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We live off grid with zero public utilities in the Midwest USA. We need to make money for our Homestead and FIREWOOD is where its at for us and find out why…
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About OFF GRID with DOUG and Stacy
In 2010 we decided to sell everything and build a log cabin on 11 acres. We have lived in the log cabin for a decade now with no solar power or wind power plus zero public utilities. We live like the pioneers except in the 21st century. We post videos on social media to encourage people to return to the land and make a living with your family. We teach folks:
*Off grid living *Rain water catchment *Cooking with wood
*Food growing *Cooking from scratch *Raised bed gardening
*Food harvesting *fermenting the harvest *food preservation
*Holistic Remedies like Grandma made *How to make money and live this life
*storing food in a root cellar *DIY Build projects
*Animal Husbandry *Raising Chickens, Guinea, Turkeys and Ducks
All of our videos are made to empower you to break free and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!



  • Kristin j.r.

    Splitting, stacking and burning… Firewood so nice it warms the body thrice!

    • Old South Homestead

      And that is just the second half of the work, the first part of cutting hauling and sawing into rounds produces way more sweat than the stove.

  • Richard Robbin

    Your wood lot starting to take shape it looks really nice, I am proud of you Doug Keep up the good work 👍

  • Homestead Rewind

    Good Morning! One of the things at the top of the list for our return to the homestead was a log splitter. We have big plans for it. We remember how hard it was to harvest firewood at 10 years younger. I need to have a talk with Hubby about his implements. We are concerned about lumber prices and are tossing around the idea of going with metal. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. It really is inspiring to watch you grow.

  • Yanett Langley

    My husband is 67 and I am 59 we leave in the city and in our cabin I really don’t know if we can do 100% in the woods even though I made almost everything from scratch I like electricity! I would like to have animals like chickens and goats and I’m working towards that!

  • Mark Enloe

    Yes, would like to see the log lift trailer work…😎

  • Stephen Riley

    Doug, It was good to see the enthusiasm in your eyes. Early morning / late evening homestead chats with Doug come over quite personal. The log lot is developing really well. One thing struck me, though. What are you doing to stop the logs accidentally rolling in their piles? Would hate to see a video containing Doug lasagne! If the wood lot is public, you will need to redraw your perimiter security. I think the principle of income generation and independence you extol is very important. We are not all educators, lecturers, promoters and YouTubers, so in truth whatever changes we contemplate ultimately have to pay for themselves quietly in our anonymous lifestyles. You are to be commended for making this point, as you once said.. ” How many YouTube homesteads would make it without YouTube?” A statement of fact rather than a criticism. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us and our lop sided symbiotic relationship where we know your public persona well and you know us not at all!!! I’ve been confined to barracks for most of the year and have taken delight in the escape your videos provide. Thanks again! Regards Stephen.

    • Stephanie Jo Rountree

      Awesome response with valid questions! Thank you for your service, Stephen!!!

    • Rena K.

      I was wondering about the same thing. Log rolls are a possibility. We don’t want Doug lasagna!

    • J24

      Would also like to see your update on your root cellar

    • Chris Smith

      Employ some unemployed people as cow milkers… Make money selling milk and uplift the community at the same time. Win/Win. All commercial farms have employees. Nothing unusual. On second thoughts, milk is not that profitable. Employ them to do something else. Like growing twice as many vegetables. The more expensive ones

    • Russell Weber III

      What are you to them, a bird on a rhino picking off bugs, or a little fish picking parasites off a shark?

  • Mandy

    I would like to see the log lift trailer in action. Thank you Doug for sharing and explaining the things you are doing.

  • JD Proctor

    Definitely would like to see the trailer in action.

  • Youscary2009

    Yeah…I need more of this in my life. A lot more. I’d rather leave everything behind than deal with the nonsense of this world that’s being rammed down our throats.

    • Amanda

      I agree. I’m thoroughly sick of it. I’d rather build my own community of like-minded people and be done with the modern world.

  • Angie Lester

    I’d like to see you at the dump retrieving wood

  • Mags V

    I just love listening to Doug and his laughter and always positive attitude. your both one of my fav couples on YouTube, Thanks for sharing, watching from Australia

  • Family Man Prepper

    Been watching from Colorado since April 2020. We hooked up our rain catching system due to Dougs informative water videos. My gardening and harvesting skills are up because of Stacey, she is so inspiring and healthy. My husband, Family Man Prepper, can’t stop building raised garden beds. Doug made it look so easy my husband is on his fifth garden bed. Keep up the inspiring videos.

    • OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY

      Lol keep him going and out by the street…he can build em and you could sell em just as fast 🤣 keep him out of trouble

  • Spinderella 360

    We live off grid for 5 years and still haven’t found a job doing something I like. Still coming up with ideas for making money. We started wood working… We don’t use a lot of electric but it might we worth it hauling the generator to get fixed to run some decent power tools. We don’t have a lot of money. We live off $1500 mo but we had 3k a month 3 years into it. We paid everything off. It would be nice to have the money for a well and a home besides a 32 ft. travel trailer. Yeah Doug, REALLY IMPORTANT TO BUY QUALITY TOOLS AND TAKE REALLY GOOD CARE. I’ve wasted lots of money being stupid with my tools. You might not be able to get some of these tools down the road with the collapse.

  • Marcus White

    YES – I would like to see the “wood dump” operations! You should look at a Wolf Ridge log splitter! You can see how efficient and fast they work by going to the “Outdoors With The Morgans” videos they have. Mike and Melissa Morgan have a great operation in PA.

  • Billsfan2012

    Doug, show the dump run. If for anything else I would like to see log lift on the trailer in action.

  • Mike Hutchins

    Would like to see that trailer in action. Lots going on at the homestead. ATB!

  • Helene Davis

    I absolutely love all the cumulative progress on the homestead. What a contrast!

  • Phill O

    Absolutely, I’d like to see what wood is being trashed and reclaimed… I can appreciate how much work setting up the camera(s) is so thank you very much.

  • linda Hicks

    My husband is 62,kicked stomach cancer in 4 months using the weeds from our yard and help from our holistic Dr.and now dear friend. I, 61, also had ovarian cancer over 6 years ago, and used the God given weeds from our yard as well.I did have a grandmother who was an herbalist and my other grandparents were farmers supplying the towns people of Keewatin Ontario Canada,many years ago.I would love to move back to my home town . There is acreage at very low prices that is in unorganized territory,with no restrictions and close to part of my family. The prices for not even an acre is in the million plus price, One of my daughters and her husband and 4 young children , 10 to age 3 live here in British Columbia just 15 minutes away. We are struggling with the idea of moving. Don’t want to leave family hanging, that would not have anyone else to help out, when needed. Please pray for direction. My parents are also in their 80’s and will be needing help so they can stay home. All prayers appreciated.

    • Old South Homestead

      You can do what we are doing, We are setting everything up for the entire family to be able to come when needed, but it takes time so while they don’t need you right now you can be preparing a place for them.

  • negativeempire

    My 10 year old daughter was watching with me and she said, “mom I really like this song. I bet it’s called today is a good day to live”. She was so happy at the end to find out she was right!

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