Coroner Blasts COVID-19 Death Rates, Calls Data Misleading

A coroner in Colorado is speaking out, claiming states across the country are inflating their numbers of COVID-19 deaths. One America News spoke with that coroner to learn more.

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  • bibi green

    We’ve known thar since march.

    • Spirit Of Light

      Covid Bull Sheit 🌰

    • Kevin Duggan

      Based on Japan’s elderly population being about the same as America they report 900 COVdeaths in nine months America can barely be much more than that. Children Don’t Die From COVIDism ! At ALL

    • missy leatherwood

      Some people are still in denial so we have to keep showing them til they get it. The fearporn is real.

    • violinhunter2

      Yes, my grandpa told me way back when…..

    • Kevin Duggan

      @janet airlines1 The last time Americans let the government run any hospitals it was the mental hospital – American hospitals turned into a horror of brain science experiments and genocide/we don’t want government hospitals!

  • Bobby Twolipps

    Must be a Liberal county using COVID19 for politics

    • Bobby Twolipps

      @Lynn Hauenstein more prone*

    • Tiffiny Harrington

      Months ago the CDC released a study of deaths from Covid – they found only 6% of total were from the virus itself. The other 94% were due to co-morbidities. Unfortunately the backlash was swift and the CDC buried the report.
      Testing accuracy is also an issue – many false positives, questions on why no one is diagnosed with influenza this year, having multiple tests done on same person with each result counting as a new case, etc…
      These concerns started to be raised back in April. This isn’t a partisan issue – it’s happening everywhere. The hospitals have a financial incentive attached to Covid+ patients. Counties also have a financial incentive tied to having high Covid numbers. Politicians have used Covid to condemn Trump. They’ve used Covid to justify issuing lockdown orders that have placed citizens into poverty. The unemployed will then become dependent upon government for their needs. They used the stimulus package as a weapon in the election.
      The corporate media has actively worked to suppress any information that goes against Fauci. They have worked hard to instill fear and compliance.
      This isn’t as partisan as people might want to believe – there are bad people on both sides. This is beyond DC politics or even the U.S.

    • Donald Rawdon

      No, it’s a Liberal State….. Thanks to all the Californians that have moved to Denver and Colorado Springs…… And brought their failed Politics with them….

    • Mimi Zimmer

      It’s in almost every State! The hospital does it because they get $38,000 for COVID deaths rather than $3,000 plus it drives the numbers up but it’s this affect most didn’t realize so here you have insurance companies who are probably behind the scenes pushing the COVID diagnosis. It’s not jus Big Pharm making money on COVID. Except this stimulus bill is taking money away from taxpayers who are in desperate need right now for guess what……………COVID VACCINES PHARMACEUTICALS HOSPITALS DOCTORS THEY ARE GETTING MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF THE $900MILLION & we the people get $600. Because of fear & panic of a virus 99% who catch it survive! It’s about control and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Boot Hat

      Yeah. That’s it. Liberals bad. Trump good. Yes stable genius. Mexico paid for the wall and its built and Hillary is in jail.

  • Mac Welch

    And yet no one outside the honest doctors and nurses, will admit the truth

  • Kyle Sinclair

    Covid is a money grab… LARGEST transfer of wealth in HISTORY

    • Joan Driver

      @Kevin Rodriguez the Colorado coroner states that many life insurance policies pay more for accidental death. If a person dies in a car wreck but tested positive within the last 30 days it’s listed as a COVID-19 death. Therefore the beneficiaries don’t get the full payment. In addition, I’ve been told by a healthcare worker that the health insurance companies reimburse more for Covid-19 diagnoses.

    • Kevin Rodriguez

      @Joan Driver Thats what I thought the intention of the statement was but I wasnt sure. I also posted a link of the Health Director of my state saying very early on that Covid deaths just means they had covid at the time of death but the cause of death could clearly be something else.

    • Donald Scott

      Yep 4 trillion….

    • Kevin Rodriguez

      @Donald Scott and counting. Largest upward transfer of wealth in history of the world. Look at the small businesses shuttered because of government now forced to close forever. Corporations will gobble up mom and pop shops. 150,000 small business have closed forever since April.

    • Truth Serum

      It’s that and much much more, the real truth of it is the Vaxx, that’s the end game.

