As harvest season approaches we start deciding which animals we will have more of next year, and which we will have less of!

Farmer Brad –

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  • Promise Jubilee

    Rabbits or no: they are a great DOG FOOD. So you might wanna keep em around to feed the pups if your feed carrier can’t get food in 🤷

    • Becky Shell

      I agree nice dog food and the number of rabbits could be scaled back to have a just in case meat supply . Then if the need arrives numbers can be amped up rapidley. With the meat chickens you are dependant on someone to supply the chicks ,food and electricity for freezers to work.The rabbits could be harvested fresh when needed.

    • msgottaneedtoknow

      Good point

  • Promise Jubilee

    #askhomesteady can you talk more about keeping meat sheep? We are interested in getting a couple for next year.

  • CiaoBella

    I live in Italy and they eat a lot of rabblt. Many families raise their own rabbits. For me, I can only eat rabbit in a French style stew. And that dish seems better to eat in cold weather, and frankly, like you say, it’s a meat I can’t eat often. So I get what you’re saying. Rabbit gets a good price here. A cleaned rabbit cut into parts can cost anywhere from 8 euro to 12 euro ($10 to $15 approximately) depending on the weight of the rabbit. Maybe there are people in your community that would like to buy an already cleaned and ready to cook rabbit to add variety to their menu. Maybe you could create a simple rabbit recipe pamphlet to provide with the rabbits you sell. Since their feed cost is low, you might actually generate some income. Just a thought.

  • M T

    I think you need to re – evaluate how’re you’re cooking your bunnies. If you’re cooking them exactly like chicken you’re gong to find them wanting because they’re not chickens. Where they excel is in sauces like French cooking, on the grill after marinating, and imo – Chinese cooking they do better than chicken. It’s also so important to not over cook rabbit or it turns out like rubber. They are also helped phenomenally by resting them 3-4 days before freezing or cooking.

    • Michael Thornton

      Also great ground meat replacement, they make great tacos, meat pies, etc.

    • Miranda Ley

      Have you rabbit raising folk tried rabbit sausage? We are getting our first rabbits this fall and I am compiling the input of rabbit folks on cooking them.

    • M T

      @Miranda Ley Yes but like any lean meat you have to be pretty careful about overworking it. It blends very well with chicken, turkey, or pork fat. I make a really good smoked breakfast sausage using pork belly, sage and garlic, and rabbit

    • Miranda Ley

      @M T Thank you so much for the advice. I’ve had rabbit before, but I’ve never cooked it.

  • Cindy Kester

    I really hope you keep the cows. Having said that, I would not be surprised to see them go 🙁 My other guess is that you decide on just one type of pig and possibly get rid of the rabbits? Idk…I guess we’ll see 🙂

  • Chevie

    19:14 Solomon looks like Kermit the Frog doing That Face™️. Hahaha

  • Joanne Ganon

    I climb too!
    Got a Charlie Horse rite at the 🌲 Line 😱!
    I made it to knifes edge threw my lunch to my Buddy and ran down because I couldn’t walk on flat ground, 😲. What a way to reck a great experience!
    Can’t think of any animals that you would get rid of ,,maybe the Sheep?
    JO JO IN VT 💕😄

  • Miranda Ley

    In the plot structure of a story or movie, this is the “climax” or the “turning point.” Everything to this point has been “rising action.” A homestead or farm is an ongoing narrative.

  • Fancy Farmer

    #askhomesteady why do yall wear gloves while milking?

  • Fancy Farmer

    #askhomesteady do yall garden? I’ve only ever seen animals

  • Esther Nowack

    I don’t farm and I have never eaten rabbit, however, maybe you just have not found the right recipe.

    • Sage and Stone Homestead

      It really isn’t as easy to master as chicken. The recipe and handling of the meat make a huge difference.

  • Mark Alexander

    (Cue the Donny Osmond voice): And they called it, camel looooooooovvvvvvvveeeee, and they called it camel love…

  • Audie's Funny Farm & Mystical Creative Reborns

    I feel the same way some days i jyst want to sell it all and travel around the world in a rv

  • rebekah leskiw

    I don’t understand why you need lunas colostrum to feed heifers calf ? Heifers should produce enough.

    • Modernly Old Fashioned

      Only guessing… maybe she meant she wants colostrum in the freezer as a backup “just in case”.

    • Chris

      My guess is, to reduce the risk of Johne’s spreading. There’s a high risk, the Heifers K wants to breed, may have contracted it from Ladybug. Whereas Luna wasn’t raised on a property, with existing cattle and the chance of Johne’s bacteria, being present. If K feeds the new Heifer’s calves, colostrum to develop the necessary bacteria in their gut, she can then bottle feed, until weaned. I don’t know for certain, but they’ve talked about risk management on their property, regarding Johne’s, before.

  • Nick Meersschaut

    Rabid stew is one of my favorites to eat, it’s a lot off bones but soooo nice. But you can do the same recipe with chicken “chicken stew” only than the skin off the chicken isn’t that nice like you bake it crispy.

  • Cee Park

    We raise rabbits for meat. They are an easy source of meat for us. My husband doesn’t like the meat cooked on the bone so we cut it off bone and grind the meat, a whole different taste, so mild.

  • Mr. Bjack

    I got a feeling this dude made a time machine,went to the past and stole his little house on the prairie wife

  • Christine Dehn

    I get what you’re saying about rabbit. Years ago I experimented with including it in my diet. I felt it tasted like “some kind of poultry”. As far as taste goes I prefer dry birds (chicken, turkey, Cornish game hen, and pheasant) to water birds (ducks and geese). I’d rate rabbit with water birds.

  • rosa Real Language Learning

    Haha! I did join the ranks of the katahdin hiking club. And if i remember correctly someone i was hiking with happened to split his shorts on the way down (or up??) Thankfully the garbage bag ponchos we were wearing could cover things up well enough….Man this is crazy! A cute duck video was recommended on my youtube and then your guys channel showed up. So wild!! So happy to see you and your wife and family all doing well! What an adventure! Love the camels!
    -Brittany (still over here in the land flowing with soymilk and rice)

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