Ammo Shortage: Alternative Calibers & Time To Get Organized

***All shooting was performed at a professional range following all safety protocols
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  • Bodyboarding Chronicles

    Are Veteran’s participating in AMERICAN CONTINGENCY?

    One Team

  • Dafawty9th State

    I’ve been using masking tape and a Sharpie to label my cans for years.

  • coolaidmachine2015

    You are one of the ones who caused surplus rifles to skyrocket and your doing the same with time. Just like the mag panic of 2016 come on brother

  • William Laws

    Remington spiral down led to a lot of the shortages

  • david christ

    What’s up with all the commercials?????

  • Rick Thompson

    …I bought a SW SHIELD in 40 cal THEN bought a 9mm conversion barrel for about $ 105….I can shoot 9 OR 40 for a small investment…

  • Ken Rodriguez64

    I bought 2000 rounds today in California, it’s a miracle

    • Chris Castillo

      1 million dollars

    • Ken Rodriguez64

      @Chris Castillo , close 800, 20 bucks a box

    • Jones

      N C I always feel bad for the delivery guys when I place my orders. I’ve been doing this for a good while and always order in bulk. Naturally, when all this started, I quit buying. I’m good on ammo for a good while, but not having anything to look at in gun shops is just depressing.

    • N C

      @Ken Rodriguez64 Wow, I’ve never paid that! A couple of weeks ago I paid $400 for 1k rnds of 9mm, FMJ. A company here in Fl is manufacturing around the clock and releasing 3 times per day. I buy a lot because I love tactical shooting with my husband and sons. I’ll pick up trauma call and know that’s going straight to ammo. Exhausting after working all week, but worth it.

    • N C

      @Jones Grind Hard Ammo or get to know a local sherriff officer at the range. They usually get it @.30 per shell, brass and will help you with contacts if you are respectful and wearing a “Defend the Blue” t shirt!

  • Dan And The Lions Den

    Put my AR in the safe and recently bought another AK and been really enjoying 7.62×39 and now it’s my primary rifle 😌

    • Jeff R.

      Don’t remind me how stupid I was about 15 years ago when I convinced myself my AK sucked so I sold it and threw in 500-1000+ rounds of good ammo. That AK wasn’t $300 and was new when I bought it. Couple years give or take, from when I sold it, I put money down at a pawn shop for a $200 AK that is one of the nicest AKs ever made. The owners son wrote up the slip but when I went to pay off the rest and retrieve it, the owner wouldn’t sell it as he claimed his son made a mistake and the AK was a$500 one. There were no $500 AKs on shelves back then which reinforced my belief it was a great one. I can’t recall much else or the language on it but I want to say Egyptian or Soviet or a better Eastern European and was possibly a full-auto originally. Case of ammo I purchased the same day was under $200 for over 1400 rounds, subsequent purchases were higher but I also passed on the sardine cans of corrosive ammo. Even if I’d still sold that good AK, I’ve had many chances at good AKs, beautiful wooden SKSs, and even a Ruger Mini-30. 7.62×39 was readily available until last week or two and someone took the SKS and made it polymer except no pistol grip and by doing so cut the value in half. Starting to see more ARs popping up but there just isn’t the ammo. If I could get a decent FAL, PTR91, or even AR10 I’d buy it today. I not only have some left over from my stolen FAL but a mom and pop type shop near me has gotten a case of new in and barely touched. 2 weeks ago they had the .308 and 7.62 NATO in a handful of different brands but also atleast one green US can of military grade stuff but I didn’t examine too hard because it saddens me when I think of my FAL lady that was abducted from me. They also had some cans of 30-06 at a very nice price and looked like high quality reloads. So, 5.56 we’ve had some come in lately to a couple shops but someone posted on Facebook about one place and they had sold out by following morning. Other place had a couple cases or more and that took over a week to go but no one posted it. 9mm out as is all pistol ammo but .357 SIG and a little .45 ACP. when anything comes in it is gone instantly except for .22 LR which takes a week or so. Some places have a wider selection but $$$$$ and a 1 or 2 box limit. The many other .22 variants are in stock. Went to get that new IWI 9mm today but they’ve sold 2 of those, a full size CZ75 police, and a nice H&K(used) which on payday I arrive and it’s gone. Then another one I see in the middle week but again payday and they sold day before. About ready to round up change and all non-silver 50 cent pieces and try to get to the bank. Had been eyeing up .357s also as shelves were full of the ammo and also .38 special but both are out here and the .357s must’ve been traded for .38 specials as .38s line the cases and weird or crappy(to me) pistols. Nice .44 Desert Eagle (used) but no ammo. Things are Tough All Over.

    • Dan And The Lions Den

      @Jeff R. dude I literally brought home one of my old AKs from reconsignment… I couldn’t come to terms with letting it go.

    • em em

      my son just did the same thing a month ago. Got the last psa ak, and a couple thou of tula .Me, I actually listen to my wife, and back in 2016 when hillary was running, my wife kept saying “buy more ammo.”…so I just bought another AR lol.

    • Islamisthecultofsin

      @Jeff R. That’s why you buy it and take it with you.

    • Jeff R.

      @Islamisthecultofsin the nicer AK wasn’t so simple. I don’t remember if I only had the cash on me for a down payment or if I needed to get an updated permit to acquire, anything with a pistol grip apparently. Or Both. Otherwise I do walk out same day unless I’m not really working then with trusted dealers I’ll do an official layaway.

