Best Survival Tool: OPMOD Survival Shovel

Sensible Prepper Presents: The OPMOD 20 in 1 Emergency Shovel (or another 20 in 1 shovel option). This is a high quality and sturdy multi-functional tool that can handle a multitude of survival situations. Compact and easy to stow, I am very impressed by this design. This is an Optics Planet Exclusive.

For another option take a look at this review of a survival shovel. Or you can go directly to the product and see what it looks like and reviews on how it has worked for others.


Use code “SOOTCH00” for 5% off your entire order
OPMOD Survival Series 20-in-1 shovel:
OPMOD at OpticsPlanet:


Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • John Pagdilao

    I’ve been looking for a kind of all in one tool. Time to order 2, maybe 3.

  • Robert Rivera

    No compass? That’s a deal-breaker for me, LOL, just kidding.

  • JimsBagels

    Made in USA? Nope. Guangdong, China

    $160 for a Chinese shovel?

    • Keith Lapere

      Kenny you’re the one that stated there is no use for a shovel in a survival situation. I guess you never served. Let me put it to you this way there are quite a few uses for a shovel. Especially for stealth situations. To me you lack knowledge. End of convo.

    • Kenny Rodger

      Keith Lapere Military has nothing to do with survival. End of convo.

    • Camillus Survivalist

      Kenny Rodger it’s not just a shovel. While I agree it’s overpriced it is also other useful survival tools. We as viewers might not like it but there’s people who will want a tool such as this. Not to mention it looks be the review that the shovel does a decent job. As for military and survival they are closely tied of course one relies on not getting shot and the other not to starve, get an infection, dehydrate or get hypothermia or hyperthermia.

    • Kenneth

      Ok, so it’s a Rambo Shovel. As cheap as they make their stuff, these should be down to $30 bucks pretty soon. That’s about what they’re worth, or that’s the most I would pay for one of these.

    • haywood jeblome

      Whoever named the city Gangdong is kind of funny. They could of named it Wangdong or something else.

  • Havoc Maverick

    i was going to pass on this but it has a bottle opener on it so i gotta buy one now. lol

    • Nicholas Evans

      haywood jeblome You could, but then you take away the heat temper.

    • haywood jeblome

      Why? My mom cooks bacon in pans all the time and they are ok. You dont have to use the microwave for everything i hope you know.

    • Troy Stutsman

      Havoc Maverick
      I will never understand the mentally behind incorporating a damn bottle opener into just about every single survival tool out there.
      I’m soon to be 55yrs old and I can count on one hand the number of campers, hikers, or people in a survival situation who were
      carrying around glass bottles which created a situation where a bottle opener was needed…!
      I can think of over a hundred different items that I would find more useful than a bottle opener…!
      So let me hear from the rest of you folks, could you still survive without a bottle opener or is it really the deal breaker every designer
      seems to think they are…?

    • Havoc Maverick

      Troy Stutsman I think there was some extra space and for some reason the designer thought another feature would sell better. I have a Swiss army knife that has a bottle opener and it has never been used.

    • Troy Stutsman

      Havoc Maverick
      I see it as an outdated piece of equipment.
      There was a time, when I was growing up and prior
      when most beverages came in a glass bottle and required a
      bottle opener to access the contents.
      It believe that it’s time for an upgrade to something useful again…
      Have a great day…!


    OpticsPlanet is an awesome company

  • ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ

    That’s a lot of baggage and weight for a compact shovel.

  • Tactical Blake

    What does this thing msrp for

  • PreparedIndividual

    180$ for a SHOVEL…a shovel not even made in the US lol …NOPE.

    • Patriot4TheTree

      PreparedIndividual You keep getting pulled into this, and all you did was comment on a shovel. rofl

    • rusty gray

      The Internet. Where people who do nothing, produce nothing and offer nothing of value a need to bash, insult and denigrate those who do. Keep it up Don, ignore naysayers and keep on keeping on. My wife and I sew our own tactical gear, tents, packs, tarps, bivys, and we just make fun silly stuff also. Love the Channel.

    • AceMcCoy

      +Ogre Dad the best thing we can do to fix the issues around the dominance of imported product in the US marketplace is to vote in a billionaire as POTUS who makes much of the product he sells to the American public in China or Mexico, then we will be great again.

  • Jairus The Adventurer!

    SICK, but I would not pay the money for that. Im fine with my average surplus shovel!

    • Pamela Schramke

      Jairus Takes A Stand! That’s what I have right now

    • Tim Lipinski

      Maybe up-grade your shovel…  sharpen one edge and put teeth on the other edge !  And drill out the wood handle for a Fire Steel…  tjl

    • Pamela Schramke

      I LOVE all the gear Sootch shares but I just don’t have the budget for a lot of it. My goal right now is to get everything I need. Then once I at least have everything, I can slowly upgrade one or two pieces at a time. I had absolutely NOTHING when I started out and needing to get a minimum of two of most everything just breaks my bank. Any time I buy something, I buy two of the same thing if I really like it or I’ll try another brand as well. Sometimes I find I like the second item better than the first one I had decided on. That way both of our bags and surplus supplies are complete. I still try to always go by the : One is none and two is one rule.

  • Joshua 'Tombstone' Graves {GODS}

    I gotta get me one of those, freaking amazing

  • Evan Hasson

    This is extremely overengineered. Im starting to wonder if this was produced as a joke.

  • Mrgunsngear Channel

    that is brilliantly designed

  • Rock Rock

    Please support President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Kevin Liddle

    it’s now a discontinued item. be glad you got one

  • Scooter 101

    Actually if you just look at it like $10 dlrs a tool, it’s really worth having !! Your just buying them all at the same time ! I’d love to have one, but I’m poor as the next man ??

  • Caveman Outdoors

    Optics Planet no longer sells this item

  • Tommy Evans

    No longer available

  • Sookson Chandashoto

    MADE IN CHINA. $16.

  • Kiki Lula

    Those glowing dildos are cute…

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