Dan Ball Interview W/ Wayne County Whistleblower, Melissa Carone

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  • Wesley Kainexiled

    Fox news Never Trumpers:Karl’turd’Rove,Neil’cut off press secretary’Cavuto,Leiland ,Martha,Brett’toady of wallace’Baier,Kennedy,Marie Harf,Bill Hemmer,Arthel Neville,Dana’deep state’Perino,Melissa’we don’t say Soros’Francis,Jedediah’defender of wallace’s trump bashing’ Bila,Sandra’we called it’ Smith,Juan’useful idiot’Williams,Julie Banderas, Donna’i gave hillary debate questions before’Brazile,John’denounce white supremacy’Roberts,Chris’no integrity’Wallace ,Paul’rino’Ryan and some i forgot .Damn Fox news is a dumpster fire watch O.A.N and Newsmax instead!The Owner Rupert Murdoch’s wife and sons are deranged leftist what do you expect!

    • J Lee Harris

      Fortunately, I saw the Fox cracks before the crash. Thank God for insight. I knew Chrissy Wallace after the interview with Trump & Putin. I knew John Roberts from his interactions with Shepp. Donna Brazil was a no brainier. Brett and Smith fooled me. Dana should not have as I knew the Bushes were swamp creatures.

    • DBL5555555

      Fortunately I found Newsmax on Election Day, just in time to hear about Fox’s betrayal on Election Night. Since then I’ve also found OAN and Eric Greitens.

    • just 123

      @J Lee Harris …. Like you I had started to see the cracks but then certain obvious things happened, you mentioned them, and I was so grateful I had NewsMax to turn to!! Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld Judge Jeanine, Tucker, Hannity and Laura Ingraham, and of course Mark Levin, are imo the only credible ones at Fox now.

    • just 123

      @DBL5555555 … I was fortunate to have heard about NewsMax towards the beginning of the year. Started noticing some cracks with Fox and by the time we got to Sept-Oct I had pretty much completely switched over to NewsMax with the exception of their nighttime programming, throughout the week and weekend.

    • just 123

      Totally agree with you with the exception of one…..Karl Rove.

  • Mo Was

    She is a true American HERO!


    Joe Biden had more pumpkins at his rallies than people, there’s no way he won the election.

  • BB Z

    Anyone involved in planning, enabling the massive scandal of voter fraud need to be arrested. We can not allow this in our country!

    • Flotsam & Jetsam

      @Jezzy Dezzy you might want to add the rest of the definition of Treason according to the Constitution of the United States. Here I’ll do it for you friend: “or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” I’m thinking even an Average Lawyer can fit what these Treasonous Bastards did into that last part! Especially knowing that this software is tied to Canada & Venezuela so far, which of course are foreign countries! It also has to be sworn in open court by at least two individuals…and so far we have well over 200+!

    • Rob richone

      look as far as Mark zuckerburg he donated 350 million to hiring poll workers to feed machines and commit fraud , and towards the Dominion counting software that senator feinstein and pelosi have 60% stake in the software company they’ll get there’s in the end God doesn’t like ugly

    • Flotsam & Jetsam

      @Rob richone Exactly correct friend. I have read the same thing from several credible sources. I just watched a video of one of the original programmers, 2 years ago in US Congress, testifying that the program was very Fallible to hacking and that all someone needed was a SCREWDRIVER to get into it. So our government KNEW Dominion was not at all secure 2 years ago! I think they were just waiting for the Demokkkrats to try it… CAUGHT EM AGAIN CHEATING AND LYING!

    • Roger Wilco

      😆 “witch hunt”

    • Jane Phillips

      That’s why DOJ is involved in this Fraud. they CAN Charge people. So we will see if they do their job because I heard ‘some’ FBI are NOT.

  • GTOberfest

    Sadly I’m not surprised and this was to be expected…These people will do anything lie cheat and steal to win. Good thing we ain’t handing over the reigns so easily.

  • Keenan Wagner

    This seems to good to be true. Every democrat would have to be removed from office. This is insane

  • Leelee


  • Cosmetics Cameo

    if one person says something you could maybe ignore it
    if one hundred people say the same thing….something is definitely wrong.

  • Nick Kelly

    our Warrior President. IN GOD WE TRUST, IN TRUMP WE TRUST, IN FOX NEWS WE TRUSTED, not anymore.

  • Lord High Xcutioner

    She’s a heroine.

  • new new

    *The VOTER FRAUD is undeniable. On election night watching CNN Live I personally watched 19958 Trump votes move over to Biden in a matter of seconds for Pennsylvania. I have since learned this is Dominion software, the HAMMER program in Operation SCORECARD as I understand which has been used to overthrow elections in other countries and now Satan’s New World Order is using it against our country!*

  • Delina Youngs

    This isn’t a glitch it was set up to steal ! And WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS FRAUD ! More proof of who you are to vote !, election laws have to be set for now on ! We are America ! Clean out those who work for the polls !

  • Bat Man

    These brave whistle blowers need support. Stand with them and take back this country!🇺🇸

  • - Morales

    The FBI is corrupt as hell, they need to be shut down

  • Mr. M4N

    Software is PROGRAMMED.

  • Bat Man

    This is going to completely ROCK the United States forever.

    • Gary Kish

      And the world. The world bank motherfcukers wanted a reset to get off of petro dollars and go digital.

      We President Trump’s counter punch is going to give them, big tech, the ccp and big pharma a crack that will be heard round the world.

    • Shaun Crewe

      This will bring united States together. Have faith in truth and people power. The UK and the world supports you. You will win and expose this fraud.

    • Bad Dude CornPop

      @Shaun Crewe This will bring half of the United States together. The other half are too far gone.

    • Dawn E

      @Bad Dude CornPop No, I think there are those on the extreme left that are too far gone. However, most normal people still on the left don’t know the truth. MSM has them brainwashed.
      I was until I started watching a lot. Then so many things just did not make since.

  • K K

    Stand up for America! 💪🏼🇺🇸 our elections will forever be hijacked if we let this go

  • orange70383

    Once again the FBI does nothing, the level of corruption everywhere is just unbelievable.

  • Appalachian Monitoring Station

    Organized voter fraud should be a death offence.

  • Bill Fisher

    Melissa Carone, the left don’t like their self so don’t worry about them, there’s another 73 million that support you…

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