Car Survival Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: Stat Gear “Auto Survival Kit” review. An excellent companion while you’re on the road. Accidents happen everyday and being prepared is vital. MSRP $55.54 including the T3 Tactical Rescue Tool.

Stat Gear Website:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • Gerald Thomas

    I’ve been looking for something like this for my car.

  • ilisan

    At 7:23 “whatever sootch your needs” hahaha nice one sootch.

  • dsashwood

    Kind of a weak kit in my opinion..I feel like for the price I can make one that’s better. I guess it’s convenient though…

    • Oldtimer Lee

      +dsashwood Tend to agree with you. Convenience & compact. For a “Car Survival Kit” my thoughts are for something like this, if a purchased kit, within the same general price range. Only a few dollars more at $75.89. 

      Personal choice was to build our own starting with a $10 +/- first aid kit and adding other items applicable to our travel situations. BTW, there are a number of less expensive auto escape tools available. Here’s an example that has reviewed quite a few good reviews.

      Just my 2-cents FWIW, as everyone’s circumstances are different. 

  • Carson017

    Not a bad kit, but for the price I can make own that’s better.

  • Trajanowski Rifleworks

    Been waitin’ for this kind of video about car survival kit! Thanks!

  • SkinnyMedic

    I just did a review on their Auto Rescue Knife

  • detuskified_walrus

    They sell the first aid kit without the tool (but with the case) for $40 as well.

    Definitely better than most of the pre made kits at stores.

  • TheAnnoyingThingOutdoors

    The name and the logo somehow reminds me of star trek. O_o

  • Renaissance MarineTV

    i am sorry, but that is a pretty minor kit that I can make at walmart for half the price. I don’t see how its worthy of a review.

  • SupaFlyFatGuy859

    “Sootcher” needs in different ways” I see what you did there! LOL j/k Great kit for sure man!

  • Kelvee Acosta

    Nice emergency kit but def not worth the price, i like the tool to brake the glass..

  • SoulSurvivorX2

    Great pack. That T3 Tactical Rescue Tool looks interesting as well 🙂

  • 20dollarbandit

    Great something else to break loose and smack you in the head in an accident. Seriously love your vids but this is a LOW quality kit, perfect for those that have nothing. Stock that with some better first aid supplies before you give it to your Wife.

  • Jeanine Drylie

    tjats sweet i think ur one of the best youtubers on youtube

  • Sebastian F

    Do any of you know what vet wrap is

  • Mark Darwin D. Ordono

    now i have this kit ready i only need a car.

  • Tiki Tiffany

    as always great video!! gotta a few ideas for my own kit.

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