DIY Poor Man’s Custom Gun Case

Sensible Prepper Presents: “DIY Poor Man’s Custom Gun Case” Using the Plano 4 Handgun case and making it to a custom package for your pistol, magazines,Holster, Knife, light and multi-tool.

These cases run $15-20 so you can have a number of them to fit different systems.

Going Gear: Olight S-10 Baton

G-Code Holsters:

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  • Frederick Kaludis

    Try over spraying the foam with plastic-dip spray, it will fuse and seal your pre-cuts in place but you may need to use two coats to gain maximum durability just make sure that you get a good drying time between coats.  As with anything paint like thin coats are best.

  • SmokeRingsPipeDreams

    Use a little super glue to repair where you snapped it. 

    • John Henry

      I would be careful my brother inlaw used crazy glue on foam like that and the foam melted and smoked a bit. Try it on some of the scrap first.

    • aerosaaber

      +John Henry I agree, superglue is a no go for foam stuff.

    • Mark Fadden

      I have used Loctite gel superglue countless times. The only thing to keep in mind is to not go all the way to the face edge as it does discolor. Also do the whole project upside down and your trace lines won’t show. And finally do use an insanely sharp and thin knife so something like a utility knife with a razor in it. Then only cut by drawing toward you and not pushing in. You will get a clean smooth edge. Or just go with the “tetris” look and make square edges instead of angles.


      Rubber Cement is 100 times better and will last forever.It is also pliable. Super glue is temporary,hardens & melts the foam! Great for glueing your fingers together! LOL Superglue is ALWAYS temporary! 

    • Vigi Driver

      I’ve seen where people have use successfully spray-on Plasti-Dip.

  • Brad Basham

    An electric knife ( like for carving meat ) works like a breeze.

  • jianhong lin

    Isn’t that pluck foam?, why don’t you just pluck it

  • Mr.PartyPanda

    How much stuff is in the $15 – 20 box? I think you could spring for a Pelican, or a Rakshak worst case.

  • shooter1721

    nice!! Thank you!

  • Kin B Fung

    Even I have no idea you have another channel under a diff name but I recognized your voice right away sootch 😉 Thanks for the upload. Awesome!

  • Chris Norris

    why wouldnt u use a smaller holster and make that on the bottom of the case so if someone opens it they won’t see it

  • absolutelynonameslef

    No need to cut – just grab the pieces you want to remove and pull them straight up. They come out very easily.

    • absolutelynonameslef

      Yes, I’m replying to myself 🙂 Forgot to mention that I carry my VP9, G30, an SR22 and magazines in my case. Fit great and I believe the case was < $20.

  • Boomer Taylor

    I’m in the middle of the same type project and this plucked foam st the best choice every time. the same type foam non-scored and it’s often a bit cheaper. Just a thought if yure not going to use the pluck method. GOOD JOB!!!

  • KilnTyme

    I’ve seen several videos that used plasti-dip after the cuts to prevent future ripping. Just a thought, love the video.

  • ben trujillo

    Looks great. thanks for the ideas.

  • Bobby G.

    Sooch, spray that pluck foam with “black plasti dip” 4$ a can and will save the foam from tearing and wearing out. It’s black rubber spray.

  • Big Jay

    i did that with a little aluminum case. just for gun and one mag.
    i dont know what i did with it.

  • jasonholby

    I saw someone sprayed their foam with plastic-dip after it was cut out. They said three coats and it was solid.

  • archangel20031

    Spray plasti-dip to coat the surfaces and keep the squares together.

  • The Married Shooter

    Really like that idea definitely gonna do that , thanks for the vid

  • RC flight Seeker

    after cutting out your shapes, remove that first layer get a can of spray adhesive, hit the back of it a few times with the adhesive, then put that sheet with all the cut out shapes back on top of the full bottom sheet. that will lock it all into place no need to mess with super glue when you got spray adhesive the sides of think Super Glue melts foam lol. you can spray the adhesive on the lid layer of foam and place it directly to the plastic if spray adhesive doesn’t hold hit the plastic with light grit sandpaper to give texture for glue to hold to.

  • About Time

    I do these foam cut outs for my (35mm) camera cases. After marking the foam I leave it in the freezer over night, The foam I use shrinks a little but cuts much easier and I use a new razor knife.

  • Luis Acevedo

    Hey bud… use plasi-dip…. works great.. a few coating and done..

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