Budget AR10 – Del-Ton DT10 in .308 – is it a good value?

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I the age of $2k+ AR10's, how does an affordable AR10 stack up to the competition? Is the Del-Ton DT10 AR10 in .308 a good value? We take a look at this rifle we discussed at SHOT Show 2020.

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  • "605" Shooter

    Thanks for the review Tim!

  • Tim Allen

    Seems like a decently built rifle for a reasonable price. I’m interested to learn more about it if you post more in the future about it’s longer term reliability.

    • Tim Allen

      @Boomerisadog that is good information for me to consider. Thank you

    • Rilian Riggs

      My first AR was a Delton Sierra 316H. I still have it, thousands of rounds later, accurate and not a single malfunction that I can remember. I bought it for $500 right before the Sandy Hook tragedy.

    • biggboysouth

      I’ve been recommending Del-ton for over a decade. My first AR was a Del-ton, I ended up selling it to fund another purchase but at the time of the sale it had over 10K rounds with no malfunctions and was still shooting 2moa groups all day. At the time I could never understand why they kept using 1×9 twist barrel but the evidence was in my face the whole time. 1×9 twist is much more suited for 55-69 grain bullets which is the vast majority of bullet weights we all use at the range and it shoots those grains well. I never measured with a ruler or anything but I did have the target with the one inch squares and it wasn’t uncommon to occasionally get 1moa or near 1moa groups with just standard range ammo. Should say my rifle did have a heavy barrel so that probably contributed to those tight groups also.

    • Tim Allen

      @biggboysouth cool. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Del-Ton rifles. It gives me another more budget friendly option to think about.

    • History Book Reviews

      I see a lot of Del-Tons come back to our shop to have warranty work done on them. We also send a lot back to Del-Ton right out of the box before we can sell them because they have various mechanical and quality problems. There is a reason they are cheap.

  • jmk 0316

    Thanks for reviewing a lower cost rifle especially for those who can’t afford a LWRC REPR!

    • chickenfishhybrid44

      @JustAnother InternetExpert so happy with all your POF? I assume the 5.56 DI rifles are good to go?
      Seems most people say they’re great. I guess just wondering if the price is generally justifed.

    • JustAnother InternetExpert

      @chickenfishhybrid44 yep I love mine, I would not have kept buying them if there was a issue! Lmao! I own a P415 10.5″ 5.56, A Renegade Plus 10.5″ .300blk, A P308 Edge 16″ .308, and A Revolution 12.5″ .308. The Revolution I just bought so I have not had a chance to take it out yet, but I have had zero issues with any of the other three. And the Revolution hand cycles fine so I dont thing there will be a issue there either. But even if there is POF has a FANTASTIC warranty plan. And really solid CS, they warranty the rifle not the owner for the lifetime of the weapon. So even if u buy used your still covered. POF is up there with any other top brand in my opinion, and actually they are probably better then some of the top brands that have a good reputation all because they won a contract ten or twenty years ago. I own a lmt, and two lwrc rifles and I can tell you POF fit and finish is better then LMT, and maybe even alittle better then LWRC, but they are very close so ask me tomorrow and I might say lwrc fit and finish is better. I own other rifles as well but those are the ones that compete. My friend owns a Daniel Defense and My POF rifles look like art work next to his. Hope that helps.

    • chickenfishhybrid44

      @JustAnother InternetExpert I guess that should have been obvious, wouldn’t have 4 otherwise lol. Yeah thanks, I’ve only known one person personally who owned an older 308 POF. Maybe 10 years ago I saw it and at the time I hadn’t even heard of them. I took it apart and checked it out and it looked good. Didn’t get to shoot it though. Didn’t know much then either anyway lol.

    • JustAnother InternetExpert

      @chickenfishhybrid44 they have updated their rifles alot since then. I probably would not have bought some of their older stuff. But the new ones in the last 5 years or so. Are top notch. Not that the overall system has changed. Just the fit and finish has gotten alot better, and the handguards are ALOT slimmer. 10 years ago they were big heavy beasts. They are lightwieght fighting rifles now. And I like the simplisity of fheir piston system alot, no springs to wear out, not much could really break in there i dont think. I am no engineer tho. But they are solid rifles.

    • chickenfishhybrid44

      @JustAnother InternetExpert yeah it definitely seems like they were lagging behind on the times for a while there with size and weight particularly. Alot of the “higher end” brands seems to do that though.

  • Jessica Zane

    I don’t care how much something like this costs, I I’m going to be taking lessons soon and I need protection here in Los Angeles because things are getting out of control. I am not ever going to be a victim again.

    • John Rambo

      Vote Republican in every state and general election. Turn Cali Red!

    • William Wallace

      Momus Magnus just as long as they don’t bring California voting tendencies with them.

