Christina Bobb explains the evidence of voter fraud mounting daily and the media’s refusal to acknowledge it.



  • Doug Moore

    youtube doesn’t like this

    • Frank Cote

      YouTube is part of the problem as are just about every other media outlets and the DNC crooked machine.

    • hunk5525

      @tribal wildLing
      After that, they’ll remove your notification.

    • Lord bread

      No one does

    • Vape Morgan

      @Ebony Hayes hope your correct but have my doubts, I never would’ve believed that all these people would be masked up and taking it their butts from the governors without an uprising fight. At least here in Ky it seems most big and burley corn fed men wouldn’t dare pump their own gas without a facial diaper on , let alone fight the tyranny thats at the doorstep. The reason they steal and do corrupt things in wide open now is the true to the word folks that’ll fight now for justice just is not as many as one would hope. Just look around and be honest with yourselves,, how many people do you know would be willing to intercede in a situation on your behalf if law enforcement was openly corrupting your civil liberties? Even most of us don’t have a good enough of a friend that would be willing to go the distance with ya,,, it be like, man I got kids and wife to take care of etc,,, well so does the one getting infringed upon. Get my drift? Again I do hope im so wrong but most people in general don’t and won’t cause a ripple of a wave until corruption is personaly effecting them or their money.

    • edgardo lopez

      Youtube, and FB can eat dog chips on the grass!

  • Dana.k.a.bradpitt

    People partaking in voter Fraud disgrace the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have fought in WW1 WW2 battles sacrificing their lives for our freedom .

    • Cheerful Satanist

      @Mr. POPO the same way that not standing for the flag at the beginning of athletic tournaments?( seriously why, that’s so fucking weird, we’re gonna play baseball, we should probably let everyone know were loyal to the country first tho….that’s logical somehow….),

    • Ron Rathbone

      @Cheerful Satanist you’re okay with a fraudulent election? You don’t find it suspicious that Trump was leading in PA by 700k votes they in unprecedented fashion, stopped the count and at 4 am hundreds of thousands of votes just appeared all for Biden? If Biden wins fairly, so be it. But that’s not what is happening. This guy could barely fill a parking lot in rallies, but then Is declared to have more votes than any president in history? Kicking poll watchers out even after court ordered? Covering windows so nobody can see the count? Whistle blowers going on record of fraud in the mail system, they are altering the post mark dates so they are counted.. project Veritas has been uncovering major voter fraud for months now…this is an attack on WE THE PEOPLE dude. You really think these very dishonest people are “good” people? They have awful plans for us, whether your left or right, this is very bad and will start a civil war.

    • Lori Eakin

      @Great White North has to be sent to people that can actually do something with the information. Not just put it on Facebook or instagram or YouTubes. It has to go to the authorities first.

    • Lori Eakin

      @Cheerful Satanist That’s not how things work and you know it.

    • Our Family

      @Lori Eakin
      FBI, Homeland security, AND the ACLJ

  • Rest Galaxy

    Cnn is working for china.

  • David Adrian

    President Donald Trump WINS on November 3rd not Sleepy Joe Biden

  • David Adrian

    We The People Stand with President Trump 100% ✊🇺🇸

    • Lil chaos X

      No the republicans stand with Trump not the people he only cares about his supporters, he hate democrats and blm which are the people so he’s only for HIS people

    • Brooks Was Here

      @simon temple joined 1 week ago you must be working for the ccp troll factory

    • LetzEat

      Honey, it’s over

    • Chasing Dreams

      Take a look at that map u will see that 90% every county in every state is red. U know what that mean folks?It means we the people, patriots, r the majority and we carrying guns, track our pray and we know how to make a clean kill from a 100 yards away. We know this land like the back of our hands. U cities r few, don’t have guns and don’t have our skill sets and it will be a blood bath if u attempt to over throw our country. Just want to put that out there for u people that r running your mouths. This is a freeland and we aim to keep it that way!

    • Lil chaos X

      @Chasing Dreams
      Ok so your gonna go and kill people? this is a free country not a purge, you can protest but can’t overthrow the government just because you don’t like the party and government thats in control. Lmao now is not the time for a revolution calm down.

  • Joe DeLorenzo

    Explains why they didn’t care about campaigning, they knew the fix was in.

    • Dumpty Trumpty

      Donate to the trump campaign so they can handle the legal battle against the demoRats


      No one is actually excited about their party!

    • Frank Machado

      @North Dakota Ham you never stop an enemy from destroying themselves, they are toast! this hoax was known for some time just as the fake impeachment, they are called roadblocks, soon they are going to start taking their own lives rather than go to prison or face firing squad or even hanging….punishment for treason, gitmo is going to be filled with traitors and kiddie porn producers as well as the evil mfers that killed children for adrenochrome, say good bye to just about all of hollwood pedo actors, the world will soon be free!

    • Steph J

      Poisoned news
      Fake representation
      Minimize the family
      Tainted history
      Unrelenting slander of opponents
      Restraint on available information
      Restraint on basic freedoms
      Racial animus
      Outright theft
      Outright murder

      One more…Election theft

    • M.Q. TRAN

      C’mon man, You right

  • Jade Michaels

    I can’t believe what the msm is pulling on the American people!! After this is over and we rightfully re-elect our President they need to be all fired and charged with treason.

    • American by choice

      @Big Bear Merriott waiting for orders, lock and load!
      The Constitution gives us the right to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic!
      Treason and sedition, mainstream media needs to be shut down, Jackass Dorsey Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all guilty!
      Then there’s the politicians, Obummer, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Maxwell, Nadler etc… all guilty of Treason and sedition!
      Then there’s the deep state, Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc…
      We haven’t forgotten Benghazi, seal team 6, Uranium one, and so much more!
      Hollywood will also be made to answer for its crimes as well..
      Q is right, they won’t be safe to walk on the streets when this is over!
      Never give up, that’s what they want, the storm is upon us 🇺🇸!

