DIY Walmart Premium Bug Out Bag

Sensible Prepper Presents: DYI Walmart Items Bug Out Bag/ Get Home Bag. Having built a super cheap Walmart B.O.B. we decided to put together a higher end set up using their more premium items. The total cost before tax was $313.76

Cheap Walmart B.O.B Video:

Bug Out Bag Contents:
Morph 26 Back Pack $18.97
Gerber Prodigy Fixed Blade Knife $49.97
Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool $26.84
Sawyer Mini Water Filter $19.97
Maglite Flashlight $22.32
Energizer Headlamp $19.97
Duracell AA Batteries $6.18
Survival Reflect Tent $8.74
First Aid Kit $15.88
SS Thermos $18.67
Stanley Wonder Bar $8.97
Tealight Candles 50ct $2.33
Dickies Work Socks $8.77
Dust Mask $.97
Coleman Bio-Wipes $3.97
Gorilla Tape $5.77
Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit $19.97
4-1 Whistle $3.97
550 Paracord $5.97
Water Bladder $9.97
Survival Food Bar $4.97
Artic Watch Cap $5.00
Waxed Cotton Ball Cap $7.47
Safety Glasses $5.97
Leather Gloves $9.56
Petroleum Jelly $.97
Cotton Balls 200pk $1.88
Total Cost $313.76 plus tax

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • SensiblePrepper

    Please note: Shown was a Double Walled container for boiling water but you should only use a single walled container. Thanks!

    • Angel Anderson

      Great distinction there! Also consider glass containers. I had a metal bottle and kids put vinegar in it and the water never really tasted right… Also, for all my prepper bros & sis’s : make sure you have Honey, some kind of silver for colloidal silver (ancient times they carried water in silver carafes for the antimicrobial properties.)
      Remember to build the immune system before worrying about killing bugs or germs.
      Speaking of worrying – pack some supplements, vitamin C & Zinc @ the very least. Vitamin C is the only real anti viral available and colloidal Silver will fight infections that antibiotics can’t touch.
      When everyone else was sick with Swine flu I tripled Vitamin C intake and got clean up duty, (yay!) but never got the bug…
      Very important to know because when the pandemic of a virus like Ebola hits you will be more likely to be strong enough to fight infection (Ebola: more contagious than they will tell you)
      NOTE our bodies need 91 Essential Nutrients 4 life‼️

    • Christian Hartwell

      Hisnameis IAM I’ve found that duck tape actually works better than gorilla brand.

    • greg diamond

      Christian Hartwell
      Use the automotive duck tape, very tough, cost a little more, but worth it. In the automotive section at Walmart.

    • Lauraly Wyatt

      greg diamond You can also take out the paper part inside, then smash it flat. The tape sticks together and it’s less bulky.

    • Jonathan Bent

      Walmart sells the Unicca Stainless Steel cup which works great as a pot and scoop. about 3.00.

  • π Intrepido Φ

    _Hey Sootch, Walmart has the _*_SOG Barrage internal frame Back Pack_*_ it’s a 5.11 Rush 72 knock off I have one and it’s pretty good for overnighters or even a B.O.B. did you not see it?….Thanks for the video._

  • Woodsman ?????

    Ok great you got your bug out bag, and one day you have to leave home for an emergency. The wether is nice and sunny, and you hit the road. The emergency ends up being longer than expected, and you are like most people and don’t have a bug out location stocked with supplies. The cities are to dangerous to return home and you are stuck living out of your car or on foot living in the woods. And that nice sunny day you started out with turns cold, winter hits and you have no winter clothing in your bag. So… wondering how long that cheap little bug out bag is gonna last you? Bug out bags also need to be put together with the possibility of long term in mind.

    • Austin Falls

      Woodsman ????? your bug out bag is what you use to make it to your caches. you don’t need to weigh yourself down with extras in a bugout bag because it is just for bugging out. its not your never coming home bag

    • Anonymous Dude

      bug out bags are 72 hours max. If you want to survive for months, you will probably need a truckload of supplies.

  • Redneck Operations

    Those Walmart medical kits are alright for small cuts but for trauma you would want to add an Israeli bandage or two and a tourniquet.

  • rusty gray

    Great video Sootch. My packs are set up very very similar. Thanks for the videos.

  • oscar rodriguez

    u forgot a barbecue grill bro with some freeze dried rib eye steaks…if ur gonna die might as well go out in style.

  • handi camper

    awesome idea with the small pry bar.

  • Ryan Phillips

    didn’t see any rain poncho

  • Ryan Phillips

    great bag I also buy from Wal-Mart bugout gear

  • Patricia Vyce

    Peace on earth…👍 Wisdom and compassion…

  • Patricia Vyce

    Everyone needs a real good book.👍

  • Miss Marilyn

    Thanks for sharing. Those are some good quality, budget friendly products that could be a real life saver one day.

  • CapitanoGUC

    what do you prepper guys fire starter for if you could ged a few lighters for little money ?

  • Herbal Survivalist

    Here is not only the Best. But a whole lot more than Bug out bag

  • Jonathan Bent

    You can make vaseline/cotton tinder balls and store in an Altoids can. Vaseline is good to seal wounds and for chafe.

  • Will G

    good job copying nutnfancy

  • Robert Cairns

    News I can use Sootch. Wanted to put together bags for my wife and sons but knowing the investment in my high end Bob, GHB, and EDC bags she said “NO way!!”. Showed her the Sootch Budget Bags and she approved big time! Then she said “I wish you had found this video $3000 ago”. Ouch.

  • Mr Kelly Myers

    awesome vid.god bless.good fight good night

  • Carlos Cardona

    pretty good the only thing I would change would be is the hat

  • Logan LeDuke

    Where would u find the ration bars in Walmart

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