Clerk And Customer Stuck On Their Knees During California Robbery

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  • Dublin O’Seven

    The only acceptable smoking by armed robbers is from the holes in their center mass.

  • DylanAaron

    The difference between an armed robber and a murderer is a 1/4” of movement out of the trigger finger. Always assume they will kill you.

  • Sparky Newman

    Was waiting for the off duty Brazilian police officer to show up…

  • Legal Eagles

    I don’t think either person in the shop could have stopped him, so in this situation they did the right thing and complied.
    Thankfully he wasn’t a killer…….

    • 1sand0s

      I agree. They had plenty of opportunities but they complied and didn’t get hurt so I would say that is a win.

    • campbell gilliland

      They definitely could have but it worked out for them in the end so cool

    • kevin webster

      I know I wouldn’t have been able to.

    • LateToTheParty7

      True. In a similar vein, they’re lucky he didn’t have an ND when he pointed the gun at both of them. The gun was likely unloaded given that he had his finger inside the trigger guard several times but that’s not something I’d want to bet my life on. It reminds me of the video where two thugs go to rob a woman and one pistol whips her setting off the gun right into the head of his accomplice. Whenever I see a robbery with a gun and compliance I hope there aren’t NDs.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

    In California shooting him would probably send you to jail.

    • Rabbit Polar

      If the “diversity & inclusion” training is strong, your able to utilize the head n sand technique. this maneuver protects your head and mind from unwanted biases, you may be harmed or killed, but the marginalized people of the world, will gain your property and knowledge that your death was a stepping stone for greater things for them and their people.

    • hermesten1000

      Bad as California is, I doubt it in this situation.

    • culcune

      @Ami Gos it has been that way for a while. Once COVID hit, and they started doing no bail release upon arrest for most crimes, it made it even better. Look up the guy who stole a car, was arrested, released, and then another felony, arrested, released, and another stolen car, arrested and released…all the SAME day. Really!

    • Ami Gos

      @culcune whata sad world we’re living in

    • Phillip C Sandoval

      Yup! This is the perfect promo recruiting video for future leftist parasites letting them know

  • nyuu444

    Could’ve definitely got him while he was going for the cigarettes and holding the gun with 3 fingers. The only problem is I wouldn’t trust that lady to help me.

    • Don Coumbs

      @The Great Bergamo Speaking as someone who has been robbed at gunpoint, it is a bad day no matter how it turns out. I complied and didn’t get harmed and all that was taken was store property. I still had a big feeling of having been a victim. I told myself that next time I’ll fight.

    • seven five bulldogs

      @The Great Bergamo yes! Very true as being a cage fighter myself you never know whats going to happen you just train for the best. No guarantee. And like John said its company money you and him both know what he wants not your life unless you wanna make a unknowingly mistake that will cost your life because you aren’t trained or mentally fit for the job

    • A J

      @Sexgneur Fight when life’s in danger?!#? I guess an armed robber holding you at gun point is nothing serious in your world.

    • Jake Fournier

      @G_J_C 95 It is not about saving the gas stations money or property. It is the fact that at anytime this kid can fucking pull the trigger on you.. I’d not leave that up to him to decide, I’d move on him. You save future people’s lives doing that, because his next victim isn’t gonna be that lucky. Criminals don’t get stupider, the get more daring each time.

    • jake davis

      @King Vampire all that does it makes you slower and much easier to shoot also all he has to do is pistol whip her and she’s down and out

  • Average individual with a Smart Phone

    The only lives that truly matter are those who respect the lives of others.

    • Average individual with a Smart Phone

      @Spiritual Being Too bad that’s not common sense for everyone. However the slack-jawed image created by your reaction is Priceless…LOL…Thank You!

    • Average individual with a Smart Phone

      @BigBird Music I do say this a lot and as a result I see Caterslave a lot. Many are very obvious in their roles with life. Cater Slave is a perfect example of that.

