EDC: Everyday Carry

Here’s how to get your “Secret Survival Farm” set up…

Sensible Prepper Presents: EDC; Everyday Carry. Here's is what I carry everyday. It continues to be an evolution but the principles are the same. Survival.

Olight S-10 Baton :http://goinggear.com/
Spyderco Manix 2: http://goinggear.com/
Aegis "Shield" Hybrid Holster: http://aegisarmory.us/
Tactical Pen: http://www.maxpedition.com/
CRKT Para Bracelet: http://www.crkt.com/
Don Hume Holster: Ebay.com
Galco Holster: Ebay.com
Bic Lighter: Walmart : )
Timex Expedition: Walmart

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00



  • Rusty Shackleford

    You bring a pistol to church? It’s a rough area, you say? WWJD? Arm himself to the teeth or volunteer at the shelter?

    • Sylvia Kaiser

      +SensiblePrepper you r right we should protect ourselves Jesus said that if somebody hits you put your other cheek in front of him and forgive him but self defence is allowed in the bible (Joshua 1:9)+SensiblePrepper is using a gun for his self defence as he has seen an example about an elder bring beaten in the church parking lot. Maybe the elder was preaching about the bible and some people tried to persecute him or why will they hit him without any reason

    • Dwayne Dees

      Because of our churches policy of no concealed carry and then the Pope coming out and saying a good Christian shouldn’t have a gun, I have been looking for a new church (after making the argument against not being able to carry due to repeated attacks in the immediate area and on the church grounds). I personally understand that we should turn the other cheek, but you can’t turn the other cheek if you are dead. I also will not sit by and let someone else come to harm, as we are our brother’s keeper. Other people may have differing opinions, but I do recall something being said about selling a cloak to buy a sword also being in the Bible and I think Jesus would have packed a 1911.

    • alexis dufrenoy

      Full of contradictions, like I said…

    • aswtx75

      Maybe if Jesus had a Glock things would have ended a bit differently

  • Ross Clay

    Thank you for this video good one.
    My EDC is:
    1. Buck Mariner
    2. Leatherman Wave
    3. Small Ferro Rod on my key chain
    4. Ipone
    5. In my boots I have doubled my Para cord laces
    6. When I travel in my truck then there are stores in the truck and a small Bug Bag that would could make survive for at least 30 days..
    7. Wallet, with some cash and a hidden stash of more essentials.
    8. Soon I will have my CWP
    9. Personal protection is me 40+ years in Martial Arts in Hand to hand and weapons.
    10. If I carry a Jacket or Coat in the liner of these garments there is a special poncho
    11. Small water filter for several thousand gallons.
    12. A Topo Maps of the area in both garments
    13 Compact compass in the Wallet
    14 My where with all…I never leave home with out it…!
    Thanks again and I hope all this helps our fellow Americans.

    • ZIGMAN775

      How old are you Ross
      I couldn’t stop thinking about my CCW since I was like 12.
      The day I turned 21 I started the process.

    • Ross Clay

      Hey there ZigMan775,
      I am in my 60’s yrs. young…
      Yes our world has changed and will keep changing..
      This Nov. will be very telling…
      I look to these video’s and thanks for your time!
      My Best to you and yours!
      The Santa Fe Man

    • ZIGMAN775

      +Ross Clay
      Thanks be well yourself
      You should get your permit.
      Or at least, be ready. If it’s not truly an option

    • Ross Clay

      So agree! I’ll have it by this Christmas..yes it is a must it the times we are in, and perhaps what’s coming …
      My best to you and your family and may the Republic always stand..!
      The Santa Fe Man

    • anjel ching

      Ross Clay im not from america but ill keep your idea in mind

  • Adam Alford

    Kel tec pf9 in a flashbang “crossbreed” style holster, old timer pocket knife, bright pen light, home made EDC first aid kit, lighter, pen, and my watch and jewelry. First aid kit also includes tweezers and a small whistle and pry bar along with meds, bandages, antiseptic wipes, gloves and a tourniquet.

  • Itellthetruthabtu 2

    My edc.

    Gun: Glock 19 w/ tritium night sights
    Mags: 17 rd in gun, 15 rd in carrier.
    Holster:Galco King Tuc 2 IWB
    Watch: Casio G-Shock w/ paracord braclet
    Belt: Leather Ariat
    Pants: 5.11 stryke pants
    Knife: Spyderco delica 4 for general purpose/ Spyderco Karahawk for self defense only.

    If your just getting into edc a firearm I recommend a good base to start. Pants/belt/holster really important and I feel gets overlooked a lot.

  • Arrow Snake

    pocket knife
    zippo and bic lighter
    survival braclet
    olight flashlight
    and occasionally a solar charge

  • Ryan Page

    Great video

  • AcornFox

    Some cool stuff, but man did I cringe at the entire concept of “tactical pen.”

  • Robert Moore

    when is another edc video coming

  • Deegan Wooten

    glock nine,3 mags,folding knife

  • Rgd200 Davis

    wallet, keys, phone, pocket knife (alternate between 3 or 4) handkerchief, streamlight flashlight, zippo lighter, tactical pen, rite in the rain pocket notebook, paracord bracelet, watch or fitbit, mp shield 9mm. If im wearing a jacket or big cargo pockets, i add a minimedi kit (based on urbanprepper) an altoids edc and a space blanket.

  • Sander Loth

    I know American’s aren’t shooting eachother everyday, but as a EU (Belgian) citizen, that gun carrying was a bit “odd” to me. You always take your gun with you on normal occasions?

  • MultiJebusChrist

    keys with bottle opener, LED light, and mini swiss army knife
    velcro-close wallet
    two tabs of LSD
    wrist watch

  • Survival Chris

    I’m 11 so I don’t have a gun yet maybe in a year or so lol

  • Survival Chris

    Oh and tic tacs

  • Stan Eversole

    I think it’s stupid that these days you have to carry a pistol but it’s smart to these days.

  • ScottyM1959

    a word of advise from my personal experience don’t put your cash in your wallet because if someone should get your wallet they aren’t getting everything. Spread your cash between your two front pockets or if you are wearing a shirt with flapped chest pockets split it between both pant and shirt pockets so they never get it all. Unless you’re a undercover millionaire no one can afford to have everything taken. just a thought

  • Roy

    Lives in a civilized country, he needs paracord and a knife for “SURVIVAL PURPOSE”.
    Dude, all you need is a fucking smartphone, stop with all that military bullshit, you are not fighting a war or living in an empty island.

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Love that nano


    Mine is a S&W J Frame 642 with Ergo Grip by delta grip, Gerber Ghost strike and maybe Kabar Becker Necker.  how’s that?

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