Escaping the Madness: Solo Overnight in the Cabin | Bushcraft Skills

Solo Overnight: Camping in the Cabin. Get 30% off your first bag of coffee with Trade when you click here:

Join me as I do a solo camp in the woods, alone in my tiny cabin that we built from recycled pallet wood. I take this time to switch off from the world and reconnect with nature. I practise bushcraft skills, building an aures crane using some simple bushcraft tools: A saw, bushcraft knife and some cordage. In the evening I cook up a one pot stew on the woodstove. This was time well spent alone in the wild and it was great to get away from society. Thanks for watching.

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  • Chris DeHaven

    Back to the basics of the channel Mike. Can’t wait to watch it. I work at a hospital and we are starting to set up drive thru testing. Your vids give me a much needed break from the world. Cheers and stay safe. 🍻

  • Deniz Koc

    Sometimes wooden cabin in a nature alone can be more peaceful than a 2 bedrooms 2 saloon house in a town.😍

  • MrLes Berg

    Hey Mike, message me an address and I’ll send you some of the camping coffee that we love. It’s roasted right here in north Idaho. I’d be glad to help out, and I think you’d like the coffee. Our favorite roast is, oddly enough, Campfire. It’s good any way you prepare it, whether electric drip, in a percolator over a fire, or french press. And it has a different flavor depending on how you prepare it. I’d love to send you some.Cheers,Les

  • Shawn Knight

    Dear Mike, we have a lot of craziness here in the states as well I enjoy your channel you and your family stay safe and GOD BLESS.

  • TA Outdoors

    Filmed this 2 days before the UK went on Lockdown. I hope you are all keeping safe out there and I will do my best to provide you with some entertaining videos over the coming weeks (some I have backed up, but others will be totally new and different). Get 30% off your first bag of coffee with Trade when you click here:

    • Joe Willis Duke of LeRoy

      I don’t know if anyone has told you yet, but your videos have helped me to deal with the covid-19 quarantine and keep my sanity. Thank you!

    • Curly Tay

      TA Outdoors Please I REALLY need to know about how many pallets that took to build not included the table and bed frame

    • Mendas Walid


    • Jim Lim

      Do you carry out your builts in the woods on a private property or just random woods where the conditions are right? Just curious. Very keen to have a similar project with my dad as well 👍

    • Ben Ford

      @Jim Lim interested too, it’s not like there’s that much woodland in the UK so I can’t imagine this is a big area

  • Bushcraft Buddy

    Hey Mike, now this is what I call the real life. The less you have to worry about the more you can really live. Thanks for taking us along and cheers, Martin 🤜🏼🤛🏼🤠

  • R.L U

    Had to laugh a bit when you mentioned the empty shelves of coffee. My friends/family used to tease me that I have always kept a 2 year supply on hand. Anytime there is a drought/flood or now, a lock down, coffee is one of the items that gets hit. Thank you for justifying my worries. Best of health from across the pond.

  • truthfilter

    that settles it i’m going to sleep in the garden shed and pretend i’m in the wild i’ll just ignore the car alarms and sound of cats fighting 😀

  • charlie shaffer

    I honestlt pray that all your family, friends and nation come through this healthy and safe. Bless you all!

  • David MacDonough

    When i first saw the funky chicken pack I thaught it was fried chicken

  • George Guidas

    As a Nurse here in the States, Thank you for your thoughts. I need space to build a hide away like yours. Keep your chin up.

  • imapisces1

    Mike, you’re so peaceful and awesome. Great post and narrative.

  • ManOnTheMoon2

    I cleaned our garden shed out, made it comfortable for socially distancing, but my brother keeps yelling to be let out, ungrateful sod.

  • Jeffrey Sheldrake

    I used to find peace in mechanical tinkering and welding. Nowadays I’d be happy to camp in our backyard in a dog house including the dog. Labrador pooches are good smoogers plus we could both fart with limited consequences. Love ya cabin dude

  • Ted N

    This world needs more people like you. Godspeed from USA Minnesota

  • lefroy1

    Imagine looking out that flap and seeing a grinning psycho staring back at you, holding the hatchet you left outside.

  • Siegel Gaming

    You notice how the cabin keeps getting more and more advanced. You’ll eventually end up where we are now. Its in our very nature

  • bohemoth1

    I am doing my Social Distancing by living sleeping in Mausoleum in the Cemetery. I took all my food supplies, medical supplies and clothing with a Water pump for bathing and cleaning. Since I live on a Tropical Island we get lots of rain water for drinking and cooking. No need for heating up the place. My family is buried in the
    Mausoleum. The best part of this is that there are no VAMPIRES or stupid people who are brave enough to bother me.

  • Jan Alan McKenzie

    From 2000, I spent 9 years in the UK, three at university in Bracknell, England, and six living in Pontypool, Wales. (I pastored churches in Cardiff and Newport). My ex is back in England now, working for the NHS south of London. Here in Kentucky, I live in a 12×20 shed on an acre lot (where I’m writing from), about two-hundred feet from my mother’s home. I moved here a few years ago to look after her following her stroke.

    Camping, of a sort, for more than three years, I often watch your videos or similar channels while carving spoons, sharpening my tools, fixing a meal, or relaxing on my bunk before going to sleep. Several nights ago I enjoyed seeing you and your Dad build the thatched shelter, learning a few things as well. I was especially impressed with how hard you both worked. Having built a few houses over the years…nothing like that…I can appreciate your labor and craft.

    Till last week, I was supplementing my social security with driving for the large Amish community here, but have temporarily given that up for their safety and mine. We still have no known cases of Covid-19 in our rural county, and Kentucky has yet to see the numbers of many other places, but the months to come are looking hard.

    Thanks for sharing your craft and your life with us. Be safe and God bless.

  • William Schwartz

    This cabin is still my favorite of all the various things you’ve built.

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