    • Keith Henke

      @Average individual with a Smart Phone Do you even comprehend the initial post that you made about what lives matter? Ironically, you live counterintuitive to the false image you’ve created on the internet. Your true attitude toward your fellow man/woman is clearly the opposite of the fictional character you’ve created in your mind that seeks acceptance and upvotes. Learn to love yourself and you’ll be a happier individual and hopefully acquire the ability to share real positivity without the mask on.

    • BlackAces

      @Average individual with a Smart Phone Lmao you are the last one to be talking about observation, so if no one liked your sorry copy and paste comment you would think youre the only one with common sense? Sounds like false validation to me bud and it seems you should see a consultant because that sounds REALLY idiotic. Just say you like grabbing easy likes because it makes you feel special and move on lmfao

    • Caterslave

      @Average individual with a Smart Phone maybe you should take up fishing, hiking or mountain bike riding. Probably would do U a world of good. Especially hiking

  • Maxwell Smartee

    California has strict gun laws that reduces the people who carry legally.

  • GodAtum

    I would never move to a city or state which doesn’t allow carry

    • Tom Marrero-Ortiz

      @GodAtum : I agree with you. A person can only vote every 2 to 4 years, depending on what the Elections are for (Governor, Senators, Representatives and/or President). Besides that, we can’t change the laws that are approved. So, to regain some control of one’s life, moving to a legally carrying State should be considered.

    • Farm Boy

      @Dr. Richard D. Stiff What’s great about carry concealing? You never know who’s actually protecting themselves with freedom? Jujitsu, muay thai, boxing & mace are my backups. And what would you do Dr. when ur’ attacked? Call Police? LOL! Guaranteed, you know no one who’s been assaulted in the past.

  • Kevin Montoya

    So many times to lay him out cold and have the news reporters reporting that the mother said that he was a good kid

    • Ryan

      And he had just turned his life around.

      Also notice the father rarely makes a statement

    • Farm Boy

      He was bringing the cash & smokes to a local brothel for a trade.

    • Rabbit Polar

      If the “diversity & inclusion” training is strong, your able to utilize the head n sand technique. this maneuver protects your head and mind from unwanted biases, you may be harmed or killed, but the marginalized people of the world, will gain your property and knowledge that your death was a stepping stone for greater things for them and their people.

  • Jeff McElroy

    Too bad that store didn’t sell belts…

  • Keinlieb

    Keyword here is California. They allow you to steal up to $900 worth of stuff before they even think of pressing charges.

    • hermesten1000

      @vahig Melk Huh? So when someone threatens you with a gun you think he should have to actually kill you before you defend yourself? Too bad it’s more than a little late at that point.

    • Keinlieb

      @hermesten1000 Like, OMG! I’m so glad you pointed that out! I like so would have never known if you didn’t understand that I was making a joke and your statement is completely irrelevant because everyone knows there’s a difference between theft and armed robbery. Move along.

    • hermesten1000

      @Keinlieb LOL, you’re quite welcome. You did sound a little dimwitted.

    • Shawn W

      @vahig Melk Found the European (or something) who’s never fired a gun before and thinks his police and government will save him from harm.

    • vahig Melk

      @Shawn W I actually own a couple guns my favorite one to shoot is my M1 grand

  • 1984 -Oclock

    no way, someone using a gun illegally where gun control is super tight? how could this happen!?

    • LateToTheParty7

      @Rob Fellows Almost? I agree with you. Cultural changes have to be undertaken.

    • Rob Fellows

      @LateToTheParty7 yep, I’m originally from UK and remember the handgun ban well. It definitely changed the severity of crime over time but something like this in the US just wouldn’t work because of the different laws in every state.
      Now in Australia where guns are easier than UK to come by but there is very little gun crime. Its nice not having to have my head on a swivel as is required in many other places.

