Homeowner Leaves His Home To Defend Against Car Thief

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  • double penn

    He picked the right house…. Doors unlocked….

  • Donald Degen

    Guy almost killed. If he was worried about the guy getting in the house. Stage up, get ready, call the police. If he enters your house you have the drop on him. Stay inside.

    • YouDontKnowMe

      @David C Those are the laws in Texas, yes.

    • The o.g.

      @Matt Modena damn Matt. You are so badass. You go around killing unarmed people cuz they were on your property..
      Hope girl scouts never step foot on your property

    • GSZero

      I don’t think trying to detain the guy was a good choice either. Just tell him to get out of there. He’s going to look for a softer target next time. The least amount of interaction time the better. Heck turning off or on the light would have likely scared him off.

      If he really wanted the guy caught, he should have call the police and watch him on camera. Heck he could have followed him after he left to direct the cops too since the guy will probably think he got away and not be in too much of a rush leaving the scene. I thief that doesn’t know he’s caught is much easier to track down than one that knows the heat is on.

      Just my opinion. I don’t claim to be an authority on the matter.

    • IrishPotato86

      @Eff Yoo if he was going to challenge the guy, he should have taken a position of cover or concealment. Dont let the guy know where you are, but let him hear your commands. He stood in the open and put himself at risk. He’s lucky he wasnt shot.

    • Eff Yoo

      @IrishPotato86 maybe

  • Tornciti

    I’d probably install a very strong flood light towards the cars, so when I see someone on the security camera just hit them with the bright light it probably will scare them away and avoid being shot at.

  • Louis Becker

    If I can’t see hands, I’m not putting myself out in the open.

  • Pedro Campos

    Homeowner “I suggest you just get on the fu*king ground”
    Perp: “YEE YEE”

  • IrishPotato86

    Homeowner needs some training

  • Doppelganger

    This isn’t the movies. “Freeze” doesn’t work. Also keep in my mind, as I say all the time on this channel. Bad guys aren’t dumb. They could have been trying to draw him outside to ambush him. Guys that do this stuff live a life that requires them to run and gun and be mobile. All this while our home defender is standing up straight as a board with zero cover. Keep in mind he loses sight of the bad guy but the bad guy knows where he is because he keeps talking.

    • Robert Thomas

      Draw the guy out? LOL. Maybe you’ve been watching too much deathwish? Get a remote control soccer ball…

    • Dr. Richard D. Stiff

      John’s the expert here and he’s actually always saying how the majority of criminals are actually quite dumb

    • Doppelganger

      @Robert Thomas your not very smart. Did you see the video where the ccw went to stop the shooting in a store. He goes to confront the gunman but the gunman’s girlfriend walks past the cow holder and then turns and shoots him in the back of the head. Your not a forward thinking individual.

    • Doppelganger

      @Dr. Richard D. Stiff lots of videos online of people who thought criminals were dumb who get shot dead.

    • T Rex

      @Dr. Richard D. Stiff How is he an expert? Because he watches alot of videos?

  • Tom Hines

    On a positive note, the homeowner didn’t do a reactionary fire-back.

    • MAJORJ

      I agree..wasn’t just shooting back randomly

    • C Collins

      Incorrect. Watch the video again and listen carefully and look at his trigger finger.
      1:11 – It’s much worse than that. Turns out he decided to go out there without a bullet in the chamber.

    • jashane stone

      Yeah.. Could’ve went through a neighbors house and or window.. 💯💪🏾

    • The Dude

      @C Collins Oh snap! I didn’t catch that. He full on pulled the trigger. Man, what a cluster all around.

    • Red Solo Cup

      @C Collins YIKES! _Excellent_ catch! I had to turn the volume up to hear the confirmation of a striker falling on an empty chamber. After this revelation, this is the one time I have to disagree with John… this defender does _NOT_ get a pass for covering his ASP.

  • TennesseeGentleman

    Also, if you park your car out in the open, make sure that there is nothing valuable in view as that will attract thieves.

  • irishlockpicker

    Homeowner makes himself the perfect target by standing in no-mans land with a big light shining on him

  • brendan colliander

    setting the car alarm off would have been hilarious

  • Donald Trump2020

    That happened once in Texas and the kid got shot in the back. The homeowner was completely justified in the shooting.

    • dannydaw59

      Don’t mess with Texas! I hear that the property owner can legally shoot a fleeing felon in the back even if it’s outside.

