COVID-19: Biblical Guidelines for Contagions

coronavirus COVID-19 - biblical guidelines for contagions

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Christian Resistance to the State as Savior and Healer

The state is not be considered our source of deliverance in these difficult times we’re living in. That’s an idol that needs to be torn down, as Herbert Schlossberg stated decades ago in his excellent book: Idols for Destruction.

On page 180 in the book he said this:

People who have experienced liberty often require strong motivations to give it up. Those who wish to impose state power on them provide the strongest reason of all for doing so; salvation from disaster, named or unnamed.

In this article we’ll examine what the limitations revealed in the Bible are in relationship to how far the government is allowed to go in dealing with health emergencies, and how Christians are expected to react accordingly.


In Leviticus 13-15, the Scriptures reveal the way we are to deal with contagions that have the potential to have a potentially negative impact on the health of a lot of people.

Essentially, what is stated is people that are sick are to be quarantined from the rest of the people. On the other hand, those that are healthy are to go about their regular business.

With that in mind, the lock downs around the world are illegitimate in that they force healthy people to be quarantined in the same way those with COVID-19 are quarantined. That of course is devastating the global economy in a way that will, to one degree or another, change finance, business and economics in the future. It could also possibly cause far more harm than the coronavirus itself over the long term.

I’ve heard some Biblically ignorant people suggest they’re fine with that in order to save lives. Those people are wrong.

In Idols for Destruction, Schlossberg added this (Pages 180-181):

Those who can be convinced that survival is at stake are likely to agree to almost any remedy, since extinction seems worse than all the alternatives. If placing extraordinary powers in the hands of political leaders will truly stave off the ultimate disaster, then those who demur can be made to appear to be enemies of the human race. That is why arguments based on survival are so effective in persuading people to permit actions that violate their moral code.

This is why we must remain extremely skeptical about the numbers of deaths reported from COVID-19, as the way they are tallied generate much higher numbers than those that actually die from the virus.

One example is how anyone having the virus, and even in some cases where if there are suspected symptoms of the virus, even if it hasn’t been confirmed one way or another, are to be counted as deaths from COVID-19. This obviously makes it appear much worse than it actually is, resulting in people panicking and seeking the government to save them at any cost.

That doesn’t mean the virus isn’t real, because it obviously is. Neither does it mean it isn’t deadly to the elderly or those that have had certain medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes, which makes them more susceptible to dying from the virus.

As I write this article, about 25 percent of all deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19 are the elderly that were living in nursing homes.

What to do then?

First of all, because the world has neglected to live by Biblical standards and revelation, it has no idea how to properly handle a pandemic. That has come about as a result of the majority of Christian leaders that have abandoned the laws in the Bible. Consequently, the nations have no idea concerning the expectations has, along with the parameters and boundaries to operate in, to deal with these types of diseases, which are always circulating about in this fallen world.

Those that suggest people shouldn’t be quarantined in any way are misguided and outright wrong. Of course the sick should be quarantined as the Bible states, and those that are more at risk from contracting the virus should stay away from public places to improve their chances at survival.

Those in physical contact with those at serious risk, i.e. caregivers or extended family, should also take extra precautions to protect those they’re responsible for.

As for the remainder of the population, there should be no restrictions on their movements, as long as they are healthy and without symptoms.

That means we need to have better testing options for people in order to allow them to know whether or not they have contracted the virus. It has been reported that in the early stages of the disease, many people haven’t shown any symptoms. So testing is the only way to know if they are carriers.


The Bible is very clear that those that have contagious diseases are to be quarantined. There is no legitimate Biblical reason for them not to be separated from the general population in order to protect the healthy.

That is also true with the elderly and those with other health issues that could result in their death. That doesn’t necessarily mean we should force them to comply, but they do need to know the risks they face if they contract the virus.

To shut down the economic world and allow the type of power given to politicians at times like this, is what the Scriptures protect us from. We are not to suspend our freedoms, outside of the guidelines given in Leviticus concerning contagious diseases.

People should not be interfered with in their daily lives if they’re healthy.

We as Christians should never give up our freedoms by giving the state extraordinary powers. The state has never meant to have that type of power, and those that look to the state as healer and deliverer have substituted the state for Jesus Christ. That’s an idol that we must destroy.

Christians aren’t to resist the contagious being quarantined, we are to resist the healthy being told to cease all activity and to engage in social distancing.

Having said that, there needs to be measures in place to allow for that to be done in a responsible way. I don’t mean government measures, but measures developed and designed by creative and productive entrepreneurs that provide testing solutions that allow for identifying those that are sick and those that aren’t.


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