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Leftist Media Pleased By ‘The Purge,’ Love The Sounds Of Social Media Silence– Wacky MOLE

PBS officials want 're-education camps.' CNN calls to wipe out any source of 'disinformation'…as soon as they settle their defamation lawsuits. Thankfully the media knows what's best for you and is here to tell you what sources of information need to be eliminated and what voices silenced – for your own safety. __________________________ About: MRCTV is an online media platform designed to broadcast conservative values, culture, politics, liberal media bias, and entertainment to a new and diverse audience on a social media optimized site. Our goal […]

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Couple Living on a Sailboat & Running a Small Business While Off the Grid + Catamaran Tour

Alejo and Andrea started exploring alternative lifestyles when they quit their jobs in Miami and started travelling in a travel trailer, but after falling in love with kite boarding, they realized that life on the water would be a better fit, and they moved onto a catamaran sailboat so they could chase the wind every day! For work, they own a pet supply company called Mokai, which they are able to operate remotely, and they also have a YouTube channel where they share videos about their daily […]

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Gold Price Getting Crushed, Here’s Why And Where It’s Headed Next – Gareth Soloway

Investors are dumping lower yielding assets like gold to buy higher volatility securities like Tesla shares and bitcoin, said Gareth Soloway, chief market strategist at In The Money Stocks, but Soloway is not selling his gold yet. Soloway’s comments come as Friday’s nonfarm payroll report showed a loss of 140,000 jobs in December, the most since the start of the pandemic. 0:00 – Why gold is getting “pounded” today 2:27 – Inflation expectations down 3:31 – Money pulled out of gold 6:30 – 140,000 jobs lost in […]

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Google Workers Unionize: The Beginning Of The End For The Tech Giant?

A-new-union-at-Google-is-just-the-start-of huge potential problems for the tech giant

source: dnyuz A small number of Google (GOOG) workers have formed a union, and it could spell the beginning of the end for the tech behemoth. The leaders of the union, Parul Koul and Chewy Shaw, said the union will focus on the company prioritizing the public good, returning to its foundational motto of “Don’t be evil.” In the minds of SJWs, not being evil is the same as saying adhere to their leftist agenda. Among some of the issues the tiny number of workers that have […]

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Co-Diagnostics: Two Things That Must Happen For Continual Growth

Co-Diagnostics - a look at its short and long term potential

Co-Diagnostics (CODX) is coming off a powerful year, enjoying huge growth growth in its share price for 2020. The company’s main product at this time is the diagnostic technology it developed, which is primarily used to test for COVID-19. In early August 2020 it hit its 52-week high of $30.99, and from there plummeted to a little over $8.00 per share in a month. For the rest of the year, for the most part it traded in a range of $10.00 per share to $15.00 per share, […]

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Beautiful Tiny House with Floating Staircase & Charming Interior Design – Full Tour

For your chance to win your own tiny home and support a great cause, enter at In this video we’re checking out a 27 foot long tiny house on wheels with a unique floating staircase and a beautiful interior design that incorporates lots of local art and thrifted pieces. The tiny house is parked in a stunning setting on one of the oldest peach farms in the Niagara region of Canada, and it’s set up as a place where people can come to reconnect with nature. […]

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Major Correction Looms for Stocks While Gold Price Will Easily Rise 20% | Frank Holmes

The winter 'Melt-Up' in stocks has many investors thinking we are in a for a great 2021, however, there are a few significant reasons we may not continue to see stock market euphoria in 2021, this according to the latest research report from Goldman Sachs. Daniela Cambone speaks with Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors about the findings. “The G20’s quick solution is to print money and that’s why I feel gold and bitcoin will do well. The other question is, will the Biden administration raise […]

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2 Years Living in a Renovated RV Converted to TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS

To escape big bills and loads of stress, Chris and Christi downsized from a home in North Hollywood to a 26-foot RV and they've been living in it full-time for 2 years with no plans to stop anytime soon. Full-time RV life gives them the freedom to work on creative projects like music, writing and acting because they don't have to earn as much as they used to. And being on wheels means they can still be near friends and work opportunities in LA without having to […]

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Stock Market Is Massively Overvalued With Mother Of All Bubbles Waiting To Collapse | David Stockman

As part of our Outlook Series 2021, David Stockman of Contra Corner warns Daniela Cambone that the new year will not be any better than 2020. Pointing to an overvalued market and government that has been led astray, he predicts 2021 will be “the year after the joy ride with a massive accident waiting to happen.” Stockman asserts that America is treading uncharted waters, and “the longer it takes to correct, the more disastrous the crash.” Get the same kind of tools used by the world’s elite […]

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Kevin O’Leary’s Top 2021 Investments And Why He Is Bullish Gold (Pt. 1/2)

Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares ETFs and star of Shark Tank, said that the digitization of America is here to stay, even if the economy opens up again. O’Leary has sold off his commercial real estate holdings to redeploy capital into the technology, healthcare, and consumer service sectors. On gold, O’Leary sees the metal as a hedge against inflation, and contrary to what some analysts think, it will not be replaced by bitcoin anytime soon. 0:00 – Outlook on economy 2:30 – Digitization of economy 3:48 – […]

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