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New Creation Civilization is God’s Purpose from Before Time

The new creation isn’t an after thought by God, it was and is His plan from before creation was initiated. This is why even with the greatness of Christ to bring us back into right judicial standing before God the Father by dying in our place, it’s only the doorway into a much fuller and comprehensive salvation that touches all areas of our lives – in this age. Included in the many scriptures talking about this are Isaiah 65:17-25; 2 Cor. 5:16-17; Rev. 21:1-5; Isaiah 66:22; and […]

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Prepping Mindset that Takes You from Surviving to Thriving

One thing I’ve never liked much in the survival, prepper world, is the idea society will collapse and afterwards it’s only a matter of surviving and trying to work out some type of substandard existence. Under some scenarios, it makes some wonder if it’s better to not survive than live under those dismal conditions. I don’t blame many who think that way, as the basic premise of survivalism is to cope with extremely harsh conditions that could bring death from a variety of sources, including human predators, […]

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91 Things We can do to Defend and Expand Christian Civilization

    When writing these ideas down on things we can do to promote and spread Christian civilization around the world, I was thinking of two things. One was we have to have a defensive and offensive strategy in place in order to maintain and model Christ in our families. The other was to provide ideas on ways most of us could engage people with interactive communication and projects that put the message in front of many of them. The purpose of the list is to generate […]

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Beyond prepping and survival … to building

Much of what is talked about concerning prepping and survival is in ensuring we live through a catastrophic event. While that’s important if something like that ever happens, what isn’t thought about as much is what we’ll need to do once the period of shock has worn off and people are alive, but not really living. That is the time most would start to think of building again, or rebuilding. While that would be the case with a major event, the truth is, at this time we’re […]

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New Creation Civilization – God’s Eternal Plan

The world was created by God with purpose. It’s important to note that before creation there was only God. That means whatever He made could only be based upon who He was, as there was nothing but Him. It’s hard to fathom that before creation only God existed. Everything that was, was God. The very fact of creation meant something else besides the eternal God, who had no beginning and will have no end, now exists outside of Him. It’s based upon who He is, but it’s […]

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