    • Jojo Crazy Cat

      Hi , I am snowflake.
      You can’t just shoot people, that is mean.

    • Barry Allard

      Shooting people in the back is murder, even if it’s a scumbag with a gun.

    • Richard Bennett

      @Barry Allard Not true. If someone tries to ambush style kill you outside your home you can shoot them in the back and kill them. I saw that on First 48. Also if you can articulate that they weren’t running away but instead maybe running to cover than you can shoot them in the back. Also if they are running into your house with a gun where your family lives then of course you can shoot them in the back. There are many cases where you can legally and morally shoot someone in the back.

    • Trey Davenport

      Im sitting here in Tx yelling “light him UP” at my screen…

  • BlueTV

    The home owner worst mistake was going out in his son’s Spiderman jammies.

  • Daniel Baker

    … I’ve lived in Jeff. Co.
    The cops are NOT looking for this guy. They’re waiting for someone with info. Not much else they can do….

    • Dr. Richard D. Stiff

      @Arthur Nied how would they look for him? What lead do they have to find him? A young man in a hood with a gun. Okay Arthur, with all that info, go find him. If you don’t find him, you’re incompetent. Is that really your argument?

    • Arthur Nied

      @Dr. Richard D. Stiff you may want to reconsider that title of doctor? There are at least three sources of evidence. I get it it’s a low priority. All because John holds your hand and and leadsyou through everything he’s identified that makes you Captain hindsight?

    • Dr. Richard D. Stiff

      @Arthur Nied what are the 3 sources? The shell casings, the vid evidence, and? You’re right that police should be investigating but who’s to say they didn’t show up and do a csi?

    • BlackWhiteBeast

      @Dr. Richard D. Stiff I guarantee you if law enforcement put the extra effort into locating this perp they will find him. Just not much of a priority to them, even though it was attempted murder when the perp fired his gun at the home owner. I actually won’t be surprised when they do find him 👍because it’ll probably end up being a shoot-out with the perp being killed. Seen this too many times.

    • Adammartiniz

      @Dr. Richard D. Stiff ya its actually not that hard… most likely that perp had been arrested before i can guarantee they could find a cop that could recognize him, if not from the neighborhood at least from the video… i mean u see most of his face, body shape, and clothes… then you can prove its him if they find his gun… simple…. you think anyone at the station is going through old mug shots of the area looking for a match? Noooooo waaaay get real…

  • Numbzinger

    About two weeks ago at 2:00am I heard someone whistle as if it was one thief signaling another so I quickly but quietly went out my back door to investigate. I hung out in the shadows surveying the neighborhood for about 20 minutes but didn’t hear any more noises and I never did see anyone. Just two days later and just one block away from my house someone went through cars and stole whatever valuables were available. FWIW, I carried a tactical flashlight, a phone, and a Glock 23. Sometimes it pays to be paranoid.

  • noprim 8

    1st World problem: Your garage is so full of unused crap you can get your car in so why have a garage door opener in your car.

  • old school

    Pretty certain all three of the vehicle’s key fobs have a button that activates the car alarm systems. Seems a much better bet than chancing having to perhaps test the old epidermis body armor.


  • Be Low

    “Police are still looking for this perp.” Let’s see here? Avg size black male, hoodie, stolen loaded hadgun, committing felonies? I’m sure they’ll find him by morning. Not.

    • Michael 1

      It isnt the 60s anymore, cant just pick a random guy that fits the descrip and railroad him into a sentence…Praise korean jesus

    • RambleGamble

      Didn’t look black to me


      First off – I don’t know where you RACIST self gets the idea that he a black. Additionally – stealing from cars in the burbs is not a black thing. It’s a white thing! All of the “door checking” post on the internet are of young white males.

      Talk about bathing in racism – even when it’s NOT BLACK you still see black

      What do you think white criminals don’t exist? Folks like you are what’s wrong with the world. Please, don’t have any kids. You’re genes don’t need to go forward.

    • jeepnutnh

      Dudes whiter than I am….and I’m frigging pastey white 😉
      Relax Francis.

  • Kenneth Curtis

    Don’t let your enemy pick the battlefield.

    General George Patton

  • ds525252

    “Feel lucky punk” was the homeowner’s dream lines to utter. He was almost an actor in his own fatal movie.

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