  • Steven Corey

    Harry Reid: “I lied, so what? It worked…” The left on Covid: “We lied…”

    • Katy O'Neil

      and it was a good for humanity so it’s ok to lie, cheat, and steal because I think it is for the better of the people because they can’t think for themselves.

  • Christian Pethukov

    About time someone speaks out about the illusions the MSM is pushing. Remember the refrigerated trucks parked outside NYC hospitals? That was so phony.

    • Abichail Goldman

      @neckarsulme it was like from the movie, all to instal fear, so much control and manipulation

    • Rick Wensel

      @Christian Pethukov they telling you it fake.

    • MB Guy

      @Christian Pethukov They’ve all been brain washed, it’s group think and peer pressure.

    • neckarsulme

      @Christian Pethukov and now I see they have suddenly discovered the virus has “mutated” and is 70% more “contagious”…as predicted, they have moved the goal post yet again just as a vaccine is produced

    • Christian Pethukov

      @neckarsulme I kind of want to tell them to get f–ked with all their lies…yes I saw that in the UK. A new strain!!! 😱 Just in time for Christmas!!! Puh-leeeeze.

  • Ronald Jones

    It’s strange that NO ONE is dying from heart attacks, gunshot wounds, car accidents, suicide, nothing, these people are lying about the numbers! 🤔🇺🇸

    • Rob Durmas

      The fn cdc said they will not be counting flu deaths this season , wtf ?

    • Capriquarius67

      I know a guy who works for a major hospital. He’s a respiratory therapist. He says that he has almost no Covid patients coming in. I know another woman who works in a different hospital. It’s the Premier research hospital here. She said that they are getting $35,000 per Covid death. I have a neighbor who’s kid died of a motorcycle accident. They labeled the cause of death Covid. I know another person whose neighbor died of chronic heart disease. They labeled that Covid too. I do not believe this is isolated, and the CDC even admitted the numbers are counting comorbidities in the Covid deaths. There is a big difference from dying from Covid versus dying with Covid.

    • dano r

      Covid -19. The virus that cured the world of all other viruses and disease.

    • 2815Juan

      @Nicholas Dimedio – not true. My brother in law is as fit as could be. Eats more vegetables than meat. And found himself in the hospital with a triple by pass surgery. He actually walked into the hospital. Tough dude

    • Shane G

      … and the flu miraculously dissappeared.

  • Brian Larsen

    I want to thank this corner’s office in Colorado for standing up for truth. Really getting sick and tired of all the corruption in this country. This is what happens when we walk away from God.

    • Jenifer Fuhrman


    • Mrs Paula

      IN THE USA &

      LOST JOBS 👎
      LOST HOMES 👎

      THE POOR


    • HLeigh

      @Mrs Paula Amen! 🙏✝️

    • The Little Texan

      God bless this woman for the stating the truth.
      Merry CHRISTMAS

    • Mrs Paula

      @TRUMP 2Q2Q and BEYOND Dixie and Alfred

      Could not find link
      Could you put the link in the comment box
      Thank you

  • Drewtazy

    The biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the world!

  • A M

    The states love to lie with statistics. Gunshot=covid, ridiculous. These numbers are used for people control and to get federal funding. It’s a covid scam.

  • Electric Boogie

    Big time planned planned planned. People with power are nasty.They don’t care what we think until we push back.

  • Gerald Powell

    Talk about corruption at the highest level of government.

    • Eddie Figueroa

      I am tracking NYC Covid deaths for my own information. Here are my numbers.

      Covid deaths by Borough — Last 7 Days
      (data from Worldometers)
      BOR — M — T — W — Th — F — S — Su
      > BKN: 7 — 5 — 8 — 4 — 10 — 10 — 7
      > BRX: 6 — 4 — 4 — 3 — 10 — 1 — 6
      > MAN: 0 — 6 — 2 — 4 — 3 — 4 — 2
      > QNS: 2 — 7 — 5 — 10 — 16 — 5 — 4
      > STA: 4 — 0 — 8 — 6 — 9 — 5 — 6

      > Totals: 19 — 22 — 27 — 27 — 48 — 25 — 25

      — 193 NYC deaths in 7 days (12/14-20)
      — Equals 27.57 deaths per day for all NYC
      — NYC population is approx. 8.3 million
      — 0.0003% of NYC people died from Covid

      Edit: Not 3%, of population — 0.0003% (ten thousandths of a percent)

