CrossTalk Bullhorns | Quarantine Edition | Shifting Alliances

Shifting alliances: Washington’s unrelenting policy assault against Russia and China has already altered the world order. What remains to be seen is how Moscow and Beijing will work together to confront a hostile West. Also, will America ever be "normal" again?

CrossTalking with George Szamuely & Marcus Papadopoulos.

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  • oldacclostlol

    I can’t see any information on “The Great Reset”, why is that?

  • Mill Eudic

    Bidens, and oligarcy of Moscow that moved to West. Now slowly loosing there dinars?

  • rubbercable

    Who is this clown?
    He was signalling an ethno-state before the presenter cut him off (to save him from himself).
    The Dominant culture ? This is the bullhorn not the dogwhistle.

    • rubbercable

      @Dark Dan It doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter.
      The Malthusian doctrine is out of favour this century with tech developments.
      _you have antique philosophy/textbooks_
      I mean, the concept of averaging is flawed**. But that too shouldn’t matter.
      **YouTube Vaush for leftist debates/battles
      YouTube Destiny for centrist debates/battles

    • Zarathustra Boppalomynous

      What’s wrong with an ethnostate? Israel has an ethnostate.

    • rubbercable

      @Zarathustra Boppalomynous Germany was an ethno-state too. Ethno-states bad.

    • Dark Dan

      @Zarathustra Boppalomynous Israel is a occupation state…

    • plaubel28

      @Dark Dan Are you counting mud puddles?

  • singlefella2008

    Great show!!

  • Kathleen Walters

    Every civilization has a culture.

  • Dark Dan

    This is the choice, one nation will stand with America and the other nation will totally collapse. Just a quick note it is a mission of mine to see regime change in the RF, not because I dislike Russia but because Papa is a rich fat cat. BTW I held on to this comment for 2 weeks so please keep up with world events…

  • gary procter

    Peter I wouldn’t call Americans all different tribes, More like different Militia & goes around the world creating Militia in all its enemy Country’s in order to overthrow those Country’s.

  • Content Shared

    Russia – nuclear = Ethiopia

    • rubbercable

      A British accent saying ‘nukular’ screams cointelpro.
      China’s close relationship with the US?!
      The US sees china as a political and economic threat. The only thing GOP and Dems agree on.

    • C C

      America – nuclear – Zimbabwe

    • rubbercable

      @C C It’s deeply flawed, but it has tradition of the right to protest.

    • C C

      @rubbercable Are you talking about those peaceful protests where scores are killed and/or injured and cities completely destroyed. The only tradition known there is of total chaos. But what can you expect from a “nation” found on genocide, war, slavery and oppression ..

    • rubbercable

      @C C When you protest against a police state and ‘suburban’-right, many bodies are found on deserted roadsides.
      Just like the 60s.

  • Aarc Vault

    “don’t have an official military alliance” is no doubt what Peter meant to say; not exactly a new development, quite apart fro the fact that Russia is already sharing military tech with China, again, not a new development.
    America has a ‘culture’ alright, a culture of schizophrenia (as opposed to a traditional culture) that’s produced some of the best writers (W.S. Burroughs, D. DeLillo or Norman Mailer) and modern music (Phillip Glass, Iggy Pop, S. Sondheim) the world has ever seen, though Britain’s bands are arguably a bit better than ours.
    -The Fascist dimension, though more politically determined and marks both America and Britain, I think speaks for itself.

  • Christopher Raymond

    …first guest… wrong, I’m in total disagreement… second g…yawwnn…the Globalist Central bank deep State is in…retreat,..think Gisslain Maxwell, Hunter’s laptop, Honey trap blackmailing heads of…state and Chinese infiltration as part of the… agenda…

  • Atlas Network

    I like putin, don’t get me wrong, but the irony of RT pointing out that UK and USA had a two party system wasn’t lost on me.

  • Antony G

    Peter is clueless. All three are clueless. The far-left hatred towards Russia in the West is fundamentally about the rise of sociocultural Marxism that has largely taken over the West. Peter talks about Washington without recognizing that there are two hugely different ideologies now in a cold war. One is incredibly hostile to Christianity and ‘white’ people. The other isn’t.

  • C C

    Its not just China and Russia .. factor is the work done in the Middle East as they secured the Iran-Syria-Iraq line for oil and LnG, with the help of another partner Iran. That with the construction of oil ports on the outer side of the Strait of Hormuz frees the oil from military conflict stoppages (The Saudi’s et al cant be saved from that). The arms embargo ending for Iran will see China and Russia pour trillions in weaponry into Iran (likely Iraq and Syria as well) oil for weapons trade is on the horizon, changing the landscape in the Middle East significantly. Add North Korea to this alliance, a nuclear powered country that shares technology with others for the gain of China, enabling China to look the other way free of blame. What has been created is a situation where the US lost Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the buffer between Asia and Europe (Russia and Turkey) they will soon lose Europe (no European wants a war fought on the continent)- so much for global US hegemony. A country/vassal that has yet to fight in a war from start to finish and/or win one – does not have the appetite to fight a war with a country capable of fighting back. If they want to keep the US busy, there is an easy way.. light a bush fire in South America – and then pour all sorts of gas on it to let it burn out of control – that will distract the US for decades dealing with the flow of millions of war refugees

  • Víðarr Kerr

    I usually like Marcus, but his comments regarding America were very shallow and the same old regurgitated, low effort, garbage that lowbrows typically push. What a shame.

  • Robert Johnson

    Let’s see: the USA doesn’t have a culture, because it’s a diverse society? What nonsense! Marcus’ view is not only ill-informed, but also dangerous because the obvious solution to the problem he has invented would be ethnic cleansing. Please don’t invite this ghastly bigot back on your program.

  • Hugo Cuandon

    Perfectly said in the US there is no culture. I will add The U.S. is not America, thank you, it is PART of The American Continent. Once again Columbus did not land in Ohio.

  • Kaffir Fromgod

    Well I live in Sacramento Ca, and in 2016 no one wanted to admit they were voting for trump I was a true loner. I was getting spit and bullied in public, it was fun, for wearing a Super Trump with T embedded in the superman emblem T-shirt. Now there are so many vocal Trump supporters I dont feel I have to fight for support, because it’s already there, 10 fold more than 2016. Your polls are wrong…….
    Remember doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result =insanity.

  • Thomas Scheck

    We Americans have a culture indeed: It is based on college and professional sports! Thank you for very deep insights shared in this program.

  • The Anti-Establishment Hack

    People who call for change are what you call progressives, the idea that we need change is a liberal one.

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