This year we've seen about a 75% reduction of weeds in our garden, and now we're sharing how!
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We published a video two months ago where we shared the strategies we were utilizing in the garden this year to help maintain and eliminate our weed problems.

This being only our second year in this neglected garden space, there was a lot of rehabilitation that was needed. We didn't want to be battling weeds for years to come, so we implemented some strategies and are now sharing how well they worked out!

If you missed the first video (published back in June), you can check that out here:

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  • Aniceta Lourenço

    Que família linda! Que Deus abençoe vocês todos aí amém 🙏🏿

  • lotus

    Good explanations of the reasons weeds return. Florida weeds are fierce and we dont get much frost to kill off the weeds or bugs. Always a challenge lol. I can see some of these methods may be helpful here though.

  • Lu

    When I was a kid, I was the “automatic weed puller” 🤣🤣

  • K Barnes

    In my garden, I’ve found most of my weeds are from seeds blowing in. My “no till” beds do not have less weeds than my tilled beds. Nevertheless, I prefer not to till. You have a lot of good ideas!

  • Jesus loves YOU

    Wow, God sure did give you guys a gift. I learn so much from you! Thank you for always explaining in a way that is simple. Can you please explain what you did to your soil the first year? Did you bring in other soil? Or just tilled it and put your compost and mulch on top….

  • Christos

    1. Don’t turn soil over – which brings seeds to surface. No tilling. 3:30
    2. Mulch. 5:32
    3. Plant densely and quickly. 7:33
    4. Cover cropping. 9:06
    5. Pull weeds daily when small. 11:00
    6. Chop and drop into mulch if weeds out of control. 13:00
    7. Garden row tarp cover. Burn. 16:10

  • Sue Downtown Mini Homesteader

    As a new gardener this is amazing information! However in my front bed I have wild morning glories how do i get rid of them pulling them seems to make them worse

  • Lucy Cerra

    You hit on so many practical applicable methods. I’m in Idaho too…little south but still in the panhandle…everything you said I could definitely relate to!!! Thank you for putting this out! I truly appreciate you taking the time for this important and informative video.

  • Drew D

    Not sure if you did a video on it, BUT I’d love to learn how you build your high tunnel!

    I see you used some metal fence type material and I’m curious of what you do and why.

    Hoping to garden smarter not harder😊

  • DirtIsBetter ThanDiamonds

    We often forget that wild animals used to roam freely, grazing those weeds before we humans came along to build fences, buildings, roads etc. Now the pollinators, birds, and smaller animals need them for seeds and food to get through the winter. Weeds in the garden though, makes feeding ourselves alittle bit harder! Great tips

  • Victoria O'Shea

    There’s something great about this particular garden channel! Simple and to the point no fluff makes a lot of sense everything you said thank you for teaching me and inspiring me I feel like maybe I can do this now

  • dhansonranch

    Garden looks great. I use the “if you can’t beat them, eat them”…pig weed is like spinach and purslane has amazing health properties and is great in salads, stir fries or steamed. The leaves of purlane will also root and start new plants, so I try and dispose of them. Chickens like them all too! The weeds got way ahead of me this year so dealing with them is a priority and I hope to do better next year. Good thing this year is that the weeds are holding the corn up right from all the wind we have had…lol. Oh well, that’s why we say we live in next year country! I have tried the straw mulch but found the weeds worse and the sow thistle, canada thistle (roots a mile deep), and quack grass were worse than ever and more difficult to pull as they were very large…perhaps i was doing something wrong??

  • Rebekka S

    Hi Josh, great video, as usual. I was surprised that you consider purslane as a weed to get rid of, though. I‚d have thought that Carolyn would have figured out how to use it in the kitchen, since she’s always so creative with unusual herbs etc. Even if she doesn‘t want to do that though (and I love it in salad or use it like spinach or chard), look into using it intentionally as living mulch or as a companion plant. It really helps me control all the other weeds. Plus, as I said, I can eat it when I pull it out to make space for my main crop.

  • Karen Maxon

    I love your northern climate perspective. We live in northern Vermont and it seems our climate is similar to yours — and our weeds. Remember — some of those “weeds” are delicious food! I love purslane and lambs quarters, especially in spring. I have areas where I actually encourage them to grow. We follow the no-till practice, a la Charles Dowding. Thanks for all the fantastic information — very motivating for me. <3

  • Rachel C.

    Another great video Josh! Thank you! I would love to know what your solution is for dealing with bindweed.

  • Lorna J Bartlett

    I’m taking time to learn and apply thank you I also have learned about certain wild EATABLES in as a omega-3 healthy fats for wild edibles and they’re pretty awesome Foods free foods and all these weeds that are edibles should be stars as representatives for where a lot of other vegetables come from our cultivation generation.👩‍🌾👨‍🌾👩‍🔬👨‍🔬💦

  • Denise Stone

    As always, great content and tips. You guys really hit this out of the park with me. You laid the methods out and made them easy to understand. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lenna Vespestad

    With the chop and drop method of weeding creating a sort of “mulch” could one replace the traditional wood mulch with grass clippings? I have a huge lawn and always have plenty of grass I can gather, however much in my area usually coasts more than my budget will allow at this time.

  • Tammy Seymour

    Thank you, you talked about so much that I didn’t know about. God Bless you, and your family

  • Genesis McCormack

    This is wonderful. Thank you for the explanation of your thought process and why you do what you do. I especially love your acknowledgement of God. You and your wife are a blessing to me as teachers and as an example of a Godly couple. Keep sharing your wisdom!

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