How Many Survival Bags Do You Freakin’ Need ???

Sensible Prepper Presents: Responding to so many questions asking "Sootch, how many bags do you really need and why so many?" I decided to talk about the bag philosophy and why having a system is important.

Here are links to various "bag" videos over the past couple of years.

Tactical Load Out Bag : Minuteman Bag

EDC Bag for Everyday & Survival

Anti-Terrorist Bag

Bug Out Bag Survival Bag

Intruder Defense Bag Revisited

The Get Home Bag Revisited

Get Home Bag

Maxpedition Adventure Travel Kit

Maxpedition Active Shooters Response Bag

The Best Prepper Back Pack

Rifle Go Bag Seminar

Self Defense Cache Bag

Bug Out Weapons Bag

Car Survival Kit

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • Tragic Fairytale

    You have definitely inspired me to put together my own bags and systems. Thanks for all the advice and videos!

  • Anthony Gomez

    great video. i got a bug out bag, a get home bag, edc bag. and my hurricane evacuation bag. think i need more

  • Jake Leuty

    Still waiting on that cigar kit video…

  • SgtBooker44

    Still waiting on the cigar kit video.

  • Christian Pineault

    Do you think one day you could do a home defense video but without any guns for us Canadian? Our law prevents us to use guns for self defence or unlocked.

  • Redbirds1100

    Hi Don I had been watching your video’s for over 5 years. I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Rozco 0189

    @sootch. thanks for the video brother! I have my car get home bag, my bug out bag in my home and a day pack with the essentials as well as my weapons go bag. your vids have really helped me and many others. keep on keepin on man! cheers

  • Gator Delray Survival

    going to the nation’s gun show this weekend @ Dulles expo Center in Chantilly hopefully I will find some new items to add to my bag

  • Gator Delray Survival

    BTW you really have inspired me to be more prepared even though I live in Alexandria just outside of Washington DC and her band move arm if you’re right why can’t her you would change and now I am feeling very prepared for anything that will come on our way thanks very much for all your videos keep up the great work and like you said too long live the republic

  • Dee O. Gee

    You should run against Trump next election

  • mako five56

    What maxpedition bag is that?

    Btw, I like your videos sootch. you the man.

  • Sam

    I know this was almost two years ago, but I am still waiting on the cigar kit bag video!

  • Christopher Finn

    Have you done a nuclear war bag yet? Did I miss it? You could have all your bags in a row and be labeled so you or your family can just grab the appropriate one. A chemical/nuclear war bag that contains tyvek suits, plastic sheeting, gas masks, duct tape, etc.

  • Hermetic Awakening

    I turned 18 a little over a month ago, it’s really starting to sink in not only the responsibility I hold to my country as an able bodied citizen, but to my friends and family as one of the few people in my circle I see who are actively attempting to prepare for whatever life throws as them. In an emergency situation I could be the only person around who’s prepared and ready to take action, and that could mean the difference between life and death to those I hold dear or even random strangers. Thank you, Sootch for giving me a very well thought out and inspiring jumping off point to get myself prepared and equipped for the potential obstacles of life. 7 years in the BSA hasn’t prepared me as well as a few hours of your content have. Best of luck you both you and my fellow viewers. Cheers.

  • Dougkingsr

    Great video! It gives me a bunch of things to think about. Thanks!

  • Austin Brister

    Sootch this is by far the best video you’ve made for people that don’t take survival serious. I show this to all my friends that say it’s not that serious, it will never happen to me, I’ve made it through a crisis before without a bag. For some reason this video makes sense to them. Some are still in denial but most change their mindset. I may be a horrible person but I tell them all if they don’t make an effort to save themselves don’t come to me looking to use what I prepared for my family. 1000 thumbs up brother. Keep up the good work.

  • CajunCuban

    As a fellow smoker I would watch that cigar kit video. Love the Videos Sootch! Also did you take a VATA tatical pistol class saw a guy who could have been your twin at one.

  • Ricardo Hernández

    I live in Mexico city you change my mind. I’m going to improve my bags. I really like your videos.

  • Sensei Erin

    Greetings and Salutations! You said something major in this video that stuck with me. Putting off making any of your bags or not knowing what to put in the bag, to begin with. I am a female martial artist, acupuncturist, and an EMT student. I have been going back and forth of what to put in my bag. I really would like some help. Thank you in advance
    Erin M.

  • Alexander Seiwald

    don’t let the haters get to you Sootch – your videos are great!

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