Exhumation of mass grave site of Yazidi women executed by ISIS in Sinjar, Iraq

Exhumation of the mass grave site related to atrocities committed by ISIS begins in Sinjar, Iraq.

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  • Green Machine

    I think Iraq should sue the U.S. for hiring ISIS fighters.

    • Masha Scream

      @Whikrm what’s the Quresh ?

    • Michael Julien

      Yes, that is a very reasonable and peaceful way to deal with this grotesque US-led campaign of terror, destabilization, thievery and homocide. This case needs to be brought by the Iraqi government to the International Court of Justice against the coalition of NATO members and Arab petrol monarchs, first! And after the Irqai’s received the decisive win in that case I am confident that it would be a cakewalk at the ICC to get the verdicts that the Iraqi peoples deserve, so that justice can be truly made to be delivered as righteous and correctly for all this horrendous criminality.

    • Green Machine

      @Masha Scream in short the Quresh are the tribe of idol worshippers pre Islamic Mecca. They are the ones who chased after the prophet Muhammad and tryed killing him in Madina.

    • Masha Scream

      @Whikrm islam is not a cult of hate .
      Islam is a message to mankind ,from God via the Angel Gabriel ,given to Muhammad pbuh.

      You are talking about wahahbist DOCTRINE, nothing to do with Muhammad pbuh.

      That is a man made ideology ,google it .

  • Julie Hankinson

    Those poor women suffered horribly. I hope they are at peace. My heart goes out to their families.

    • Masha Scream

      @GrandmasterTigerfist google wahshbism please ,get some knowledge ,and perspective on this .
      Saudi Arabia ,are to blame
      They adopted a man made qaran.
      Altered by Mohammad Ibn Abdu Wahahb .18th century.
      This form of islam is violent ,to control the people of SA ,
      Saudi spread it throughout the world by ,building ,Schools /madrassas ,to teach this vile form of man made islam.
      Yet usa support them !!!
      So does UK.
      There lies the joke ,
      These western nations allowed the spread of radicals .

    • GrandmasterTigerfist

      @Masha Scream So?

      Who prays with wahabis during hajj? Its sunnis

      Who contributes most financial during hajj its sunnis.

    • Masha Scream

      @GrandmasterTigerfist So

    • GrandmasterTigerfist

      @Masha Scream So, you answer why only Sunni-muslims are joining ISIS if its made by Israel and USA?

      Perhaps Sunni-muslims are a part of the zionists.

    • Eric Williams

      @Masha Scream it doesn’t matter what sect of Islam you are from, Islam in general wants the same thing! And when one caliphate or sect falls another just takes it’s place! Its like milk with different brand names, they all taste the same looks the same and do the same job! No matter how much you defend your violent hateful ideology Islam the world is waking up to its evil intentions!

  • purple Tongan banana

    Remember when Obama and Hillary gave Isis weapons to carry out these attacks

    • gotip58

      @Dulce Wilcox Iran sponsors terrorist proxies throughout the middle east.. Dumbass! LMAO

    • Dulce Wilcox

      @gotip58 The USA and the United Kingdom fund TERRORISTS around the world and are involved in many proxy wars.

    • Dulce Wilcox

      @gotip58 When is the last time you visited Syria? Don’t pull any Western propaganda on me, mate. I see the world with my own eyes not through mainland media.

    • gotip58

      @Dulce Wilcox We take out corrupt dictators that exploit their populations. Putin supports corrupt dictators like himself throughout the world.. Big difference, comrade… LMAO

    • Dulce Wilcox

      @gotip58 Hey, diabolical creature, the United States of America has been at war for more than 222 years now with LESS than 20 years of peacetime in its ENTIRE history. I think that it’s more than obvious who is the problem but relax because according to the US INTELLIGENCE website, Deagel, the USA goes from 327 million people in 2017 to 100 million people in 2025. Unfortunately for you Google has censored that information in the USA which has the most corrupt government on Planet Earth.

  • CateusM DeepBlue

    US sponsored terrorism.

    • Masha Scream

      @Lucas Grey really ?

    • Lucas Grey

      @Masha Scream Yup. Al-Qaeda were originally the diaspora units (non-Afghans) of the Mujahideen. They were recruited by Osama Bin Laden who was going by the CIA alias of “Tim Osman” at the time.

    • Masha Scream

      @Lucas Grey yeah ,I read that too .

    • Hussein Abbas

      @obicapa No Muhammad(saw) and his familly were busy stopping them in his days they were called “the khawarij” the prophet(saw) said that these people would “have the quran stuck in their throat” as a way to say they are impulsive idiots who take the quran out of context.

      So no the prophets(saw) familly fought against the khawarij.

      isis are reffered to as the modern khawarij, bunch of money hungry drug sniffing impaulsive corrupt idiots.

    • Hussein Abbas

      @ES R The evangalecals in america cancerous, I can litterally as a muslim how non christian these mindless trump worshippers are, they are like the sjw who like biden.

  • Tink123 Tink123


  • Sheeple are Lame

    Saddam kept those radical, & extremist groups in check, & that’s why the West wanted rid of Saddam.

  • Dennis Cambly

    The US illegally invaded Iraq in 2003 after years of sanctions claiming there were WMDs. With all the murders the US committed all they can find are mass graves of people they are responsible for murdering by invading Iraq. It’s a war crime. Blessings to the dead and the families and friends who loved them.

    • Dan Worth

      @Whikrm Z i o n i s m is a global parasite that starts wars with constant lies. Radical Islam was created by Israel as a way to justify stealing. You are just like your bolshevik grand daddy Genrykh Yagoda. Lie Cheat Steal is Israel’s economic power.

