Dollar Tree Survival Shopping – Can It Be Done?

EDC and Survival Shopping at my Local Dollar Tree to see what Items you can Pick Up before Lockdown! (More Videos and Links Below)

*After the Events Earlier this Week. We have decided to by applying FULL PPE moving forward. Be safe out there everyone!*

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  • D Rivas

    “That’s awesome”, I see what you did there. Stay safe y’all, SA being locked down is wild without toilet paper

    • DropForgedSurvival

      Yes it is. We only get to leave every 2-3 days for day to day food or supplies.

    • Σοφία Φλουρή

      interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out
      best survival food bars
      try Franaar Spies Control Formula (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

  • ZGB Studios

    Be safe during these trying times

  • DropForgedSurvival

    *In our Investigations. Alot of Staples around town are indeed gone. BUT! There is still alot of useful items you may want for your home. What is the next essential store do you want us to investigate for you to see if it maybe a good choice during your next re-supply during this SHELTER IN PLACE?*

    • Conundrum Contingencies

      thanks for the reply. Wally world and thrift stores have been overly done. How about Home Depot, a gas station chain or something online, comrade?


      DropForgedSurvival do they accept snap card thanks

    • Elizabeth Watt

      Heck, if we are able to get so many useful and necessary items from a place like a Dollar Store, why go anywhere else? I’m all for bulk buying at rock bottom prices! If you guys have stores that have a great selection of prepper or shtf items, let us all know!🙏😊

    • Cajun Bayou Vlogs

      Academy store.

    • Dave M.

      I’ve still been able to find rice and beans at Dollar Tree. I always pick some up while they’re still available.

  • Randy Hall

    The most commonly used consumer grade antibacterial ingredient in soaps is worthless.I worked with a woman who used to work for a soap company. Germs adapt to that chemical very quickly and testing showed it is no better than plain soap. Her words were that it just creates super-germs.

    The antibacterial lotion with alcohol works well, but the other stuff is no better than soap.

    • Randy Hall

      @Conundrum Contingencies What a ridiculous response. I have already said using regular soap is very good. This is the response one expects from a seven-year-old child.

    • The Flip

      Exactly, I just live my life normal, I don’t touch gross stuff and I only wash my hands once or twice a day. I let my body do its think without some chemicals that humans don’t use naturally.

    • Amanda Marie

      I made my own I took an anti microbial solution from my husband’s water damage job and mixed it with 99% isopropyl alcohol then added it to Ajax dish soap

    • ITILII

      Coronavirus is a VIRUS, antibacterial is NOT effective against a virus, and yes bacteria can develop resistance to antibacterials. That said, soap IS the best, and wash your hands at least 20 seconds, thoroughly. It’s the most basic way to stay healthy, in any and all situations.

    • Randy Hall

      @ITILII Irrelevant to what I said.

  • J R

    In Ontario, Canada. Store stock is well stocked. People still lined up at the local Costco. I’m stocking up on non-perishable foods until lockdown.

  • William baird

    In the Army back in 2003 after the invasion of Iraq we washed cloths in a MRE box lined with a 55 gallon trash bag and dried the cloths in a 550 cord cloths line. Just a pro tip in case someone needs an emergency laundry tip.


    Dude!!! Give your lady the darn mouse traps!!!! She really looked like she wanted them and you kept pulling them away!!!!


  • Video Game Errors

    I am more worried about an economic collapse than Coronavirus

    • susan529

      Eric Manuel me too! More people will from a collapse than this damn virus. Most people who die are already in deaths doorstep or compromised in some way. They are the ones who should self isolate. The test of us need to go to work!

