, but that’s the most expensive way to get minerals to your animals–and ultimately your pasture soils.

    • Homesteady

      Interesting Gray, I never considered the cost in our feed ration compared to free choice. We do a loose free choice for cows, might experiment with other animals 👍

    • Gray Turner

      @Homesteady Experimentation is the best teacher. Also, my pasture doesn’t have weeds… But it does have lots of forbs. Forbs have different mineral compositions than grasses. Free minerals!… For animal to graze and for roots to mine back into the soil root zone.

    • Homesteady

      A weed by any other name would still mineralize as sweet!

    • yooper mann

      @Homesteady a weed is a plant that wasnt planted where you wanted it

  • Susan Ayers

    please post a pictucture of lady bug before the end please? i know making her suffer through this illness isnt fair to her

  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    My Grandpa said… an X-SPRUT is a pooped out drip, so I never want to be an x-spurt… LOL sorry, I just had to!

  • Sara Gauss

    Yesss!!! Online butcher class would be amazing!

  • Yogi Hollow Farm

    Luna running when called…love it! Well we ordered 16 red rangers meat birds for this Friday to raise. Also we have had 12 layer hens since May. Along with the chickens we also have gardens we planted including outside as well as hydroponic lettuce inside. So thanks for the insight. We are on the homesteading train and love it!

  • Candice Christensen

    Sheep are really fantastic. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. We butchered two kathadin dorper cross ram lambs last year. This year we have a kathadin dorper cross and a East Friesian lacaune cross to butcher. I’m interested to see if they taste different. I’ll let you know 😊👍

  • Candice Christensen

    Bones is such a love❤️❤️❤️ such a good dog

  • Renae Bettenhausen

    About coffee: Do you drink iced coffee? I LOVE that stuff!

  • tasha Maybe_Crazy

    Love the information from your videos. I wish I could get my husband 100% on board with my homesteading dream, we have a homestead just not where it could be if that makes sense.

  • Bookmark Monaco

    When you make the conversation with that economist guy, pls can you ask him about “white money” or “local community currency”. Money is a intermediator exchanging the value between two objects that are not money. Its value depends on what can be bought by it, In other words what alternative can you have locally which can be exchanged to dollars but holds its own value in case of an economical crash. This local currency community can be even thousands of people through families and friends and friends of friends as long as they can be trusted.
    Did you know that Switzerland has got this kind of money. Its called WIR.

  • leoncaruthers

    Katahdin — and hair sheep generally — have much tastier meat both as lamb and as mutton, in my experience.

  • Nathan Smallfoot

    I’d love to know all the seeds you chose to spread and a follow up of how it worked!

  • Christine Dehn

    Austin, “I have to drive back down and turn off the fence.
    Dogs, “Yeah, race you!”.

  • JB Brown

    I always broadcast my seed before the pigs went on an area.
    That worked well for me.
    I love adding some bucket. I used pasture mix with added clover.

    • Homesteady

      JB how long would you leave the pigs in the area with the seed broadcasted on it before you moved em? I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this! Thanks JB

    • JB Brown

      I moved my pigs about 5 of 6 times a week.
      I used single wire on a 12 joule plug in charger.
      I’d set up tomorrow’s area and broadcast a Campbell soup can of my pasture mix. The pig strlirred the seed in.
      Every year I had a better germination rate. The clover tended to take over.

  • Cable Salad

    Hey Homesteady, your videos have been a treasure trove of information and insight into homesteading. Thanks! It’s probably a frequent question, but how much land do you exactly need for keeping chickens (pasture raised preferred), maybe pigs and maybe a market garden and a small orchard? Since I’ll be doing this on my own next to a full time job, I just want to provide for my family and sell whatever surplus I might produce. Since land is ridiculously expensive in Europe I’m not sure how much I should buy for now. Leasing would be doable, but every improvement I’m going to make on the land will not be mine, if you know what I mean. So what’s the minimum amount of land required for a small homestead with just a couple of livestock?

  • Just Brewed

    So thankful that we are able to learn from mistakes on our homesteads!

  • Alexis McGuire

    Homesteady, you have inspired us for the last year or 2 to start our own Homestead! ❤ Getting prepared to add some Jerseys! Thanks for all the information on your channel! Can’t wait to check out Nature’s Way feeds!!

  • Ana Larson

    Best piece of advice- good foundation, good environment and good connection to it all, good for all things makes one ponder what that means in every situation, kinda of like the body, mind and soul connection, how does whatever one will do will touch all those 3 things. Happy Monday!

  • Jona Briggs

    I’m finally moving on the 1st of the Month,and, I already asked if I could have Chickens…..THEY SAID YES !! I’m so so excited, but, Kinda scared also 😛 I know for a FACT, that I’d never catch those if they got loose, hahahaa

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