    • BigBendRocks

      @ES R Nonsense.

    • ES R

      @BigBendRocks Nonsense? Ever heard of the race for Africa? The colonization of Latin America, the new world, the Philippians, Malaysia, the Middle East, I can continue if you’d like 😂.

    • ES R

      @BigBendRocks Christianity has had a baddddd history. Just look at the Jewish community in Europe. In a few years they were six million fewer in numbers LOL.

    • John Roberts

      @ES R And let’s not forget the pagans killed by Charlemagne and his ilk.

  • Ray Mak

    This is very sad

    • vann tedd

      @Cecilia Anamaria The entire arab spring wasn’t right.. what happened to the yazidi womens.. is direct consequences of NATO/turkey /israel/qatar illegal war against syria and iraq. . they use islamic terrorist as their secret armies.. train them.. give them weapons ,logistics and food.. just think about this.. according to russia military ,based on satelite images,, isis had about 75,000 fighters.. and thats a lot of people that need food ,water and weapons .. you can’t run such operation just living in the desert in syria and iraq. the supplies came from nato bases in turkey and jordan.. but also israel helped too.. israel even created an hospital for alqaeda near the southern borders of syria..so almost all border countries of syria and iraq.. were being attacked by NATO,israel,turkey and their gulf allies. their goal was to restard the turkish ottoman empire .. to end the influence of russia and iran in the zone.. but russia step in and kick them from most parts of syria.. and iran helped to stop them in iraq. the ones that killed the yazidi womens.. ISIS .. the few ones that still remain , are in syria under the protection of an illegal american base. So all those imperial powers pro nato ,are responsible for all the terrorism in the zone..and forthe killing of yazidi womens.. american helicopters constatnly evacuated isis leaders whenever their zones were to be over run by syrian army. So US-UK and turkey not only started the war.. it was their war.. the terrorist were only the boots of the ground of turkey and nato.. because is more cheap for them to hire terrorist ,than use their militaries.. they are recruited.. alqaedaa and isis will fight to death for just a few hundred dollars a month payment and food. so yazidi womens should start a lawsuit on american courts for US ,uk.turkey support to isis.. in kiling those womens.. in syria they also did the same and murder those who not convert to their fake religion islam.

    • Masha Scream

      @gotip58 usa stole it ,same as Gadaffis gold .

    • Masha Scream

      @gotip58 some hated him ,some not .
      USA, shouldmind their own business ,
      This was about oil ,saddam was selling g in EUROS ,not petro dollar ,so they got rid.
      They did not care about the iraqi people .

    • Masha Scream

      @gotip58 they were prominent in iraq ,the kurds were fighting them , single handed .
      Look it up on youtube .
      Iraq ,2011 ,kurdish fight isil .

    • ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

      It is very Obama.

  • Mark Waik

    This is thanks to you USA – where is the payment to Iraq for your war crimes?

    • Masha Scream

      Mark Waik
      I agree , usa has just forced Sudan to pay reparations of $550 million
      For the bombing of an american embassy in 1998.

      So when do they pay reparations to the Iraqis, for murdering over 1 million people .under false pretences.

    • the future the past

      @Masha Scream oh no they definitely deserved it hunnie, dont worry about those Allah screaming fux, not worth ur time

    • Skip Overit

      @Masha Scream And creating ISIS at the same time.

    • Masha Scream

      @Skip Overit the only people who created DAESH
      were the americans and israelis .
      Daesh are not muslims ,
      Just paid mercenaries , by saudi arabia .
      Not islamic .

  • Dim Sum

    Their handlers should be trialed in International Court.

    • Smith Johnson

      are you trying to say white people should be trialed in a white created international criminal court?

      how the hell are you going to get a white person to put another white person in criminal trial?
      that would never happen.

    • Tabula Rasa

      @Smith Johnson Black lives matter racist spotted !

  • The Imperialist

    A result of bringing fake freedom and democracy through an illegal war.

  • Dulce Wilcox

    I.S.I.S = Israeli Secret Intelligence Services = Mossad/CIA = The Greater Israel Project
    I.S.I.S was funded and trained by the West.

  • 5iF3R

    Remember when Israel was ISIS airforce, militaryhospital and intelligence service? And it’s still ongoing you say?!! Oh my..

    • Masha Scream

      Yes , it still is

    • jeannine Poulin

      uh, No. I don’t remember.. can you show me proof of this?? However we do all know that it was the U.S. who hired ISIS fighters.

    • Halwad Islam

      Yesterday, the Saudis and its allies would accuse IS of being israeli puppets, today these same countries are now showing their true colors, normalizing relations with israel. Hahaha IS is still baqiyah, even growing in gaza. Did I forget to mention, they’re also in the sinai fighting against the zionist sisi regime, which israel helps by carrying out occasional cowardly airstrikes.

      Your propaganda and disinformation has already expired. Try a new one

  • James

    Their blood is on the hands of the CIA.

  • Robert Son of Adam

    All those responsible will get their punishment. Life is a gift from the Creator.

    All lives matter. Long live free speech.

  • Peter Panino

    Biden said, “that his campaign has assembled the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

  • Lone Ranger

    CIA/MI6/Mossad trained.
    Never forget, never forgive.

  • The Anti-Establishment Hack

    I think there a lot of high ups going to prison for war crimes.

  • ctaukus

    Isis, Isn’t that nice group of people the Democrats just want to flood into every state? Oh just give them a asylum, they’re harmless…..

  • Jurrell Malo

    The graves contain people who have been killed by Shia fighters not by isis.

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