God Promises Blessings of Long Lifespans for His People

Lifespans of the future for God’s people will be as a tree.

Isaiah 65:22

“…For as the lifetime of a tree, so will be the days of My people…”


Prepping and survival, for the Christian, involves much more than simply making it through this life intact, it involves an overflow of blessings from God in response to His people obeying His commands.

We’ll look at the extension of lifespans on the earth and some of the implications they imply and have for us all.

There are a lot of immediate and future implications concerning living out the lifetime of a tree, and we’ll look at a few of them in this article.

What is of interest first, is how will this play out? What will be the mechanism that delivers longer lifespans?

For example, will God Himself, by His power, gradually remove the impact of the curse on human beings, or will He allow man to discover the secondary effects of the curse and allow the wisdom and knowledge necessary to unwind them off of people.

Since God, most of the time, works in and through man as it relates to life on earth, my assumption will be He will allow discoveries to be made that extend how long we live. It will coincide with obedience to His commands.

We don’t know from God’s point of view what the percentage of His people obeying Him will trigger these blessings, but we do know that’s the catalyst that will do it.

Health and accidents

When contemplating this scripture, I thought about some of the implications of a long life span. I think the immediate response of most of us is that it’ll relate to a breakthrough in combating diseases and breaking existing longevity barriers.

Even if cancer, heart disease, strokes and other ailments were to be removed, doesn’t mean we’ll live longer. Many years ago a medical researcher mentioned that same thing. His conclusion was man at that time was limited to a ceiling on his lifespan at about 115 years old, with the absolute top being about 120 years old. In other words, conquering disease only adds to the average lifespan of human beings, not the increase in lifespan promised by God.

Something else to consider is it suggest there will be some extraordinary breakthroughs in technology that will make the way we travel, work and play almost accident free. You can’t have a long lifespand if you die in an accident.

Self-driving vehicles

One of the interesting asides to self-driving vehicles is once they’re in play, it’s estimated it would save about 30,000 lives a year in the U.S. In China, assuming they’re embraced, it would save a lot more, as about 700 people per day are killed when driving.

That’s why, even though China is the largest market for electric vehicles by far, consumers there are moving away from smaller Sedans and deciding to go with SUVs, which are considered safer to travel in. By 2025, estimates are the Chinese will be driving about 150 million SUVs. This will slow down the EV market, but possibly the innovation associated with self-driving cars.

All that said, the point is eventually there will be an enormous number of self-driving cars on the roads of the world, and more than likely they’ll be all that’s used once the infrastructure is in place and the vehicles offer excellent safety to riders.

Just taking the U.S. and China alone, this could drive up the lifespan of its people by eliminating accidental deaths. This will happen in every other area of life as well.


I used to work in the insurance industry, so one of my thoughts concerning living longer is it would have a dramatic effect on the cost of insurance, and what consumers buy.

If the average age of people around the world reaches 150 to 200 years old, and most diseases are no longer killing them, the way they think of insurance and protection will change. That will also be accompanied by the reduction in accidental deaths mentioned above.

Costs will be low, there won’t be a need for many of the riders offered by insurance companies, and it’ll probably be an industry with consistent but very incremental growth prospects.

This will include life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, and other major things we need to pay for to protect us against surprising catastrophic losses that would otherwise financially crush us. It doesn’t mean there won’t be insurance, only that the new safety factors as a result of improved technology and building materials, will ensure the risks associated with major losses will be radically reduced in the future.

If God’s word means anything, we’re promised that.

One final thing to note in regard to lifespans. It also means wars will diminish or cease to exist, and crimes associated with murder and death will shrink down significantly as well.

Who knows what this will eventually mean for standing armies, law enforcement, courts, and jails.


Since I’ve also been involved in the investing business, something else I thought about was how people could invest in a certain business that is safe and in an industry that will generate demand until the resurrection.

Instead of thinking in terms of a decade in our time, when considering long-term investing, in the future investors could be thinking in terms of 50-year periods to hold a company.

How long it’ll be will be determined by what God means when talking about the years of a tree, but I’m thinking eventually that will start to hit the 200- to 300-year-old mark, and possibly higher.

If someone dies at 100 when the blessings of God are applied to the people on the earth, and they are considered cursed, it implies lifespans that are very long. Who know, some might start to hit the 500-year-old mark…possibly more.

It happened long ago, and there’s no reason to believe that isn’t it’ll play out for future generations.


Another thing to take into account is how the mindset we have will dramatically change. From the ADHD hyper-active individuals we have in this generation, people might start to think someone is hasty if they are thinking in terms of doing something over decades, rather than months.

I think we’ll start to embrace and drink in live much more than we do in our generation, as the need to do something quickly will gradually fade away. It doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a sense of urgency, or that life will be boring, only that it’ll be lived without the stresses we have today, based upon perceived and real limitations because of lack of time to accomplish all that we want.

In the years ahead people could enter into numerous professions over long periods of time. The first part of their lives they may do some work until 60, then take on work that’s associated with something entirely new. That could happen over and over again if people live out their lives many times longer than we do today.


The future the people of God are promised is an extraordinary one. This is just touching on a tiny fraction of the implications of obedience to God and the accompanying blessings associated with it.

I know God’s people are promised long life. I don’t know if that means by their obedience all of the earth will enjoy the same, or it will be used as an evangelistic tool to encourage those not having faith in Jesus Christ to look to Him for salvation. It could be a means of drawing them unto Jesus christ by God the Father.

My thought is the whole earth will probably enjoy these blessings, and when considering the numerous promises of peace, prosperity and long life as a result of obeying God’s laws, it means future generations will enjoy the fruit of all that God had intended for His people and planet earth from before He started creating.

This is part of the New Creation Civilization.


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