    • Tuffy Duke


    • Coffinspired

      @Buckshot Roberts We’ve been doing this since the Civil War…

    • Jade Michaels

      @icy dawn IKR?!! Lmao!!

    • Coffinspired

      @God is Watching Yeah, you’re a completely normal and not-at-all unhinged person.

  • Simon Sez

    If these States stopped counting late night, how did Biden get all those votes by morning??….Oops again! Trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Jessi Steven

      That’s exactly what i had in mind even before i came accross this comment…

    • Simon Sez

      @halas yuppers 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • frederick hildebrandt

      Common sense people are wondering the same thing

    • Nik K

      @Dillon O’Dell Sure the CDC might have articles like that but the dope that conned you thought they could put the light inside the body or inject disinfectant to take care of the virus. Don’t worry though. The fact that this absolute dope conned you means you’re a bit more stupid than him. Hillarious the lengths that you’re willing to go to defend your Dear Leader. Now say it with me.. “President Biden”. Because we’ve had enough of basement dwelling dopes like you and orange conmen.

    • Coffinspired

      @Lori Eakin Socialist here – cry harder.

  • John DeLellis

    The China flu, mail in ballots and extreme USPS fraud is becoming crystal clear by the denial and ignorance of Dems and MSM of a mountain of evidence against Biden and Dem voter fraud..

    • Guided Meditation

      Yes. BLM Terrorists working inside the US POSTAL service in charge of handling a free and fair election? I have been blowing the whistle and warning about these BLM thugs in the Postal service for months now. We now have whistleblowers confirm they have been bringing unused ballots from mail boxes back in to be Post-Dated for the day of the election so they could submit them to be counted. No wonder they all were for Biden. We need criminal charges against them all. Mandatory sentencing and fines for them all.

      Imagine having DNC-BLM in charge of handling America’s voting ballots. What could go wrong? Pelosi wanted mail in balloting like a dog in heat. Now we know why.

    • Anthony Italiano

      lol dude…Trump is the one that appointed a new USPS postmaster that attempted to dismantle USPS before the election to slow down ballots. USPS is controlled by trump, not the dems. Everything Trumptards accuse the dems of they’re actually doing themselves.

    • C Tanner

      @Anthony Italiano Wow. You really think that? Even after Trump was accused of colluding with Russia, then come to find out it was Biden and his son? There is mounds of evidence that the Democrats are infringing on our rights. You really going to support that?

    • John Atkins

      @Anthony Italiano your INSANE Anthony mantra chanting MINDLESS soulless hack

  • Jeanette Cramer

    Your video is being removed from YouTube. They don’t want people to hear the truth

  • Lady Greyzilla

    I’m standing back and standing by, Mr. President.

  • Robert Haddon

    Thank you. God bless the USA and the President of the USA.

    • Guided Meditation

      The American people chose Trump as their president on election day. The Fake News Media and Globalist Billionaires still chose BIden.

  • Tony Aquino

    Nanotechnology tracking ballots. Genius President Trump the democrat swamp took the bait. Arrest them all. Creepy Joe you just got sniffed out. Haha

  • Feldwebel Wolfenstool

    The entire World should be shocked by this.

    • Mel 11

      JJ Murphy , well Iran was funded for 150 billion dollars by America thanks to the Obama and Biden administration!! Biden’s family benefits a deal for apartment developments in Iran of 1.5 billion dollars, and the 150 billion dollars that Iran got from America was funding Isis and terrorisim, you the tax payer of America funded that. Biden and Obama sold out the people of America. They should be investigated by the world union for war crimes! Biden is comprised by Iran and China.

    • Hristo Ninov

      The whole world is laughing at OAN 🙂

    • Mel 11

      Trump took that funding away and that’s why there’s Peace in the Middle East. And that is Documented Fact!

    • commentator abt

      Iam from India, supports President Trump, Trump supporting Indians are shocked. Keep the Good fight.

    • Chuck Norris

      Actually the while world is shocked by the distorted and ignorant views of organizations like OAN and mindless followers of Trump.

  • M Whitelaw

    Voter ID needs to be law

  • jeff vw

    I’d cancel out the election and do a do over with only vote in person. This election is hopelessly corrupted.

  • Kenneth McBeth

    There is no evidence that CNN is a news organization.

    • papajohn fitbyfaith

      Great point

    • Guided Meditation

      The licenses for all of these Fake News Media organizations should automatically expire at the end of every year. And if they do not live up to a code of ethics they should have their licenses revoked for the coming year. They can reapply 12 months later.

    • Thomas Marks

      I second that!

    • Joe Sua

      Donald Trump will always be my president. Many more American Republicans are buying more guns than ever before, We will not go quietly into the night. We fight for our president Donald Trump, we will fight for our constitution, we will fight for our freedom and we will fight for our families.
      The bad news is we have no power in ourselves to change our rebellious hearts. The good news is God is pleased to change rebellious hearts by the invincible power of his spirit. Evil will not destroy goodness, and I stand with my President ready to fight.
      In life or death God is please with me and my family.

    • Travis Neas

      That is very true

  • Willie McGraw

    The media should be held accountable for being an accessory at least.

  • BlueSpacePictures

    It’s mathematically impossible.

    • Steph J

      Poisoned news
      Fake representation
      Minimize the family
      Tainted history
      Fake statistics and data
      Unrelenting slander of opponents
      Restraint on available information
      Restraint on basic freedoms
      Racial animus
      Outright theft
      Outright murder

      One more…Election theft

  • Just Some Medic

    -U.S. Combat Veterans for TRUMP🇺🇸

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