Group Bug Out Night

Sensible Prepper Presents: "Group Bug Out Exercise". We planned a Bug Out exercise for our Prepper Group to rendezvous at a predetermined point. This was not our Retreat location, but worked out well for our purpose. Each person is at different levels with their Preps, so there were various set-ups depending on experience. This also allows for members of our group to develop.

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  • Jeff Newton

    Hey Sootch, I like the way you did you black first aid bag, there any chance you can do a video on the contents of the bag in the future?

    • SensiblePrepper

      Hi Jeff, We have had to rebuild that kit after having it stolen in a break in a couple of months ago. But were getting close to having it complete and I’ll try to put a video together on that set up. Thanks

    • Jeff Newton

      Sorry to hear the bad news on the stolen kit, ouch! Look forward in seeing the video when it comes out. Stay safe back there..!

    • Provocateur

      Someone can break in into a prepper´s house? How is this possible?

    • Red Brick

      +Nahodakk I know! I mean, +SensiblePrepper You need to put like a sign: Warning. We have shotguns. I mean, like. Wow. 

    • shadow ghoul

      shut it gray

  • Harry Kuheim

    I’m surprised someone who saw you in that parking lot didn’t call 911…..

  • will ames

    I really like to see more like this!

  • Jacob Brown

    the first guys bags are WAYYYYY too “tactical”

  • Chef Panhead

    Cool video! Subscribed! Omegaseekers child’s camo bug out bag, can I get some information on that bag? brand name and model, where to buy!?

  • Airsoft Kit101

    Your the best survival youtuber I have seen keep up the good work

  • Gator Delray Survival

    great video , Sootch gives people hope to start their own groups, I like the more people you can get involved the better chance of your survival , gives me hope

  • SmokyMountainOutdoorsman

    80 lb pack. . .plate carrier. . .chest rig. . .AK-47. . .sidearm. . .nightvision goggles. . .M1 Abrams Tank. . .Lets bug out

  • From Point A To Point Z

    A well prepared group. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephen Banks

    Before Trump got elected, I would have thought you all were nuts. But now you guys look like some of the smartest people in the world

  • Arlene Wolf

    Hi Don, I keep going back to this video. I would love to see a follow up. Sorry I don’t live by you. Two thumbs up on all the A.L.I.C.E. packs! compartmentalization / organization is so important. all the other packs that require you to dump them out to find anything in them are a PITA. FYI, for those that do not know the A.L.I.C.E. packs have two hidden features that might be useful to their owners. One is the top flap of the bag has a Velcro map (or whatever) pocket inside it and the right and left outer compartments of the three outer compartments are not completely sewn to the pack, allowing for a hatchet (or whatever) to be slipped behind / between the pouch and the main body of the pack.

  • Emanuel Goldstein

    I use to think videos like these were crazy. Then, I went through hurricane IKE and saw the lack of preparation from the main stream population. Now I have a car bag in both of my vehicles, a larger bug out bag in the house and plenty of supplies. I am no longer ignorant on this issue, thanks to videos like this. Subscribed!

  • Jeff Gillam

    Nice video, where are you guys out of?
    I’m in NC mountains. I am new to this. Where do you find a group of like minded people
    or how did you start your group?
    It seams contrarian to be a pepper and be in a group. But I can see many advantages to be with a group
    of like minded people.
    Sorry to ramble.

  • Vegan Girl Jo

    I really liked this video. I thought it might also include your group bugging out as well. Would be interesting to see that. Great video 🙂

  • Virginia H.

    Do an updated version

  • Aj Cordes

    I wish I knew people around my area we could do this with. I know, depending on the situation, you have a better chance to survive with a small group compared too just solo. there are some situations where keeping a group very small if just you, would be better.
    but even then, going out small or solo, then later on at some point, meeting up with everyone, would still be the way to go.

    that’s awesome y’all


    I think it’s important to pick the most reliable vehicle for bug out as possible. For example, my bug out vehicle is a 1988 toyota pickup with a 50cc Yamaha scooter in the back for backup.

  • Iggy Ignacious

    That’s great you are building a group for protection. Numbers will equal protection in a lot of situations. I don’t doubt these folks concern or enthusiasm at all. But I do see a lot of holes. Not to pick, but your biggest “prep” is yourself. I saw quite a few folks with a lot of “stuff” but probably couldn’t hike 5 miles with it on asphalt, let alone off road if it came to it. You can have all the gadgets, and “do-dads” on the market, but if you cant carry them they are useless. Great video and great folks, however don’t forget physical fitness and mental fitness. If you don’t have those in any dire emergency your chances drop exponentially.
    Good luck to all in your group and I hope we never need to put our skills to the ultimate test.

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