Establishing the Covenant: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

source: Coindesk

Many individual Christians, and the combined wealth of believers around the world, in all generations, are blessed with the power to build wealth in order to establish the covenant.

With that in mind, it’s worth doing research on the emerging trends that offer opportunities to build wealth in order to see if it’s one of the means God will use to expand His kingdom around the world.

To that end, I’ve made a couple of foundational videos concerning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to give you an idea on the process all new asset classes go through, and how to identify what stage they’re currently in.

In the case of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I’ve identified where we’re at during this period of transition, and what the four essential elements a cryptocurrency needs to be considered having a legitimate chance of generating some strong returns, or even surviving.

Why Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Will Continue to Rise in Value

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies won’t behave any differently than all new asset classes have throughout history. In the first video we’ll look at the three phases all new asset classes go through, from early adopters to institutions starting to invest, and finally the hungry masses looking to get a piece of the action after the media reports the big gains being made by early adopters and so-called smart money.

There are an enormous number of outright cryptocurrency scams out there, and also very low quality code and purpose for new coins that will eventually only separate money from investors.

Here are four elements to look at concerning each cryptocurrency you research in order to not only protect you from scams or worthless cryptocurrencies, but also to give you a chance to generate some significant wealth from your investment in the quality tokens that have a solid chance to survive and have a network build around them.


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