Anti-Terrorist Bag

Sensible Prepper Presents: "Anti-Terrorist Bag" Being ready to defend you, your family and our country makes you a Minuteman! Be prepared.

Ebay Link to Vism 26" Gun Case:

Minuteman Patch:
G-Code Scorpion Mag Carriers:


Trauma Kit :
AWS Gear:
Klarus XT12 Light at Going Gear:
Valken Gloves:
TP9SA Pistol Century Arms
Inforce APL Weapon Light:
Magpul MS1 Sling:
Paracord Bracelet:
Schrade Knives SCHF23
Trijicon Reflex:
Dolos QD Barrel System

Hexmag AR-15 Mags:
Trijcon Reflex:
Klarus XT12
Coyote Tactical Solutions Trauma Kits:

Canik TP9SA Pistol
Inforce APL Light:
Spooltool :

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  • theenhancer

    Quick thought there Sootch, you’re planning on showing up to a terrorist event with a shemagh and what would appear to any layman or cop to be an “assault rifle”? You don’t think that might send the wrong message?

    • Bobby G.

      theenhancer the shemagh is used by pretty much all special forces soldiers. It’s good for being in the heat and protection. It’s not only used by the enemy anymore and hasn’t been since the first Iraq war.

    • Jason Sain

      I think he is thinking more Red Dawn type of event

    • MrRayMac1963

      Yeah, I was thinking the LAST thing i want to show up in is a Shemagh if there was a terrorist event near me.

    • JaredNoska

      this is why ive always thought a wood stocked mini 14 wood be a good option to look less ‘threatening”

  • Cass Larsen

    I have something similar, I call it my “Minuteman Bag”

  • doug sawyer

    Dear god man it takes some serious Hubris to think you are going to take on terrorist
    this is the height of childish male war fantasy

    • brokenstitch

      +Minion Man
      Not going to cite for the man your speaking to, but you might wish to take a look at sites such as this before making your point;

    • brokenstitch

      Sometimes wonder of the idiots that talk as though they’re in the know. The madmen we see on the news aren’t the real terrorist; they’re mostly just crazy: Defects or defective. It’s the man that leads them and even the 12 man teams we send out to topple governments. You’ll see them court records, maybe in a profile if you’re a LEO or something, but other than that? Good luck?

    • Oliver Fredly

      doug sawyer it is beautiful tho

    • butt fart69

      Nice lie. Your so called cousins wife was never in the twin tower.

    • Cherokeeman

      doug sawyer Why is a terrorist superior to me in any way, particularly preparation, training, and fighting skills? Only if I fail to prepare, equip, and train am I at a disadvantage. Why do you sheepishly choose to be the perfect victim and assume you have no defense or chance against a terrorist. Do you pee sitting down?

  • lancer D

    So versatile it also doubles as a terrorist bag lol. On a more serious note I’m not sure how sensible this is. It seems like it’s more likely that it’ll be stolen from your vehicle (or with it) and end up in the hands of criminals than that you’ll ever have the chance to use it. I’d suggest that in the case that you’re carrying an EDC pistol already, if that doesn’t get you out of trouble, you aren’t going to get to this bag in your car or house, unpack it and make use of its contents.

  • Michał Kulas

    Nah will just pack it full with chopped pork and thow it at muslims….

  • Onomulus

    So delusional… this is hilarious.

    • tmWasted

      Nobody has ever said that sootch would be carrying this bag around with him in the food court. It’s never advertised as such in the video, and sootch never once mentions the food court, or any similar immediate danger.

      YOU are the one proposing that people would want to run and grab this in a food court situation.

      This is just “another bag”, as he literally says. Prep bags stay in the vehicle so that *if you are able*, you can go and arm yourself more. Similar to the school shooting years ago where people grabbed their weapons from their cars and helped stop the massacre.

    • Lou Ciamillo

      Onomulus better to have something rather than nothing. we all call him crazy but this guy would be ready to go if something happened

    • Aaron565pwns

      not even likely you will ever use it, but if someone threatens you its good to know you can retreat to your car and not have a confrontation there. extremely skilled fighters, who dont prefer concealed carry, have rifles in the truck. if lethal force is authorized, you’ll probably want a rifle.

      “swat will shoot you” wow. nobody has ever thought of that. its not like they sell vests that say police, to help identify friendlies.


    I’m guessing this guys a conservative

  • rightsman123

    So many dumb foreigners, anti-gun idiots and useless, jealous comments. I’m very surprised you put up with the crap on some of these vids. I’ve commented before and am just revisiting a vid since we seem to live in a world that is continuing proving that a bag like this has a relevance. BTW, I also consider spree killers a type of terrorist act so I think this bag is very versatile.

  • Jason Mcdonald

    Wow, a lot of haters out there. Keep the shemagh but get a cap in there, preferably one with the US flag. As for your plate carrier, strap it to the outside of the bag with lashing straps. Good to go. I see this as a ” I’m going to protect my people if danger gets too close” bag, not a ” jump right in and be Rambo” bag. Huge difference in thought. Thanks Sootch.

