BlackRock Blackmailing States Not Aligning with its ESG Agenda


Blackrock blackmailing states not caving to its ESG agenda

The giant asset manager BlackRock has been effectively blackmailing states that don’t cave in to its ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance investing) agenda.

How BlackRock does it is to assign ESG scores to state bonds, which financially punishes states for not adhering to the ESG scam. In other words, under the guise of environmentalism it is working to impose its political agenda on various states.

It’s nothing more than an SJW tactic to take more control over people. It also appears another way for BlackRock to generate more fees.

As usual, the issue here is that these people don’t acknowledge sin, so repentance isn’t a factor in how they deal with the issues of life. Since they don’t recognize God’s commandments, they add their own set of commandments that have no Biblical revelation associated with them; they’ve become own gods in their own eyes, like their father the devil, and attempt to impose his commandments on us in an attempt to destroy humanity and Godly progress in our generation.

The good news is they can’t help themselves, and God laughs from heaven at their attempts to replace Him as the only true God.

Even though our enemies have been winning some battles, there is no doubt things are starting to turn around, and over time we’ll win even more of these short-term battles, and ultimately, the war for dominion over planet earth.


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