How Rulers Can Give Nations Stability, Peace and Prosperity

Rulers judging based upon God's laws bring stability to the land and nation

Proverbs 29:4

4 The king by judgment establisheth the land: but he that receiveth gifts overthroweth it.

One of the things mentioned in the Bible a number of times is the instability of nations. But the God in the Scriptures gives us an insight into how a king or the rulers can bring stability to the land they govern.

In Proverbs 4:29, it mentions that the king by judgment, establisheth the land. The word establisheth refers to stability, and by rendering godly judgment, the king ensures the overall nation experiences a stable and secure environment.

With judgment based upon God’s laws, it means the application of God’s laws and penalties to a nation, removes the evil people out of it and allows righteousness to reign.

By righteousness I mean walking in fear and obedience of the Lord by obeying His commands. I’m not referring to getting saved by grace alone here, which of course can’t be achieved by obeying the law.

Getting saved or regenerated comes by grace alone through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. the law is God’s standard of righteousness, and follows the free gift of salvation.

As the Scriptures teach us, He promised He would put His laws within people that have faith in Christ, and by extension, we would learn in walk in obedience to them. I’m referring to the moral laws revealed in the Scriptures, not the various laws associated with types and shadows, such as those associated with the tabernacle, feasts, Levitical priesthood, sacrifices, and others that were fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.

Rulers and the law

Any nation that wants to experience peace and stability must embrace the laws of God as the standard or righteousness; they must be embedded in the law code of all nations in order to provide the means of stability that many people yearn for.

If you’re not convinced of this and believe the laws no longer have a place in this world after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, consider what most call the Great Commission. It clearly states we are to teach the nations everything Jesus commanded, and the nations are expected to include them in their law codes and apply them to the cases brought before judges.

Also take into account the fact that Hebrews also refers to the laws being written in our hearts in fulfillment of what the prophets said would happen.

Those laws are to be embraced and worked from within to without, meaning learned, taught and expected to be obeyed by all people living within the borders of any nation.

Rulers and overall governments that base their judgments on the revealed commands and laws of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, will bring prolonged periods of peace and prosperity as long as they judge righteously, meaning not accepting bribes to alter the objective outcomes the law demands, as the last part of the verse above says.


One of the more devastating realities in our time is that not only have rulers in general rejected the guidance of the Bible in relationship to jurisprudence, they in many cases stop legitimate judgments at all based upon the laws already on the books, as they do in America, and simply insert their own personal preferences in place of it on a case by case basis.

Consequently, a large number of judges in America, for example, have become totalitarian and make up law from the bench; something that is not allowed. As a result, tyranny is increasing from the judiciary, especially in regard to Christians, as cultural influences and beliefs are what now rule the land.

The other problem is there are few rulers that understand what’s going on, or gladly accept it in order to go along to get along. There is also a growing number of threats to make sure rulings are based upon the shifting sands of liberals, who has rejected the God of the Bible and the Christians that have their faith in Him. This is why America is destabilizing, and many other nations as well.

We need to pray for kings or rulers that acknowledge God and His laws, and require them to make judgments based upon them. This is the only way to making any nation stable, peaceful, prosperous and safe.


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