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  • Loriful

    That mushroom looked like a pancake on a stick~

  • David Hardesty

    That is a deer food plot. Plant it and they will come…

    • LibertyNotLicense

      Best survival gardener’s protein crop!

    • David Hardesty

      With a pond and all of those berries, there are bound to be bear around too. This should be interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would find the game trails and monitor them. The critters will be scarce right now with all of the new sounds and smells but they will get use to you and start coming around regularly.

  • Colleen O'Leary

    Lasagne garden for the whole acre and a half!! Or Back to Eden with woodchips? hmmm…. Oh I know. Just break up that soil with a friendly Alabama neighbor’s tractor, throw down seed and apply Dave’s fetid swamp water when the plants pop out!

  • Luke Shaffer

    I ate one with a stink bug on it one time.

  • Angela Espinet

    David glad you are back, I am waiting to see your Fall garden, I am in 8b also.

  • Jane Badon

    Oh Lawd! Hughes Net! I was trying to get plane tickets online when it dropped into slo-mo…what a pain!

  • free space

    I use old orchard guy method to repel deer, raccoons and possums from garden. I use electric fence with 3 strands. One strand 6 inches, one strand 12 inches and one strand at step over height. The trick is to put dabs of creamy peanut butter on the fence every few yards. Critters lick the peanut butter and quickly learn to not come back. I have used this method for years. Zero damage to sweet corn with super high deer, raccoon and possum pressure.

    • free space

      The deer and the other critters are strongly attracted to the smell of peanut butter. When they lick the peanut butter on the electric fence wire, they receive a substantial shock, and from then on, they associate the smell of peanut butter with pain. They become conditioned like cattle to avoid the area were the fence is. The deer don’t jump the fence as long as I re-apply the peanut butter after everyย  rain. or every 2 weeks, I have a whole herd of deer to contend with. I removed 20 plus raccoons this year from my property.ย  Before I learned of this, The raccoons would strip 4 (75 foot) rows of sweet corn in one night.

  • Morning Sunset

    Slightly off subject: Are you still looking for bench seats for your van??

  • Morning Sunset

    2,775 sq yards or 24,975 square feet
    (37×75=2,775 sq yrds x 9 sq feet)

  • The Fishing Hole

    I’m excited that you have a porch. A little plastic, and you’ve got yourself a sort-of greenhouse!

  • elbajoloco

    yeeeeehaw, welcome back

  • SunnyDaysSandyToes

    That is freaking amazing to have all that land to get dirty in!!๐Ÿค“ Hehehe
    Praise God!
    Dirty is good. Yapon.
    Water is good. I’m awake it’s almost 10 pm.
    Man I gotta work on not being envious of all that land. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
    Aqua. Pond! Fish?
    Be careful of black bears! We live just outside town and have them frequent our trash every other week. ๐Ÿป
    It’s so amazing you are so close now and so close to my zone 8b. Super excited to see all that you grow there, to glean, be encouraged by you and laugh here n there along the way.
    I finally got myself out to the greenhouse today to make seedling pots for winter crops. I lost interest in the garden as the hot season continues.
    It’s a Florida room here.. A Bama room there? ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I planted 1 paw paw but need one to pollinate.
    If you’re ever this way you are always welcome to stop by for some sweet tea, but it’s decaf…its a heart thing.
    Any who, glad you’re back!!
    Can’t stay awake. ๐Ÿ˜ดgotta get up at 5.

  • melanie

    I have seeds to donate should you want. Your choice of seed saving or extras from purchased Maryโ€™s heirloom/baker creek/echo and random should u want. Much gratitude & support!

  • Claude Parish

    Pam say- 75 yd x 37 yd = 24975 sqft. It’s times 9 not times 3 cause it’s square like cornbread.

  • Austin and Jean

    You guys could walk over to my place and collect some cuttings and bannana pups. We don’t have much but you’re welcome to take what you want.
    We have a couple of varieties of fig, 1 Banana/plantane variety, longevity spinach, tons of jicama seed and maybe more. I’m never home so I forget what we have.

  • Little Florida Farmstead

    I am grateful you and your family are safe from apocalypse island.
    You are a good man, David The Good. We all know you get what’s coming to you and the Creator saw fit to remind us all that He provides. Usually when we least expect it and always on His time. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’—

  • Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

    One option I heard about today is called Visible Mobile. They have a plan that has unlimited data with tethering included for $40 a month.

  • D D

    Who’s going to be doing the 30 acre mowing? ‘;D

  • Dwardo Dwardo

    I’m sorry. Too much nitrogen to strawberries makes green growth and runners. I haven’t figured out the ballance but I’m on the side that no supplemental nitrogen is better than just a little too much.

  • Joel Nisly

    For the deer, I like Matt Powers’ approach. He tried fencing in a garden plot and the deer found ways to get in. He later gardened the larger surrounding area without fences successfully. His secret was planting Mennonite sorghum and orange giant amaranth along the borders facing the deer pressure. They won’t eat the sorghum because of the cyanide and the amaranth bounced right back when they nibbled it. They didn’t touch the corn he planted on the other side. That would be a warm season option, but wouldn’t work in the winter. Here’s a video where Matt explains it.

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