Want to start buying more in bulk? Here are our tips as well as how to properly store them!
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We love sourcing bulk food and household goods from local sources as often as is possible. However, where we live, we just can't get everything we need from local growers and producers. This is where Azure Standard comes in.

Azure Standard is a bulk buying coop that we've been using for many years now. They're a family run company and deliver to nearly every state (including Alaska and Hawaii) with the exception of the northeastern states.

Properly stored, bulk-bought dry goods can last on your shelf for up to 20 years, so this can really be a great economical resource! Watch the video for more storage recommendations.

Check out all Azure has to offer here (affiliate): https://bit.ly/HFAzureStandard

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  • Melissa Grindstaff

    I stumbled across your families videos a few months ago. I love your channel. I’m an old lady but I have learned and am still learning so much from your videos. God bless you and your family from East Tennessee 💙

  • Barberton

    Btw I love your old Ford pick-up 👍

  • Mary Ellen Brennan

    I had pantry moths back in August of 2008 and believe me, they are really hard to get rid of! Not only did it take a few months to get rid of them, but I also had to replace everything that was infested. Several HUNDRED dollars worth! So now I keep everything in containers. I buy 25 to 30 pounds of flour at a time and I store it in an airtight food safe bucket. Since there are only 2 of us, this amount lasts almost a year. Yes, I bake a LOT.

    • Cynthia Fisher

      Mary Ellen Brennan I have had them a couple times, they are a pain! When I researched containers that they can’t get in, the only thing I came up with was clamp top jars. You might wan to use those for smaller quantities of bulk items. I bought all mine at thrift stores and replaced some of the rubber rings. Also, freezing new bulk foods for a week or so kills the bugs and eggs, so you don’t get reinfested.

    • Mary Ellen Brennan

      @Sequoia Green what was the lesson? It was the first time I ever had pantry moths in my life! That was 12 years ago and I was 55 years old. I think I did well not having them for so long!

    • Mary Ellen Brennan

      @Sequoia Green LOL!!! You’re so funny!

  • Lisa Brogdon

    I’ve had good luck with staving off pantry moths by freezing the grain for three days then allowing it to become room temp before long term storage. I’ve had pantry moths and they are absolutely no fun. I’m not sure if the freezing and thawing prevent the moths and their larvae but I haven’t had any issues with the little beasts since I started following this method of storage preparation.

  • Stephs Happy Mess

    I’m learning so much from you guys. We bought 91 acres and homesteading, it has been the most rewarding thing along with some challenges, mostly because I’m ignorant of what I’m doing. Thanks for teaching us!

  • Kimberlee Monroe

    My daughter and I really the Azure! They started a local drop off so we can finally order!👍 I bought my first bag of oxygen absorbers and feel like I am a true professional preserver.😂I have been doing this for thirty plus years but in these these times I feel it’s so important!

  • Barb

    Would love a demo on using diatomaceous earth.

    • Ellen Bloomfield

      I used to put it in bird food until I realized how toxic the dust is to them. It works great in dry conditions. Wet or moist conditions it’s worthless.

    • Erica Winter

      Diatomaceous earth contains alumina – so sprinkling over my food? – is this ok?

    • Julia Brown

      When adding to grains, do you need to stir it through the grains or just leave it sprinkled on top?

  • Coco Goddess

    I’m a drop coordinator for Azure Standard! They are a great company.

    • the blessed Hope in the Word of Yeshua

      @T Innerste OK that is also most our situation. Where are you located?

    • T Innerste

      @the blessed Hope in the Word of Yeshua im in the harz mountains in germany. I have a small campingplatz and am off grid. Ive been here 5 years, so i can read well enough but when i search things out i always have the wrong search terms.

    • the blessed Hope in the Word of Yeshua

      @T Innerste Oh there might be beautifull! 🙂 Might there be a special occasion for beeing off grid? My family have suffered with EHS so we know this need for beeing most of the grid. It might get cold in winther. The web might be a place to translate “bulkbuying” to german, but if german is not your forst language, then I can figure out it is not that easy.

    • T Innerste

      @the blessed Hope in the Word of Yeshua ive traveled alot and the mountains here are the most beautiful place ive been to! Im off grid for independance, i dont like being concerned about my utilities. One year the power rates went up by 30 some percent! And currently the city water has been contaminated for a month now, and it is spreading to other townships here. Im safe from all that, having solar power and my own well. Its rather mild here, but its very grey and rainy and our summer nights are not often over 10 degrees! But we have had no droughts or fires here so i count it as a blessing. English is my mothertoung, but not even my german friends have found anything like a co-op its no longer in the culture here.

    • T Innerste

      @the blessed Hope in the Word of Yeshua i just looked up ehs! It sounds terrible! I dont have any health conditions luckily. I live in a deep valley here with no cellphone signal and only my wifi when i turn it on. No cordless electronics around me most of the time either! If you ever go through germany stop by!

  • Robin South

    I like to oven can flour it kills all the eggs and very long shelf life.

  • Black Pack Homestead Chris and Marella Ogden

    Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful entertainment. Your guidance has helped through the years.


    Thank you from SEED TO POT for all your great tips. We have started implementing these tips in our life.

  • Rhonda Montiel

    Another great tip is to freeze your grains for 2 to 3 days before putting them into long term storage that will also kill any little critters

  • Anita Culp

    I just started using Azure last month!!!! I love them and will be picking up my second order the 18th!!!

  • Cindy Wagner

    I’m so excited to hear this. We ordinarily have to fly south and shop, load a pallet at the barge lines, fly home and wait a week for the barge to delivery our shopping. As you know, flying is difficult and not doable. I thank you so much for this information. As long time bulk shoppers, we do store for the long haul. We live on a small island in Alaska with a great barge service and mail is flown in. If it’s too stormy for too long, our mail is ferried.

  • Backwoods Baby

    Using DE in food is weird and kinda creepy.

    Just freeze everything for 3 days…

  • schifflange farms

    I would like to buy from Azure, but find their prices be on what I can afford. My local store has bulk foods that are way cheaper than Azure.

  • Marijo Varney

    Josh and Carolyn, Thank you so much for this information. I have used oxygen absorbers before, but am curious about the dessicant packets. Do you have a resource that give a guide for which size to use in the different containers?

  • Erica Vandegrift

    I looked up Azure and was pleased to find a cop location near me, but holy cow are they expensive!!! No way anyone is saving money shopping with them. $5+ for a pound of butter? No thanks.

    • kdonor

      Not everything is expensive. Oats are cheaper than Aldi. I get bulk grains, powered milk, and potato starch from them.

    • Holly Hilt

      I agree, their organic produce is near double what I’ve been paying. Some things more than double. And pasta? Over $5 for 12 ounces!!

  • Denise Linley

    I ordered from Azure standard for the first time this month and was really disappointed. They’re out of almost all bulk products, and what they did have was no longer in stock when my shipment left the warehouse. When I reached out to them asking why this happened they took zero responsibility but told me it was up to me to see what was still in stock on the day of my cut off because they refuse to hold things for any order until the shipment gets ready to leave. So disappointing.

  • Danni Osgood

    Discription: “Azure delivers….except the northeastern states” I live in Maine😭😂

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