Easy Wall Outlet Safe Project

Sensible Prepper Presents: "Easy Wall Outlet Safe Projects". 1 in 10 homes are burglarized every year. Here are a number of different easy Projects using standard Outlets to secure your most valuable possessions.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00



  • MajorTendonitis

    I’d use rare earth magnets instead of Velcro

  • l6632154

    Just wondering,Why can you sut the wall that easily?I mean,it’s not like the wall was made with few mm thick plates.they’re many cm thick of soild concrete,with possibile soild bricks and reinforcing steel cages build in too.)

    • l6632154

      +Sig-Albus Wait,are you telling me that wall is not solid?I mean….this video is shoot in a house,not some cheap rentel aprtment that was separate into rooms by landlord with some wood or plaster broad-kind-something from a normal size apartment,right.
      So how come there is a hollow wall in the room?

    • Light weight prepper Uk

      +l6632154 even in England most up stairs houses are plaster board but depends where your from most American houses are built this way all over

  • Walkertongdee

    next video tells you how to hide things in your toilet tank LOL

  • R Lindsey

    Nice idea, thanks. I just love to watch the bloopers, they’re so funny especially when you pause for a moment because I know you are mad. LOL


    Im gona do this just for my weed stash.

  • Morris Falker

    In my country we don’t have dry walls and we don’t need guns in the house.
    We have brick and concrete houses and alot more freedom.
    And we don’t need god to bless our country.

    • Youtuber X

      morris whats it like to taste old crusty Muslim balls alll damn day

    • Eduardo Ochoa

      Pinche gringo joto ya se enojo hahah
      In the United States, when “patriots” tend to feel insecure about themselves, they usually resort on to racist comments in order to feel better about themselves. If all that fails, they will start talking about guns and Christianity.

    • Light weight prepper Uk

      +John Malcavitch I mean self governing and free to live in peace with out any one wanting there cut of what you got I’m talking about taxes yes I pay mine but with a tight fisted grudge and what is true free dome and at what price

    • Light weight prepper Uk

      +Eduardo Ochoa well if you talking about me I’m English live in England and don’t have a god but sure love guns and have many all legal

    • littleteethkeith

      Morris Falker Wow you live in Fantasyland? Lucky you. Are taxes high there? Are the women loose?

  • afe31

    What a fucked up house.
    My walls are made of bricks.

  • K.c. Weasly

    my walls are made out of concrete

  • Admiral Preparedness

    Don’t do what I did and forget to collect your stuff before you move. I had to get the realtor to let me back in to collect the items after the new owner closed escrow.

  • Gazoontite KaPow

    rofl, puts a little gun in there. I always want to call that “the little cricket” from MIB.

  • Aaron Whitney

    one thing if you plug something into the outlet like a lamp you can almost guarantee that now one will find it thumbs up for a great video

  • Carl Love

    Nice video Sootch. I was googling how to hide a small snub nose revolver, maybe a 38 special near the door. It may take some work and modifications to make a bigger revolver work, but this idea is very good.

  • Mojo Maniac

    I always got an outlet tester with me when I’m out burglarizing homes, quick and easy way to see what outlets are hot or not. fast and easy to check, i start with the outlets that nothing is plugged in to. find one with no power, rip the cover off and check it out. although this is one of the last things I check, if time permits.


    the valcro looked tacky.

  • Ramond Goessens

    and God bless the world!

  • Jay Robertson

    haha..great idea with the super glue and Velcro and then taking it another step to make it drawer like…great video

  • THE TrG Gaming

    what do you do if it’s a wall

  • ParadoxSounds

    Bullshit 1 out of every 10 homes are robbed each year. So your saying if u live in a house for ten years in theory ur house should be robbed?

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