CCCU Selling its Soul and Christian Students to the Devil

Standing of Truth - CCCU has abandoned it

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) has decided to abandon a Christian curriculum. The Council asserts it represents approximately 150 institutions located in North America; too bad for the students.

So what bizarre actions CCCU taking? It has “partnered” with non-Christians in order to develop the curriculum of colleges it represents. Hopefully these colleges with drop out of whatever connection they have to the CCCU and protect the Christian students from the leftist, multicultural, non-Christian lessons about to be foisted upon them.

Nothing can be more anti-Christian and non-Biblical than the idea of those that aren’t Christians setting the teaching agenda for Christian students.

This isn’t anything new if those reading this were really aware of what has been taught at seminaries and many Christian colleges for a long time. The difference this time is it’s not being hidden.

Worse, the person representing Interfaith Youth Core, the organization CCCU has worked with to design the curriculum, was founded by Eboo Patel, “a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.” Patel is a Muslim. This is nothing more than the typical leftist community organizer garbage.

More than once The College Fix asked why the CCCU chose an organization that specifically identifies itself as an interfaith group, it refused to answer, but referred them to what it posted on its grants page.

The statement includes this:

Not only does engaging religious diversity deepen one’s own faith, but in an increasingly diverse world, it’s important that future Christian leaders increase their cultural competence and understand what is important to those around them in order to more effectively love and minister to others.

‘Cultural competence’ is just a buzz phrase for multiculturalism.

Included in the curriculum is the requirement that students must be involved in a minimum of four activities that lead to a “bridge-building project,” including to “champion racial justice.”

To champion racial justice is another way of saying positioning oneself as opposing mythical white privilege, and being anti-white in your outlook. Read the words carefully when you take a look at these statements. It’s nothing less than the usual social justice platform expressed in language that appears to be Biblical. It’s not Biblical in any way!

Among those offering financial support is the The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, “which promote ‘interfaith leadership.’”


There is no way to describe this than a complete betrayal of Jesus Christ, the colleges, and the students that will, under the guise of Christian teaching, be further indoctrinated and brainwashed into the world view of the left, which continual attempts to eliminate the uniqueness that is the Christian faith.

My hope and prayer is that the followers of Jesus Christ will rise up against this evil, exposing, and finding out if their children will be participating in any of the curriculum. If so, they need to pull their children out of the colleges accepting this farce, and instead pay for an education that isn’t ashamed of standing up for the Christian faith, and the fact it’s the faith that believes in the only true God.

This is the madness of the idol of political correctness and tolerance, which is completed rejected by the God of the Bible.


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