    • Denise Bilby

      @Eddie Figueroa you are correct. This is not about a virus. This is about greed, big pharma and big tech and dirty politicians and Deep State Global CABAL of World Bank and World Economic forum and Rockefeller AGenda to destroy economies of the world thru fear and propaganda and a bit of targeted bioweaponry thrown in. Fauci and Redfield and Birx and GATES need to be arrested right now and held for military tribunals.
      Go look up HR 6666 in Democrat house introduced by Bobby Rush of Illinois in AUGUST of 2019 after he spent time with gates in Africa.
      Look up Dr. Kerry Mullins the creator of PCR who always criticized Fauci and Redfield for using his PCR fraudulently to identify HIV/AIDS Patients.
      Mullins died August of 2019 from a strange pneumonia but i believe he was murdered. We would not be using a PCR at the UN recommended setting of 40 in all these cities if he was here. Btw Vaccine trials used PCR also to pick candidates and measure success. THEY SHOULD ALL BE PULLED IMMEDIATLY! This is Rockefeller AGenda 21

    • 99.6% Survival Rate

      @Denise Bilby Very good post but it’s also about the election. Now that Trump is getting close to winning, they are doubling down on the scamdemic.

    • jx14aby

      It’s pure quackery. The American medical industry is a criminal enterprise. It continues to perform a painful unnecessary surgical alteration of healthy baby boy’s genitalia for money and aborts thousands of healthy fetuses every year. They love giving shots and think they are smarter than God.

    • jx14aby

      @Dr. Hannibal Lester Don’t forget Bill and Melinda Gates.

  • Nothingness

    covid is the same fràud as biden’s votes.

  • Smooth Move

    Stop paying Hospitals for finding covid patients and watch the numbers drop like a rock.

  • L Eliot

    The numbers have never added up just like bidens mystery votes. Abracadabra.

    • Timeless Me

      Boom exactly

    • Jeremy Winston

      So true. If u remember a couple days before the election Biden kept stressing saying wait until the all the votes have come in until all have been counted blah blah blah etc. For a guy who hardly got out and campaigned it’s crazy how he got so many votes esp votes from mail in/early votes etc. Votes where no one voted in person.

    • TheMaster Zman11

      @Jeremy Winston Yep Basement Joe the ballot vote magician

    • Jeremy Winston

      @TheMaster Zman11 that makes me mad but ya know it was his last chance at his dream job. Biden has ran for president several times years back but it’s been so long ago no one cares. Plus back then there was no mail in voting or computer voting it was all in person so Biden couldn’t cheat. He’s the epitome of the classic politician, lies cheats and tells the american people what they want to hear but never does it. He and his family have gotten rich off the american tax payers. How does his taxable income jump from $276,000 in 2016 to $16 million from ’17-’19 on a government salary?? It doesn’t unless you get kick backs etc from some other source. He’s a professional con-artist. The only thing his administration will get done is raise taxes for the average taxpayer, the majority of american citizens. The average taxpayer isn’t concerned about the ozone as much as his next paycheck. Increase his taxes for saving the planet?? What about saving his world his family??

    • Boot Hat

      Awe. 🙁

  • Joe Blow

    “Inflating the numbers will only hurt communities and small businesses.” This is exactly what the global elites want! They are tired of us little people, and want us to be eliminated

    • DarkWolf7609

      Agreed. But the problem with that is that they forget how and who got them their billions in the first place. This is why we have to stand up and fight. If we don’t there will never be freedom like we have known for generations to come. We have to draw the line in the sand and say NO MORE.

    • Joe Blow

      @DarkWolf7609 they don’t need 7 billion people. They need just enough to keep them wealthy. I mean the Georgia Guidestones might be onto something. Maintain a GLOBAL population of 500,000,000. That’s enough people to keep the rich, rich. The rest of the people are peasants that are looking for a handout.

  • Dixie Patriot

    God bless and protect the Colorado coroner.

  • Sir Aragon of Enid

    This is the perfect example of why we haven’t heard of any death from influenza this year.
    We really need to share this video across every social media platform.

    • Kathlyn Mary (Ari'Zair)

      Good luck with that. First, they’ll block the video, then (if you persist) they’ll _cancel-culture_ your profile! So sad, but true. 🙁

  • Idropagear babye

    The covid scam was an attack on the American people in an ATTEMPT to sway the 2020 presidential election. That’s it pure an simple…it won’t work we see thru the bs

  • J

    The government offices lying? That can’t be possible. Science and the government is our savior right?

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