    • Brian Patronie

      +Fearsake I politely disagree. A good ball cap with a quality Velcro US flag is a good signal. I know, I wear an LA Police Gear ball cap in a solid tan with a 3 inch Velcro US flag patch and on multiple occasions I`ve gotten positive comments from law enforcement, fire, EMT,etc.    I run a bag in my trunk and am of the old opinion "better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" crowd.   I`m 53. white, with pins and screws. I work out, and train when I`m not PT`ing.    I`ve never been in an active shooter situation but if I found myself in one the first thing I was taught was duck, cover, assessment of the situation. That was from my time in Israel. Just my $.02…

    • SydneyCBR6

      +Jason Mcdonald I see this as a domestic terrorist who is deluded into thinking he’s being a hero, bag.

    • Brian Patronie


      Good thing you`re not of any consequence then… 

    • Open borders for Israel

      i think you mean keffiyeh

  • stone371

    The current events in France show why this is necessary. Sootch, many people ridiculed you for various reasons. Todays events vindicate you and as a free people with the 2nd Amendment behind us we should be prepared.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      +Dave Smith Iv never heard anything of the sort in the media 

    • Dave Smith

      +Bilbo Baggins Lol dude. That wasn’t my point at all. I don’t care where you got false opinions from, armed citizens are no threat to, or threatened by LE or Mil. When backup arrives, follow their orders, usually to drop the gun and hands in the air and turn around. They have it from there. Most also advise citizens in being armed and prepared as this channel member is.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      +Dave Smith well my point is that in country’s were there are more regulations and stricter laws on guns there is less violence and deaths involving guns and thats always a good thing 

    • Dave Smith

      +Bilbo Baggins No one says that except pseudoscience political organizations… How do you even quantify “strict” laws?

    • Bilbo Baggins

      +Dave Smith no one says stuff like this unless they cant see the facts and solid evidence that guns dont protect poeple

  • Ásgeir Sweden

    Putting on a shemag if there are terrorist!! Everybody will think YOU are a terrorist then!!

    • Trip InSeattle

      +SURVIVAL SCOUT they must use the Preparation H plan in Sweden.

    • Ásgeir Sweden

      +SURVIVAL SCOUT Yep, they are experts. They are the one stopping the terrorists, not a random guy with a gun covering his face in terrorist attack!!!! You need to be able to identify yourself otherwise you might get killed!!! What is it with that you don’t understand?? What the U.S. Army does is totally different from what civilians should do in a emergency.

    • HoldShiftt2Run

      what if the “terrorist” had a communist flag?

    • Ásgeir Sweden

      +HoldShiftt2Run Then i would kill him even harder 😉

  • Dr. Savage

    this is impractical and a waste of money.

    • Chris Dacosts

      The point I’m trying to make is that people should know what they have to truly offer in a bad situation. And utilize their special skills to help out instead of trying to over step their boundaries.

    • Chris Dacosts

      Are you going to tell me that I am wrong for my way of thinking?

    • Modern_Patriot

      +Chris Dacosts You would be surprised at how inept so called professionals are with their firearms. When I went through the academy cadets barely passed their firearms qualification and some didn’t even pass (which wasn’t hard at all to pass). Hell there are video’s on youtube of “professionals” shooting themselves with their own firearm. You also shouldn’t assume that everyday people don’t have “tactical” training as there are many instructors who train civilians. With that said I agree to a point with what you are saying (train train train train then train some more), but if a armed citizen has the ability/opportunity to stop a shooting and save lives then in my eyes it is their responsibility to do so.

    • Joe Wag

      Dr. Savage what your mom said to the condom and here you are

  • alex hidell

    There would be no “terrorists” if the US would stop paying Israel’s way and fighting Israel’s wars.

    • alex hidell

      Filthy Zio-lies.+Salad Tongs

    • Salad Tongs

      +alex hidell The evil jews are running the world! Everyone hide! lol it’s no wonder leftists are always so easy and stupid to fool into committing genocide. They all agree there’s some phantom evil group that runs everything. The peace talks are well documented, try reading a book sometime.

      Pali rats rocket Israeli civilians, hiding in schools and hospitals, or stab Jewish girls to death in their sleep, and then act like they’re the victims. It’s as pathetic as it is disgusting.

    • BuckGreywolfe

      SO the New Black Panthers would be considered….friends?

    • Branden Mckibbin

      alex hidell uhh there would still be terrorists not Just Israel has terrorists..the world is littered with those lowlife scum

  • Robert Descatoires

    definitely not a “get home” bag, unless you live in Syria.

  • Lonnie Hart

    In Arizona that would be a starter kit.

  • Preston Thompson

    You forgot defensive bacon, Sootch!

  • NcSTAR

    Nice review of our discreet bag. Let us know if you would like to review more of our products.

  • Curtis Waters

    If you run into a terrorist situation with a rifle then the police are going to gun you down just as fast. Don’t be an idiot, don’t be a hero.

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