    • MyMatK

      You doing it good, dont listen ppls about too big rifle or caliber. If you decide protected yourself, better .308 then empty hands. Problem in your country, is that you never face a war in you country. I dont want talking about spreading wars to other countries, its not you fault, its fault of your politicians. My point is that you never faced a war so you have no idea how close you are civil war. Remember me, once you gov. Start to tell you that everything will be ok, you have like 1 week to get guns. Once really huge riots will show up, you have not more than 3 days. After 3 days all cops will come to pretect their families. After that, street will by took by those with most criminals and guns

    • Bloodreign137

      Stormy Fourwolves44 $150.00 per round???? Bruh I know you didn’t make a typo because you put a decimal and two more zeros. What are you smoking to think ammo for any rifle is $150 for a single round?

    • Bob Ross

      Props to you! Whatever you decide to get, take it to the range and shoot it like you stole it. Hopefully you can find ammo.

  • Shawn Willis

    My brother bought a Delton for his first rifle. I don’t think hes ever had a malfunction through it. They may be cheap but I dont think their crap

    • Wild Bill

      My first AR was an older DPMS. Pre freedom group. Upper to lower fit is tight. Never a problem. It’s setup as a DMR currently. Subject to change. But because they are Gucci guns people piss on them.

    • erne75

      My first ever firearm was a DTI M4 kit I built on a Bushmaster receiver. I’ve never had an issue with that rifle. Thousands of steel and brass ammo thru it…I also have a 20″ heavy barrel kit from them. The rifle is 1MOA with PPU 55gr. These are old kits from the mid 2000s. Back them I think they got barrels from Wilson.

    • Jason Sell

      My Pops just bought one a couple months ago too. It’s totally fine. Good value for sure.

    • ForShootsandGiggles

      Totally agree. My first AR was the DT Sport. Never had any malfunctions. Shoots anything I put in it.

  • MoT0R He4D

    Del Ton are some brave souls to hand their AR10 to MAC lol

  • Frankieare

    I don’t think budget anything exists anymore. At least on my “budget”.

    • Patrizio Carella

      @maniake this is why prices need to increase. Limits on items only incentives morons like this to come with their whole family.

      Yes it sucks to pay 30$ for a box of ammo, better then letting these assholes corner the market and charge what they want

    • Joe Central-O

      @Patrizio Carella I agree. It wasn’t clear before that was the case. You’re a smart cookie explaining that.

    • Mark Mexcur

      You know it’s bad when diamondback ar’s are going for 800.00-900.00 on gunbroker.com….just crazy….I have been looking for a cheap…er 5.56 black rifle aka an AR15 and even smith and wesson sport 2 5.56 are going for crazy $ too…let me know if you hear of any good deals…please…I’d be happy with a ruger mini 15 even sks’s are going for 800.00….really crazy like a 3x markup from a year or so ago.

    • jamesdewer

      bolt action ammo market and I’m thinking semi auto. hahahahahahahaha

  • TheAshton1995

    That ak looks mighty sad. Just sitting in the background all jealous and what-not.

  • Cory Hobbs

    I would love to see a review of the PA-10 Gen 3

  • reloader2001

    I mostly curious on accuracy I’ll be looking forward to that test when you can get ahold of some match ammo. I consider getting something like this as long as it’s within 3 MOA 2 or better preferably.

  • Justin Opinion

    Brother, I hear you about the ammo situation! I’m starting to ponder how many more videos I can make before I’m dry. Thanks for the informative look at this AR10 option!

  • Tommy Wilson

    “Does it take Glock mags? No. But does it 80’s hip fire? Yes… yes it does.”

  • Chris Wood

    Thanks to Big Daddy Unlimited for supporting MAC! Membership easily pays for itself these days while we’re all stocking up. Plus every sign up supports the channel https://lddy.no/eavw

  • William Wallace

    I’d like to see a PA-10 vs this delton comparison

  • Harvick T

    Other solid budget AR-10s to consider under $1,000 you can get now: Diamondback DB10, PSA PA10

    • shaveddave

      I have the diamondback db10 and have had no issues besides a couple failure to eject using some very old surplus 7.62×51 ammo. Other than that flawless performance

    • Lonny Wells

      @shaveddave love my DB15 300, owned for 2 years now and no problems! I bought an M&P10 over the DB10, but only for the 5R rifling!
      The DB10’s are usually pretty decked out already also!

  • Gordon Mckelvin

    Now I know where MAC gets all his guns from; that log pile behind him. Throughout the video he managed to grow two new rifles. Nice!

  • John Viera

    “We’re going to conserve ammo due to the ammo shortage”
    Also 11:35

  • Gage

    I see an AK-103 hiding in the back MAC. Would that happen to be one of the new PSA’s or even a KUSA?

  • 4x4 Moses

    Never thought I’d be interested in a Del-Ton. But I’m impressed with this one!

  • Tactical Toolbox

    The ammo struggle is real man

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