Christina Bobb: Trump Will Get His Second Term

Christina Bobb discusses the massive amount of fraud revealed in the 2020 election.



  • Crissy G

    Trump and Giuliani are the only ones who Kept their Promises!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mech Mod Mike

    Texas Stands Up For America To Stop RIGGED ELECTIONS. I am so PROUD to be a TEXAN

    • dale wright

      @Truth Hurts You need more updated info. The supreme court must here the case with multiple states suing the 4 mentioned States. Kick it back to lower court but not throwing it out

    • miss kj 777

      God bless the true patriots of Texas. Your citizenry should feel a tremendous sense of pride for standing up for truth, honor and justice. If this fails, our country and republic will cease to exist…it will happen very quickly. GOD please have mercy upon our country and those who are called by your name…expose the darkness and evil for what it is and its minions.

    • David Schuerholz

      Don’t mess with Texas!
      Thank you from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    • Truth Hurts

      @dale wright they just did hear the big case we brought with everything we had in it
      It’s so over bro no chance in hell now no chance Plus all of the states that we are talking about have already certified multiple times as a matter of fact and those 3 Supreme Court justices in Pennsylvania one appointed by Trump himself said none of the cases had any merit it’s over bro it’s fucking over

    • Charlie McKeithan

      North Carolina here: Texas you are awesome! thank you for fighting for the truth:)

  • Lilijueue

    They have betrayed American people, they have betrayed democracy.

    • John Roberts

      @Joe Biden is Your President! Get Over It!!! boy are you stupid, your house of cards is collapsing and you dummies can’t see it because you thought that everyone was going to just go along with the election theft. Guess what? Your side has been caught red handed. Get over it

    • Lord bread

      @Joe Graves we’re a democracy and a republic

    • Michael lees

      @Michae Dove and folks like you swallow up the deception of cnn,abc and all msm because it suits your narrative.
      You care nothing about democracy, Trump is no messiah but you turn the other way where bidens concerned so stop with the concerned citizen bs.

    • Neil Ewan

      @Joe Biden is Your President! Get Over It!!! how lonely do you have to be to come on here and create a false name mr keyboard warrior? Lets hope your mom doesnt find out.

    • Junopapa

      @Truth Hurts No they haven’t. Stay tuned in.

  • Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films

    Pushing Away Republican Poll watchers in Swing States is all the evidence needed for voting fraud. Let’s get real here!! Pray4Trump Win 🙏✝️🇺🇲👍

    • Truth Hurts

      It’s over the supreme court just threw our case out said it was a joke we don’t stand a chance in hell it’s over Biden wins

    • jw11432

      @1X4X9 You’re confused. SCOTUS has only denied the PA case, but only because of the recent Texas et al case brought against the 4 states for voter fraud, which includes PA, so it supersedes that case. Another demokkkrat trying to spread fake news, what a surprise.

    • Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films

      It’s being appealed in the Supreme Court in the next few days. Chill. Trump win 🙏🇺🇸

    • Truth Hurts

      @Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films no it’s over

    • Brian Stramel

      @Truth Hurts Wow, hope I never end up in a foxhole next to you. “It’s over man!” ‘Cept that pesky little Texas lawsuit (joined by 7 other states) going directly to the SC.

  • ex2cmyway

    The establishment, deep state, and corporations do not care about the law and citizens of this nation. God help us!

  • G C

    Democrats are so saint that they can’t even see fraud. 😂

  • Robert McPhail

    I wish I could be this confident. At this point, there isn’t much trust in anyone in any branch of our govt.

    • Isay Rob

      He can stay with the military help thats called a even bigger coup against the bad coup from obushally (obama bush hillary)

  • Michael Poulin

    I hope the SCOTUS will actually hear this, without the bias we have all come to expect. If not i have feeling things are going to go downhill, really hard

    • Sandra Smith

      Several more states have joined the lawsuit and SCOTUS has it on the docket!!!!!

    • jw11432

      The SCOTUS had to first agree to hear the case (by a vote of 6 v 3, I might add). I think we all know how this is going to go. They wouldn’t have accepted it, particularly by such a large margin, unless they planned on giving it a serious critique. The other states joining Texas just gives further impact, letting SCOTUS know that this is what the people want, at the very least a significant portion that merits their intervention. I think this will result in SCOTUS declaring HOR must vote for President, which means Trump gets it with 27 R states vs 22 D states.

    • Tom

      Unfortunately they will reject it. I hope I’m wrong but it seems like they don’t want to get involved.

    • Aquarian Dawn

      @Sandra Smith I’m trying to find how many and which states have joined the Texas suit. Do you know which channel, please?

  • Connie

    God bless you Christina. You are a God’s sending. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Lonnie Christopher

    …….It’s called “being paid- off”…….The Supreme Court is getting ready to throw- out Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia…….So the RINO governors lose, Trump wins…..

  • Oregon Patriot

    *Trump has MANY ways to be victorious.*
    _Biden has one. “The media said so.”_

  • Saltine Kracker

    Trump is lucky to have Christina on his side. She’s got an amazing resume

  • M M

    The CCP has a bribery file on Kemp. Same for Duecy… Pics or money, it does not matter. They laid down with dogs and now we all see the fleas!

  • Butterfly 99

    There are rotton apples on both sides. They are trying every thing possible to hinder the “swamp drain”.

  • UnderseaCaveman

    The RINOs actively opposing proper election are: Wanting business relations with China (willing to sell-out USA for a buck) or a tainted Epstein matters.

  • Gregory

    These treasonous “people” are basically much like rabid dogs……….well!?!?

  • S. E

    These traitors have been linked to the CCP.

  • precognative maiden


  • Traci Price

    Reopen Alcatraz with a bright, shiny new sign: “WELCOME DEMOCRATS!”

  • Troll Hunter

    The governor and secretary of state of GA have been bought off. They need to be investigated.

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