    • Phil Lee

      You need to be alive to worry about the economic consequences.
      Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea learned the lesson from SARS well and jumped on this infection hard and fast, so are well placed to come out of the depression that will follow the pandemic strongly and quickly. Japan at least had some measures, like adequate face masks for all, proper PPE for essential healthcare workers, and sufficient medical supplies.
      Epidemiologists were warning that it was inevitable at some stage, but most governments chose to ignore them, and the relatively inexpensive costs of keeping their populations safe. Certainly mine and probably yours, unless you are from one of the countries already mentioned. 60-80% is what it will need for true herd immunity to be effective – when an infected person is only surrounded by people with immunity acquired either by infection or vaccination and at present. infection is winning that race. Vaccines against completely new viruses like this one take a long time to develop and test first for safety then efficacy before production can even start.
      The stock market may (and probably should) collapse from its artificially inflated bubble, but the stock market is not THE economy, it is just AN economy. Economies operate even without the imaginary money created by banks (credit, aka the government authorising banks to lend money to the government!), as anyone who has ever been at a boarding school or in jail will know, and certainly anyone old enough to remember when cash was normal. Governments don’t like any of them much as they can’t track them and get a slice of the pie! Barter, labour in exchange for goods, or exchange of some items of generally accepted value all work just fine even in the absence of any national currency with any value.

    • impactajuvenile

      What worries you the most regarding economic collapse??? Eating, housing, income, health insurance or …?

    • Dave M.

      That’s the whole idea. I read somewhere that the plan was to take an Innocuous disease and use it as a test to advance certain outcomes. By the way have you noticed that the word mask is one letter off from mark?

  • ogr8bearded1

    Any time you see the amount of new cases in last 24 hours, remember they have probably been going around infectious for last 10 days or so.

  • krazykarl

    When all the hand sanitizer was out I found plenty in travel size!

    • Yetti. Spaghetti.

      True! I found cute little ones for backpacks and distributed them to my children’s classmates.

    • Chris Black

      @impactajuvenile yes exactly, I wont pay gouging prices for sanitizer, alchohol n aloe vera is much cheaper, n u can make bleach with bleach tablets for a couple gallons

    • impactajuvenile

      Chris Black didn’t know that about bleach… see you taught me something. Thanks I normally find aloe Vera free at the local college landscaping. 👍🇺🇸🙏

    • krazykarl

      @Chris Black
      It’s much better to store h2o with chlorine tablets from the pool section at stores. It treats h2o better than bleach and bleach eventually fades away to ineffectiveness anyway.

    • Chris Black

      @krazykarl thanks for the info,I was gonna try chlorine tablets next,u can also make alkaline water, with alkaline drops instead of buying gallons of purified water

  • Dave Blair

    Just had to say love the vid long time sub. To everyone that reads this do not trust the numbers coming out of my. My grandma died on Monday at 92 and the said covid killed her. It was the 8 strokes and massive health problems she had over the years and covid did nothing she was asymptomatic

  • TheDonna1959

    If you or your loved ones get sick use Tylenol (trade name). You can buy Acetaminophen (generic name) for Tylenol. It is cheaper & works the same. According to the JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association), March 23, 2020 report stated using Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) may caused coronavirus symptoms to get worse. Use Tylenol instead!!

  • K J.

    Keep nuts in the freezer. It keeps the oils in them from spoiling. 👍

  • World Mayhem Organisation

    im in spain and we locked down two weeks ago. now we can go out to shop and come back. its ok. all things are back and the shops are lovely and quiet. nothing to fear. pasta is back too. gloves and masks still though. take care.

  • Catherine M

    That is one of the nicest and largest dollar trees ive ever seen.

  • Tamra S

    I know chips are nutritionally useless…but… if you have little kids or teens.. chips and a peanut butter sandwich would taste good and the chips could be comfort food during already stressful situation. I think the situation is more serious than what people think.

  • Patrick Adams

    Something has occured to me while watching this video….RATS… retaurants and fast food outlets and factories close down the rats that migrate to those areas looking for food are going to be coming into more residential areas looking for food and that will bring disease…so we all need to stock up not just on traps but on garbage bags and very strong bleach and disenfectant to kill any germs those rats might bring,also need to think about how and where to store the filled bags that will not fit in the bin when it’s full…

  • Obelisk Seattle

    The EYES are a primary entry point due to virus vapors in the air caused by coughing and sneezing. So please WEAR GLASSES OR GOGGLES!! Masks are NOT enough.

  • Luke Robbins

    I hope you realize that you need eye protection for virus prevention included as well as gloves and a respirator. Having just 2 out of 3 items will reduce your exposure but will not eliminate it.

  • Tim Holt

    Just letting you know Chris as US Army Vet you’re doing the right thing by showing people to stay clam and providing good service to you and the people around you!

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