    • LateToTheParty7

      @Rob Fellows I’m glad you feel safe now. It is interesting how the culture varies between the UK, Australia, and the USA. I’ve fervently believed that the problem in the USA, is a cultural one with no easy fixes. Stay safe!

    • chrisbayridge1

      Only in LA and SF where there are gun statutes that limit the publics right to carry, ironically passed by Republicans during Governor Reagans administration, so that African Americans wouldn’t be able to carry guns 🤔

    • Mr Sir

      I reckon they need to pass even stricter laws. THEN maybe the bad guys will listen. :

  • Steve W

    No worries, with the robber’s lack of attention to his world, he won’t live long in this lifestyle

  • Alex Erre

    As a child I always dreamed of living in California….. As an adult I’m glad it never happened 😊

    • Greg A

      It’s still a beautiful place. We just need a conservative governor to run CA. As long as Californians keep electing liberals into office, this place will continue to go down hill. Liberalism is truly a disease. Raise you children right

    • Farm Boy

      I grew with Liberal Democrats. Today’s Democrat’s support Leftist agendas.

    • JP

      I’ve said this very same thing so many times. Both sides of my extended family lived in CA but I was born and raised in GA. Visiting southern Cali in the 80’s was like heaven on earth, and I dreamed of living there. It’s infuriating to see what it has become.

  • T Vo

    Surprise he didn’t ask the clerk to hold his gun, while he rummaged through the store

  • J G

    Ah California where only the criminals are allowed to carry guns, disgusting I’m tired of this state 🙄

    • MultiSkyman1

      @Sam l Turlock is in rural Stanislaus Co. You probably could get a CCW there.

    • Shawn W

      @Sam l You literally have no idea what you’re talking about with those percentages you’re throwing around. It may be easy to get a CCW permit in rural area in the middle of the sticks like Yuba county, but try to get one in LA county, SF, Alameda, or any other county with a decent amount of people in it and sheriffs who deny nearly every single CCW permit application. It’s impossible. I know. I’ve tried. So, please. Kindly STFU about things you think you know about, but actually know very little.

    • Sam l

      @Shawn W Well done, you’ve just listed 3 of 4 counties in California where concealed carry is illegal. That was never in dispute, genius. The remaining 54 counties you can obtain a concealed carry permit in. I was just rebuking the lie that OP was propagating.

    • Shawn W

      @Sam l Well done to you as well – you’ve contradicted yourself with another falsehood. It is, in fact, NOT illegal to carry conceal in the counties I listed. Why the hell would I apply for a CCW it it was illegal in those counties in the first place? Did I ever say that it was illegal to carry in CA? Congrats on putting words into my mouth. It’s clear that reading comprehension is not one of your strong suits, and neither is knowing the carry laws of CA. It IS nearly impossible to get a CCW in certain counties unless you pay money into the sheriff’s coffers, or know someone to pull strings for you. The Santa Clara county sheriff is under scrutiny for being caught doing this. Again, do the f’ing research and see for yourself before spouting falsehoods. You need to get a clue, dude. Google is your friend. Have a nice day.

    • Sam l

      @Shawn W LMAO nor wonder you were rejected in those counties, since they don’t issue a CCW licence to regular citizens in LA, Almeda, or SF. Try applying in a county where it’s not illegal next time.

  • Steven Bingham

    Okay, am I the only one who thought, “I would have been tempted to pull those pants down around his knees ’cause they’re halfway there anyway”?

  • Brandon Abbott

    He stole all the swishers. Come on. Don’t be a walking stereotype 😂

  • Ксения Ковалевская

    The sad thing is that here in LA, it’s almost always people like that robbing, but the media doesn’t want to report it because it might make them look bad.

    • Rabbit Polar

      If the “diversity & inclusion” training is strong, your able to utilize the head n sand technique. this maneuver protects your head and mind from unwanted biases, you may be harmed or killed, but the marginalized people of the world, will gain your property and knowledge that your death was a stepping stone for greater things for them and their people.

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