DIY Brick Rocket Stove

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Do It Yourself Brick Rocket Stove Project. Fun and easy to build for around $25. Great option for outside cooking and heat using renewable fuel source…. sticks.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  • Mrgunsngear Channel

    Needs more butter.

  • H2Obsession

    Forgive the possibly obvious question, but could you also use a handfull of charcoal instead of wood?

  • mike dothan

    who cooks only 1 egg? wtf..

  • Survival Common Sense

    If you would have watched the original video closer, you wouldn’t end up with those two brick seams:

  • N strike

    WD 40 on cotton balls is a great fire starter

  • joseph Norcal USA #1

    Nice video bro !!!! I love eggs that’s a good way to prepare eggs or anything else for a bad situation !!!

  • Danie Benade

    see mr teslonion on youtube

  • Danie Benade

    mr teslonion

  • Armrest

    Skillet? *musically triggered*

  • tesid ape

    I tell you man. I’m from North Carolina and in the late fall and winter when it’s real nippy at night There ain’t nothing like Sitting in front of a good warm fire

  • mwnciboo

    Man, i wish you were in the UK or I were in the US. I’m pretty sure you’d be an interesting and handy guy to be friends with and have coffee or maybe share a good single malt with next to a campfire….

  • Jarrett Coffey

    But what if you have a wood stove

  • mary vanulzen

    Thanks for the video. I like the design and look of the rocket stove you have built. It looks sturdy and stable. I saw someone who built the same one but used fireplace calking to keep out air leaks and it made it permanent. My intention is to build several rocket stoves for outdoor summer cooking. I have watched many YouTube videos on them so I believe I have settled on my design. I noticed everyone has an issue of burning in the middle of the pan and this is how I plan to resolve that. Amazon has a set of 4 gas stove grates for 22 dollars. I’ve already purchased those. At Aldi, I bought, 4 cast iron flat pans @ 7.88 each to serve as a base for all other pans to sit on. With the stove grate only the intense heat still gets focused on the middle portion of pans making it hard not to burn things and it blackens them too. The thick cast iron will distribute the heat evenly to the bottom of any pan I place on it. And for more temperature control, I’ve purchased a Lodge brand spacer used for suspending things off the bottom of dutch ovens about a half inch. It can be placed atop the flat iron pan for simmering. I intend to truly learn how to cook and bake using only rocket stoves. Then again my ideas may not work but I intend to find out. Maybe I will make a YouTube video although I find that pretty a intimidating thought.

  • Midge Brewer

    love the video, lol out loud love fresh eggs we are being taken over by eggs 5-6 a day add up fast!

  • Caramon Majere

    Lol, that egg would’ve cooked just fine if you’d have left it alone for 2 seconds.

  • Jim Fleming

    Great job, Sootch… Thank you, sir.

  • Gus Sepulveda

    The pan is to low, you are not allowing it to make a good draft by doing so, what you may want to do is place two bicks on their side (not flat) on top and the set the pan on top, it allows more draft and it doesn´t sofacate the fire by oxygen starving it…just a thought

  • Inderjit Latt

    nise great job

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