Having Dominion Begins with Changing Ourselves First

to change the world start with yourself


It’s easy to say you want to change the world, because for most people it’s nothing more than a slogan they repeat that is usually aligned with what they generally believe but take no action upon.

A better place to start changing the world is to work on changing yourself first. Not only does that make you a better model for others to follow, it also provides the practical understanding of the process of change that all people must go through to make things improve.

In other words, we understand, through our experiences, where people are and what they need to do to in order to go forward in their specific circumstance.

For Christians, our primary source of change is the Holy Scriptures, with the enabling power of the indwelling Holy Spirit to empower us to change according to Biblical revelation.

That means being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, which includes His character, obedience to God’s commands, and having dominion over planet earth.

If we aren’t changed for the better as the starting point of our walk with God, whatever comes forth in works that we put our hand to will be deeply flawed and ineffective.

It starts from within and works its way out, as revealed throughout the Scriptures, and revealed finally in New Jerusalem, where John is shown the city coming down out of from the outside in.

Centered in the city is the throne of God and the Lamb, with the river of God flowing out from the throne to without. We also have the tree of life, a golden street reflecting the path we are to walk, and the light of God illuminating everything within.

The point is, we are to embrace the rule of God coming from the throne, which is based primarily on judgment and justice, which in turn is based upon the law of God Jesus Christ gave to Moses on the mount.

This reflects what we identify as the Great Commission, where we are admonished to go into all the world to preach the Gospel, which points to the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, and second, we are to teach the commands of Jesus Christ to the nations.

We are to first live it and then proclaim and teach it to others. The result is the birth and growth of the new creation civilization God purposed from before the creation of the world and mankind.



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