Holes in your Prepping Supplies

Sensible Prepper Presents: Filling the Holes in your Preps! Balance is the lesson here and finding the areas that you're lacking. Using the Rule of 3's to make a plan and include the things that transend those rules.

AMP-3 Medical Kits: http://www.amp-3.net/

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Going Gear: http://goinggear.com/

Survival Rain Water Catchment

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • SkinnyMedic

    Great stuff brother!

    • SensiblePrepper

      +SkinnyMedic Thanks D

    • DJust787

      +SensiblePrepper Hey dumb question, im sure you may of answered this in another video, so if you have just point me to it, but if not, What is the reason you prep, alot of people say just because, but they all have some sort of reason in there head? Just curious

    • sootch00

      +GunsOfPlentyNZ I purposely omitted reasons because there are so many potential threats. Natural disasters, Power outages, Civil unrest, Riots, Terror attacks, financial melt down…. or a personal SHTF.

      We live in a society that’s far too dependent on the system in place. What more is we’ve lost the skills to survive without that infrastructure. Hopefully, none of this will happen, but if it does, I have a responsibility to my family.

    • Marc Hills

      +sootch00 Indeed. I think you’re wise to leave it unsaid the exact nature of what the threats are. Let people do their own personal risk assessment, and based on that draw what they will from the preparedness advice you give. But in an era of 9/11, Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the Oklahoma tornadoes, the Flint water disaster and the Fukushima tsunami/nuclear incident, the vulnerability of modern society has never been more clear.


    2 thumbs way up!!!

    • SensiblePrepper

      +BZA RZA GZA Thanks Brother!

    • tony

      +Brandon Stewart Yes it may well matter a lot, Look at the situation with Katrina, it was a major bug out situation for a limited area, so the laws of the land were still in force (along with site specific bs like you see on youtube) .

    • Keith Rayeski

      +Brandon Stewart your good to go Brandon…..but he’s got to cover the bases. Until then brother….find the period key man…..that sentence got me dizzy!!! Be safe, be of good courage and be a survivor, not a victim.

  • TheyKNOWandYOUdont

    Well I started prepping years ago…., but looks like I’ll be in depends underwear and sucking air out of an oxygen tank by the time the people rise up.

  • phock ohf

    The man said it best when he said “be careful not to make a scenario in your own mind of how its going to go down, because it won’t be anything like you think” That is the absolute gospel truth people!

  • Linda Wright

    I see a lot of prepping videos that focus on weapons, first aid kits, go bags, food and water. I suspect not enough people are focusing on sanitation (composting toilets, bars of soap, disposable gloves, bleach or other antibacterial surface cleansers …). Unsanitary conditions can kill you a lot faster than lack of food.

  • SamuelCish

    One of those ENO hammocks is an absolute lifesaver on a campout or even just a hike. Absolutely one of the best purchases I’ve made.

  • Ari L

    U need a hatchet, spiked bat, and rock hammer for fighting zombies!!

  • Dan Dan

    First thing any American gets is a missile launcher & 15 machine guns..
    The biggest thing missing is knowledge of how to forage for food or use plants or things already around us.how many uses for aspirin
    Too many people get all the fun gear first but lack any survival knowledge.do a survival course hike with all that gear then realise you can’t carry it all & then you evolve your kit.
    A foraging course is like learning to turn a walk in the woods into a mall trip.
    Multi use of items why do people carry one use batteries everything should be USB chargeable with preferably the same rechargeable battery type (common 18650 is a great example even a tesla car or laptop or torch uses them) then a battery bank again chargeable by USB then a folding solar charge ( 3xA4 size in reality is needed) this means all gadgets radios phones lights etc are always fillable for years.
    You can’t shoot every problem even hunger as it gives your location away for miles.
    Foraging is a family friendly course or weekend thing as are bushcraft courses & you learn so much & it weighs nothing you can’t lose it on he trail.

  • IQ encodoc

    Like the Bundeswehr Flecktarn poncho 😉



  • alwaysrockn2009

    Great video!

  • 00 Coyote

    Don’t forget things like board games. Sounds weird but taking your mind off problems is great for family members like kids. Social and not apocalypse. Tang, candy, and bullion to add flavor to things. Morale is important. Especially if bugging in.

  • Josiah .j

    im watching this in2083 time travel

  • Bocky Peters

    We all from poor country gonna die…I have very very small posibility but i have hope in God!

  • WaiteDavidMSPhysics

    Three seconds without hope? Thumbs down for being a dumbass stockpiler instead of a real prepper. Good luck in your first government hoarder raid. Also thumbs down for the dumbass tarp and bivy sooner than a tent and cold weather gear sleeping bag for get home instead of that bug out nonsense.

  • Nick Prague

    Great video and great advise.  Don’t forget candles.  They store forever and can provide light, warmth, and help start a fire.

  • Mary A

    “Bugging-out” is an unrealistic solution to SHTF. No matter how much prepping gear & supplies you have, carrying them with you is NOT practical. “Staying put” in your country homestead will offer you shelter against the elements, an ongoing food & water supply, distance from the urban hoards of scavengers, and security in your rural environment.

  • Sybren Kruijf

    one is none 2 is one.. but you have a lot of the same

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