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Chinese ‘Scientists’ Creating Franken-Monkeys: Inserting Human Brain Genes Into Monkeys

The Beijing National Science Review published a study describing the work of Chinese researchers in relationship to rhesus monkeys, where they injected genes from human brains into the brains of the monkeys. Gee, what could go wrong? So what were the initial results of the procedure? First, of the 11 monkeys tested, only five of them survived. As for testing their mental abilities after being injected with human brain genes, it was found they did perform better on short-term memory tests, but their brains took longer to […]

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Global Culture Of Death Expanding: China Harvesting Organs From The Unwilling

Stop doing it with unborn babies as well The value of human life continues to erode, with the latest victims coming from the organ harvesting business in China (Amazon link to good book on the subject), where it appears the country is taking organs from prisoners of conscience and selling them to those in need of various types of organ transplants. Reports are that even “underground” Christians, along with members of Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhists, and possibly Uighur Muslims are representative groups being harvested for their organs. […]

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