  • 32Plinkster Santa

    Thanx guys, very informative video! I learned a handful of things I didn’t know.👍🏻

  • Connor Williams

    Vote early and vote often, the motto of Chicago politicians.

  • deon lee

    7.62×39 seems to still be pretty available and still reasonably priced. I have enough 223/5.56 7.62×39 6.5 Grendel and 9mm that I’m comfortable with definitely more than I can carry. I just don’t have enough that I’m comfortable shooting as much as I generally do. Here recently I’ve just been shooting my reloads but I’m down to 1100 small rifle primers and can’t find them anywheres. As cheap as primers are I don’t understand why I don’t have 50,000 of them stored up. If they ever come back I damn sure will.

    • Jeff R.

      I saw a whole huge stack of 6.5 creedmore and about half as much as 6.5 grendel. Wish I’d gotten or found an AR in that earlier in the year. I’ve seen bolt actions in that but I don’t need that, enough “hunting” type for now but if I find more 5.56/.223 that may change my thinking.

    • deon lee

      @Jeff R. I’ve got several grendels 12” 16” and 18” I’ve also have a couple 223/5.56 I feel like I have plenty ammo I just don’t have enough I feel comfortable shooting as much as I usually do. Still don’t have a problem finding the Grendel ammo except the cheap steel cased stuff that’s all gone and honestly I see 223/5.56 in stock several places online but I don’t need it bad enough to pay 25$ for a 6$ box of ammo.

  • Space Cowboy

    Gosh, everyone was in love with 40 cal not too long ago. 40 CAL…because variety is the spice of life.

    • Leeman

      @smokethirteen or even better; .357 Sig – if you don’t care about hearing loss, otherwise .45 x 1080fps x 200gr will stop just about anyone with one round.

    • Leeman

      @ICTV I dunno…
      I fired my buddy’s Glock 33, 55, 77, 89 or whatever, (it’s their smallest .40) and I couldn’t miss!
      I was impressed by that diminutive but snappy powerful pistola.
      – But I’m sticking to the subsonic .45 for hearing sake.
      Not just mine but any other innocents who might be in the immediate area, especially children.

    • Steffen Samlal

      We was not in love with it, you wrong as 2 boys fucking

    • Leeman

      @Steffen Samlal OK, well, not gonna touch that subject, I’ll just leave it to experts in that arena like Steffen

  • Bonds

    I clicked off after 20 minutes… Way too many commercials…

  • tptexan

    Thanks to y’all for this video I was able to score some 9mm from ammo seek

  • Tabula Raza

    Well, a sharpie is really all you need to label anything.

  • TexasSurplusPro

    I got mocked for suggesting .40 is one of the better options for the rest of the year and into next year. It’s available and less then half the cost of 9mm.. Not to mention the ease of converting most of those pistols to 9mm, when it’s advantageous to do so.

    • Jones

      That’s the route I’ve been on, until it becomes more expensive (or impossible to find) than 44 mag or the like. If I’m going to be paying something close to $1/rd, I’m going to want my money’s worth.

      Then again, I have plenty of ammo. However, I have grown accustomed to being able to replace my range ammo every now and then, and even though I have more than I’ll likely need, it just feels wrong to shoot something I know I can’t easily replace for possibly a year or more.

    • Iris Rodriguez

      I got lucky that I found 9mm ammo for my brother and myself yesterday.

    • Eric W

      If you can find any ammo it’s a minor miracle. I don’t have a .40 or plan to buy one but I do look at online sources and what I find is .40 is far more scarce that 9mm and about the same cost or higher. If you have a source for .40 and it’s cheaper you’re really lucky

    • TexasSurplusPro

      @Eric W your best bet is likely bulk purchasing online at the moment

    • CAYMAN987

      You are correct.. been telling people to buy up glocks for 300 dollars in .40 for several years.

  • Jeff Lardizabal

    Time to dig out that old bow fishing rig so I can reuse the arrow LOL.

  • Jeff R.

    The food and water shortage has just been a small taste of what an EMP attack will do.

    • Mike Mantho

      “One Second After” by William Forstchen was an eye opener for me, starting me down the prepped path. Definitely a small taste. God forbid 🙏

  • Edelweiss

    Anyone who’s been shooting/collecting/hunting for more than a couple of years, should have seen this coming. It is more intense this time around, but experienced people should have been building up a core supply over the years. As for buying uncommon calibers… only as a last resort.

  • oldtwins na

    You can find the ammo for the most part, it’s just finding them at a decent price that isn’t jacked up 3-5x is the hard part.

    • 1redrubberball

      @oldtwins na
      True enough! But it can help when a caliber isn’t too popular, and only costs 2X.

    • Sim ulation 7

      amen. we need to call are senators and congressmen and have them put in a price freeze like they do for hurricanes so don’t jack up your loaf of bread to $10 where your milk to 20 cuz this is not a hand I don’t even want to practice because I want to make sure I have enough just in case on that the Chinese get hot seat cuz I keep on telling the Army to get ready for war so I think they’re planning on coming sorry but it has a chance to read this go ahead and make sure you’re ready to because from what’s been going around there they’re hanging out on the west coast in Canada because some treaty they signed with Canada any place they own or have address in Canada they’re allowed to go over there and hang out with their military people fully armed and all when the regular Canadian citizen couldn’t even have a little 9 mm or something smaller if it shoots a p it’s illegal but we are out of the gun Community need to stick together time is now we must not fall out

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