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Sensible Prepper Presents: My Current Bug Out Bag Set Up. Being prepared is smart and having your essential supplies ready to go gives peace of mind.

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  • Vernon W

    How about cash or silver/gold?

    • Jason C

      3nertia So if you have a cow to trade for some eggs and bread, how are you going to get your change? Advanced societies are well beyond the barter system. Gold and Silver will always be the default medium of exchange.

    • Brother Rob

      +Jason Cecchettini bartering is derived by equal or lessor value. you wouldn’t trade in your car to buy a loaf of bread so there is no reason to consider change as a result. you have to come down to some sort of agreement when bartering.  

    • Jason C

      Rob Low If all you have to trade is your car, you will want some change with that bread.

    • Brother Rob

      +Jason Cecchettini you would want more than that bread. that’s the point.  

    • Gospel Chaplain

      No … You can make a net out of strings or clothing !

  • Richard Maunder

    Nice to see your using the book thank you for the video.

  • Steve Miller

    My daughter just walked 1000 miles of the Pacific Crest trail, one invaluable item was a solar charging panel for her cell phone.. cell phones having so much capability these days, GPS, internet, light, data storage.

    • Kevin

      how much time does it take ?

    • Jay Sovereign

      When the SHTF you will need to lose the cell phones and go black. Leave the cities and leave civilization in general. Also walking with a 60 lb ruck is not practical. Be a minimalist.

    • John Smith

      +Jay Sovereign So when they evacuated that town because of wildfire up in Canada, the folk should’ve gone black , trashed all their electronics and headed for the woods?

    • Jenna MacWhirter

      I think if it’s a TEOTWAWKI type of scenario, having to bug out to the bush and get used to life without the internet would be a strong possibility. HOWEVER, that’s really just one major example. There are SO many other reasons you might have to use a bugout bag. As “John Smith” mentioned, the Fort Mac fire was a great example of that. Cellphones for contacting loved ones and accessing Red Cross and government info WERE very important. IMO, during summer anyways, I would have wanted a bugout bag that would keep me out of the government shelter had I been there (I’m in S. Alberta, though, so I wasn’t affected). MAJOR stomach illness ripped through at least one government shelter…what a thing to have to deal with when you’re already dealing with tragedy. Not only that, but I would find it REALLY hard to deal with that many people crowded into one place (I have an anxiety disorder), especially having to keep track of my kids and dealing with my dog in the crowds.Anyways…If it’s just that you’re more comfortable in a backcountry camp than in a gym on a cot among hundreds, ditching the cellphone is not necessary, and it may be very important to keeping up with the situation and getting back to normal life.


    Zombie is a metaphor for some one willing to kill you and take your supplies 🙂



    • TheWarrior1986

      SURVIVAL SCOUT really I wondered that haha

    • Perceptual Reality

      TheWarrior1986 In every emergency situation that is most likely the police and other government agents trying to “protect” you. Most regular people aren’t out looking to “pick off” people trying to escape. They are doing the same thing you will be. The only people who aren’t are the people I mentioned above.

  • john luis

    I would add a compass and a bible for moral.

    • Darth Aardvark

      john luis excellent idea. use the Bible to start a fire.

    • john luis

      +Darth Aardvark I think your family album would do just fine for that…

    • Namirrem Werdnattocs

      Food and water will only last so long, you will die eventually. This life is temporary but there is one after this that is eternal. Food and water lasts a little while, salvation lasts forever. A bible will do you more good in the long run. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”
      ‭‭Mark‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


      god is dead

    • john luis

      +FORD FIESTA your sperm is dead

  • Mistero Gee

    I noticed that many youtubers who have bug out bags leave one thing that in my opinion is very important for a bug out situation which is extra space. The idea of a BOB is to have the basic essentials to survive, but if the opportunity arises to obtain more gear, food, ammo, water etc. , you need space to put it in, if your back is choc full, you will have no space. And having a tightly packed bag comes with another problem, if you are in the middle of going through your pack and a situation comes and slaps you in the balls, you need to quickly pack your bag back up and take off, which is hard to do if your bag requires Tetris skills to pack. Just my two cents but I hope it helps someone.

    • Juan Centeno

      Mistero Gee I hadn’t thought of that , thx for the tip

    • Bug Outlaw

      Good point. I try to keep 20% of my BOB free and open.

    • Jones

      Mistero Gee Maxpedition’s Rolly Polly dump pouch adds some expansion for those who already have their pack stuffed. I agree, people tend to fill any extra space they have with things they don’t really need, but carry for the heck of it.

      If one insists on carrying those types of things in a stuffed pack, just keep them where they’re easy to toss, if need be. A small and light collapsible duffle can be a handy addition, or just keep your sleep system, shelter, etc. in a dry bag, which many already do, and you can use that for expanded storage. Getting multiple, different uses out of your gear is the name of the game. The Rolly Polly is great for collecting wild edibles, carrying small game, tinder, kindling, etc.. Like wise for a dry bag, with the addition of being able to hold water.

  • Maker Mark

    kind of ironic to keep all the redundant fire starting things in one bag that can be lost

    • n bo

      You lose your bag then you’re not well trained. To be a prepper you have to be experienced in preparing for shtf…if you just own a bunch of expensive equipment with no experience then that makes you a supply depot for actual preppers…I’m the latter lol. Some day ill start training, to busy as of late.

    • Brandon Lambaren

      Tom Browns Survival School

  • WaiteDavidMSPhysics

    You don’t bug out then. You bug out now. You then don’t do bug out bags, you do get home bags. And the FIRST things you carry are a cell phone, a cold weather gear sleeping bag and tent. Those go before any other junk, EVEN WATER. Three seconds without hope = dribble. And throw out the dumbass tarp and space blanket crap.

    • Chris Gilliam

      I’ve seen several of your comments over the last few months, always intelligent. You should ck out my channel.

  • Survival Chris

    I’m 11 and my bugout bag is 25 pounds I have 7 days worth of food

  • Mr,Casino

    there is a solar panel for charging your phones and batterys ect,ect and sum others electroniocs stuffs that cann be charged….i rather pick a solar lamp and a solar flood light and a solar lantern light….also they have a solar power and a crank up the power solar generator its a small one to…i think they have a solar cb radios i think for contacts you should get that one as well….theres alot new new future survival electronics stuff to use to….to me electronics it changes thee whole intire ball game here to….i think…or i can be wrong about this….

  • Gerret Outdoors

    Great video. I love that head lamp.

  • robin 809

    instead of getting a bandana and glasses why not a gas mask

  • Tom Dobson

    Where is your and compass?

  • John Walsh

    All these bug out bags can be replaced with a used Alice Pack on ebay for +/- $25.

  • Asura

    actually some scientists say a zombie like apocalypse could happen with all the different types of brain parasites that exist

  • Rich Carreira

    Lol no zombie doode said boo-bu kit

  • Hannnah Nones

    I’m watching because Donald Trump is trying to stArt a war

  • Jay Solis

    Can you recommend which bags to choose? I cant find a good website with survival bags.

  • David Forrester

    Love ur videos. God Bless man

  • Bruce b

    is it a good idea to keep ur electronics in a fariday cage?

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