Group Bug Out Night

Sensible Prepper Presents: "Group Bug Out Exercise". We planned a Bug Out exercise for our Prepper Group to rendezvous at a predetermined point. This was not our Retreat location, but worked out well for our purpose. Each person is at different levels with their Preps, so there were various set-ups depending on experience. This also allows for members of our group to develop.

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  • Jeff Newton

    Hey Sootch, I like the way you did you black first aid bag, there any chance you can do a video on the contents of the bag in the future?

    • SensiblePrepper

      Hi Jeff, We have had to rebuild that kit after having it stolen in a break in a couple of months ago. But were getting close to having it complete and I’ll try to put a video together on that set up. Thanks

    • Jeff Newton

      Sorry to hear the bad news on the stolen kit, ouch! Look forward in seeing the video when it comes out. Stay safe back there..!

    • Provocateur

      Someone can break in into a prepper´s house? How is this possible?

    • Red Brick

      +Nahodakk I know! I mean, +SensiblePrepper You need to put like a sign: Warning. We have shotguns. I mean, like. Wow. 

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