Food Prepping and Survival in a Small Garden Space

A little garden space I have been working in order to produce a lot of food in a small area. This is the last day of August when I took the video, so a lot of the produce has been picked; although that which is remaining will continue to produce until the first freeze.

Earlier in the year, as the open ground in the video confirms, I had Top Crop green beans there, as well as onions scattered throughout. Now there are mostly Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Better Boy tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash. There are also a few onions left in the corners of the plot to harvest as it gets a little cooler.

As for the Top Crop beans, the reason I like those is they’re very prolific, and are ready to harvest in about 45 to 48 days. For Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, they’re big for cherry tomatoes, prolific, and probably taste the best of all cherry tomatoes. For Better Boy tomatoes, I prefer them because they set the best of any tomato I’ve tried under hot weather conditions.

This has produced an extraordinary amount of food, and shows how much a person can get out of a small area if that’s all they have to plant in.




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