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Gold Surprises Market to the Upside – Silver Strengthens

Gold once again pushed past the $1,300 per ounce mark, surprising the majority of the market. Silver followed in its footsteps, closing in on the $17.50 level. Mixed signals from the Federal Reserve, with a move to being more dovish on the prospects of raising interest rates one more time in 2017, is part of the impetus behind precious metals strengthening. Grab this 2017 1 oz Gold American Eagle 1 OZ Brilliant Uncirculated coin before prices skyrocket.

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Autonomous Army drones and robots: gee, what could go wrong?

In a scenario that has the potential to become a nightmare, the Army Research Lab has decided to fund new programs that will focus on developing drones and robots that will be close to being fully autonomous. The purpose is to be able to “withstand adversary electronic warfare operations.” Battling low-tech foes over the recent decades hasn’t driven the need to develop this type of technology. Starting to focus more on Russia and China, which are far more sophisticated technologically than Middle Eastern and North African foes, […]

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91 Things We can do to Defend and Expand Christian Civilization

    When writing these ideas down on things we can do to promote and spread Christian civilization around the world, I was thinking of two things. One was we have to have a defensive and offensive strategy in place in order to maintain and model Christ in our families. The other was to provide ideas on ways most of us could engage people with interactive communication and projects that put the message in front of many of them. The purpose of the list is to generate […]

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