What do you need to get started beekeeping?
Why should you bring bees to your homestead in the first place?

Find out in this episode of the Homesteady Podcast.

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  • Mary Clare Allen


  • molly Country


  • Dixsigns Romping Rock Dairy

    Thank you for another awesome video… Thank you HomeSteady, bees are important to human survival!

  • The Honeystead

    Such an honor to be on your podcast!!! I’m very excited for your soon to be bees 🐝

    • Homesteady

      Thanks for coming on the show Kaylee! Was a very inspiring episode!

    • Wendy Geiger

      Thank you for being on Homesteady, my other favorite channel.

    • Ashley Bonick

      I have subscribed! I’ve thought about bee keeping and hope to start it someday (I’m not even a honey person, LOL).

    • Yngvarr Bjornson

      Bees are something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now (I LOVE honey heehee) How much time do they need from me? I’m still stuck in a warehouse job, working about 12-14hrs a day. Weekends are the only days I have time or energy for anything. Is once a week enough time to set aside for them, or do they need more attention than that from me? (I’d get a flohive, so we’re ignoring any time required for honey harvest. Just looking for how much time they would need from me to make sure they’re happy and healthy)

  • Joanne Ganon

    What a great idea Aust and Kay🙌💥.
    JO JO IN VT 💕 😄

  • Robert Lopez

    Thanks for this video, I am so inspired to start having bees on my property!

  • Tessa Lynne

    Although I love the idea of having bees, I thought it was out of the question since I am allergic to the stings. I love the idea of having a bee keeper tend a hive on my property. When I move out to the country, I will definitely look into that! Thanks!

  • carsiotto

    She’s beautiful ❤️

  • fallenangelwi25

    Kaylee is absolutely amazing 😍🐝❤️

  • HyperKatten

    Something off the beaten path- look into supporting native bees. Honey bees are good but they are not native to the Americas. Native bees are solitary bees and the ones that are really having problems. Help them thrive too.

  • Wendy Geiger

    She’s amazing, she and her mom have a soothing, gentle, and peaceful way with their apiary endeavors. I discovered their channel several months ago when the riots started. Between God and their channel and yours and many others I’ve been able to get through this mess going on in the world. I love it that you had her on to talk about beekeeping. I honestly wish I did not live in an apartment, I’d love to do some beekeeping and maybe ducks and chickens. LOL

  • NorthlandSLC

    Nice thing about bees is that they find their own food whether they are in a city or the middle of the forest. I’ve seen my bees collect honeydew (insect excretions) from our trees as nectar. Honeydew honey doesn’t crystallize as often which is great.

  • Sandi Schraut

    Bees freak me out

  • Henry Squyres

    Were do you get your pig feed. #homesteady

  • Bill Jutz

    Pollination, that’s why we started keeping honey bees. This is our 3rd year of beekeeping.
    We have Black Berries, Peaches and Apples. They all benefit from being pollinated and producing 12 times the amount of fruit.
    Another plus, we extracted 550 pounds of honey this year.
    Thanks for a great video!

  • Klantifa Shakur

    Would it be feasible to keep bees in the wild? I have no property to do it on, but I am close to a lot of meadows full of glorious bees.

  • Michel Malts

    Thank you for your contribuition!

  • Rae Fae

    Oh my goodness!! Ty for doing this collab. When I’m ready to have my ranch, bees were always one if top priorities to put on ranch 1st. This reassures my thought processes and intentions are on the right path.

  • paul gamblin

    Aust, I am with you. I am terrified at the thought of walking into a swarm of bees. I am allergic, too, so that’s another factor. Not to the point of anaphylaxis, but I better have some Benadryl on hand.
    That being said, I have come to have a great respect for bees and beekeepers after following several on YouTube for the past year or so.

  • Amanda MacCabe

    The Honeystead is an amazing channel. Kaylee is a beautiful, gentle soul, inside and out. Such a pleasure to watch! And bees, out of all the ‘livestock’ people keep are arguably among the most important – to our ecosystems and to conservation because they are so threatened by CCD. Thank you Homesteady and the Honeystead 🥰

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