Flynn Recounts Harrowing Experiences Of Last 4 Years; Insurrection Act Explained | NTD highlights

00:00 Flynn: Deep State Buried Me Six Feet Under
In an interview with American Thought Leaders, General Michael Flynn gives his harrowing account of the last four years. Flynn says the American people saved him after he was targeted by the federal government.

01:49 Scholar Explains the Insurrection Act
A constitution scholar explains the Insurrection act as a way to investigate potential fraud in the election, but it still depends—not on the federal government—but on the citizens of each state.

05:40 US Biz Owners Stand Up to Lockdowns
Small business owners across the country say they’ve had enough with the lockdowns and they’re going to open up.

#InsurrectionAct #Lockdown #US

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Flynn recounts harrowing experiences of last 4 years; Insurrection Act explained | NTD highlights



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  • Matt Dingo

    You go Flynn!!!!!!

  • rick luchtenburg

    God bless

  • Ray Bo

    I have lived through a lot, but I never thought I would live through an example of how Germany was misled in the 1930s, but here we are. This election is more than just rigged or fraud. It is both a Political Coup and Treason. The Democratic party has returned to its ideological roots and has reemerged as the Secessionist Party, as confederated as it ever was in 1860. They are manipulating the same folks only in a different generation and in a different way. They have no choice as to eradicate American history, as it is their history more so than any other that represents the cancer of racism of past generations. They project their sickness of soul and spirit onto others in the form of wokeness, cancel culture and socialist dilutions, hoping not to see their own rotten souls facing them in the mirror of history. Like the KKK, that is theirs too; now, BLM and Antifa recruiting the hate of our generation. Self-appointed as SJW, silencing any dissent as effectively as a brown-shirt. Hypocrites and liars will deceive at any cost to get the power that so many lives sacrificed to deny them. It is the party of control and slavery, and they will pay for that control with the blood of whom they mislead now, in the past, and future generations. In today’s Democratic Party, history repeats itself; the Democratic party does not want America as America; they want it as a host. Like a parasite, they are thriving in the larger organism, feeding off the hosts’ indifference and wealth to prosper and breed. That is until the parasite’s egotistical ideology gets the better of it, and the mature parasite kills-off the host in its unchecked promiscuity and ideology. —The United States of America or the Marxist States of Antifa. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” ~Thomas Jefferson “If you want to upset a Republican, lie to them. If you want to upset a Democrat, tell them the truth” ~ IDK “It wasn’t a democrat who freed the slaves, but a democrat who killed the one who did.” Now, they are doing it all again, metaphorically assassinating Trump and thus, our freedom. Let’s be clear here, this is a Political Coup.

    • Hans A Reichhardt-Sohn.

      Mitch McConnell has said Biden won. The Electoral College has voted. The Supreme Court has rejected the Texas case. Other courts have rejected 59 Trump cases. Which Republican Senators will vote with which Republican members of Congress to bring it to a vote in both houses? I’m asking for a friend. Julian Assange.

  • retired 1

    God bless you and your family General Flynn. Thank-you for service.

  • Eddie Flores

    Yt is censoring more ppl than the Nazis ever dreamed of in ww2

  • jesse hensley

    He was collateral damage just like anyone who knows anything about the deep state. God speed Flynn 🇺🇸

  • rick luchtenburg

    It’s a hostile coup takeover against the United States by democrats and foreign powers.

  • Night Crawler

    Good things happens to good people.
    I am all about Mr Trump, Flynn, Linwood and other Patriots.
    I hate democratic party and republican party.

  • W T

    Should have already been done and it is clear they are all playing games because the people now know they lied about a pandemic which they changed the definition to do and they give the peoples money to them to use God knows what to the people of the world we are all under attack

  • Darryl Landry

    So they threatened Flynn’s son and considered the Logan Act for him. Now we have Hunter Biden and Joe declaring himself President making all kinds of promises to re-enter treaties and whatever else. WOW!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Bellocchio

    We love you General !

  • Jeffrey Baier

    If people only knew how dirty Obama, Biden and don’t forget Hillary really are, they were have them imprisoned for treason.

  • Ka H

    Americans need to experience communists systems and learn how to protect their own country and be appreciated of real Freedom!!

  • Louise Taylor

    Great guy and they haven’t managed to shut him up no matter what they do. He doing the right thing and it shows

  • Meaningful Disruption

    US courts refusal to accept the election fraud cases rendered them irrelevant in American political system. They can only be used in criminal justice. The executive branch is free to act as it pleases!

  • Stu B

    Oath keepers mount up!

  • Rami Elaine

    The military has corruption in it as well! Deep state is in everything the President knew this when he took them on

  • michelle hill

    Love you Lt. General Michael Flynn, thank you for your service, God be with us all, PRAY AMERICA, PRAY FOR FREEDOM!

  • Jesse Jennings

    We elected these people to speak for us. Wtf is law prof talking about?

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