Battling SJWs on Politics and the State as Savior

Christianty, politics and competing authorities

Since the left has no answer but politics and the state as the means of implementing their agenda that comes their world view, all Christians and others on the right must understand how to deal with this in relationship to the various areas of life we participate in.

For example, while we must vote for the best candidate that aligns more closely with God’s and our interests, at the same time we must also understand that government is only one of several legitimate authorities operating in the world.

Others include self government, family government, and church government, along with other governments associated with business, charities, and other areas of life.

The point is there are various areas of authority that reside solely within individuals, institutions, and entities, that result in them weakening the temptation to attempt to group all authority in the state, bringing about totalitarianism.

The problem

The answer we must give to lie of state government being the final authority, is to understand and participate in other forms of government that also have authority within the specific spheres they operate in; the parameters God has given them.

SJWs have been infiltrating institutions and organizations for a long time, with Antonio Gramsci long ago talking about the long march through the institutions in order to permeate them with the world view he advocated for and believed in. He knew they needed to be permeated with that view from within, and so him and those that heeded him have successfully engaged in that tactic for about 100 years or so.

This is one of the reasons in our time so many of them attempt to limit the impact of the right on these infiltrated organizations and institutions by intimidating them through the implication it’s being intolerant to go on the offensive against them.

One key to understanding the issue is that the left have not only invaded and taken over organizations and institutions, but they have also politicized them, giving the impression that the answer to everything is via the state.

The major tactic in the U.S. is to have leftist, lawless judges appointed so they rule in favor of their agenda in a growing number of cases. That removes the benefit of being a constitutional republic or even a democracy. An example of that is when even voters in California voted against gay marriage, and a homosexual judge ruled against the democratic decision.

We of course are also aware of the fact judges have been legislating from the bench for a long time, and yet Congress fails to deal with them. One good thing concerning the election of President Trump is that he has done a good job of appointing more conservative judges that should have an impact on the future of the nation for several decades.

Even so, there’s a better way.

The answer

One of the major answers to this problem is for Christians and others on the right to develop their callings to the point of eroding the intrusion of big state government in areas it has no business being in.

We need robust charities that provide services the welfare state now provides, with the caveat that the poor and others in practical need aren’t allowed milk the system as a way of life. They would be forced to take steps to become employable, with the understanding the services they receive are temporary.

We also need Christians developing their callings at high levels so people start to come to us for answers, rather than the government or the world. There needs to be all sorts of businesses, jobs, charities and organizations that are built upon the revelation in the Bible, with believers once again learning the laws of God throughout the entire Bible, to the end of applying them to practical circumstances of life.

Whatever we’ve found to put our hands to, we need to develop them to the expert level, or at least the very best we’re able to do. We also should look for ways, within our churches, callings, businesses, and/or local areas, to work against the infiltration and impact of SJWs, that have hijacked many businesses in order to promote their wicked agenda.

We need, within our calling and area of expertise, to speak and write against those that have taken over our organizations and institutions, not for the purpose of taking over them, but for the purpose of providing alternatives to them; we are to offer alternatives that align with our beliefs and values.

The SJWs are a cancer that has metastasized in everything they touch. There is nothing that can cure the things they have infiltrated like a spreading cancer. This is why God gave a new birth, rather than attempting to fix a dead age; we are a new creation. The old creation is dying and won’t be saved, and was never meant to be. Only the new creation has a living future in this age, as well as in the age to come. The rest is dying and gradually losing impact on this world.

Bear in mind that just because the corrupt mainstream media presents a certain view of world events, doesn’t mean that is what the reality actually is. They work to discourage and demoralize Christians and the right so they surrender without firing a shot back, or at best, timidly accept the decisions of the left, even when they aren’t in power. In other words, they’re manipulators, as their father the devil is, using fictions and lies to give the impression of having extraordinary power, when they have already been defeated by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Whether it’s entertainment, film, business, charities, churches, fishing, education, or a plethora of other segments of life, the key is for Christians to develop expertise in these areas where they, whether people wish to or not, are sought out for the answers to the problems people in the world face.


There is no question that the long march through the institutions as advocated by Gramsci has largely been successful by our enemies. While those organizations and institutions as they stand today are lost, it provides enormous opportunities to offer alternatives to these dying entities, which only experience the destruction of things, and provide no answers as to how to build.

In the early years of the Fox network, it was readily apparent to management that there was a need for a conservative voice in news and commentary. The extraordinary success of Fox points to the way we should view the opportunities before us.

While Fox has started to gravitate toward the left in a number of ways, even its leftist leaders understand it would be business suicide to remove its generally conservative commentators that generate the bulk of the viewers to the network.

In whatever area we serve in, there are ways we can do something similar, which, if we do it well, will dominate the particular segment of the market or life we serve. The opportunities to make an impact and difference for Jesus Christ and the overall world view of the right has never been better.

The key is to ignore the negative coverage and news of mainstream media, and dedicate yourself to being faithful in your calling, with a mindset that you’re in it for the long haul, and even if things prove difficult, we’re assured the Lord will be with us in whatever we put our hand to, even to the end of this age.

Doing this will help erode the effect of the left and its belief that politics and the state are the final authority. For us, there is no final authority other than Jesus Christ.


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