America’s unenviable choice | Haphazard Trump vs trigger-happy Biden

On the face of it, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. But whoever gets voted into office, America’s foreign policy could end up staying pretty much unchanged.

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  • Goblin Moblin

    Biden doesn’t even know who he’s running against or what office he’s running for

    • Chase Manhattan

      Biden did fine during the debate. Calling him senile and a far left socialist instead of attacking his policy is a bad strategy. Probably why Trump is getting crushed.

    • B z

      @Chase Manhattan He had an earpiece and just repeated everything that he was told.

    • Mark Evans

      @Chase Manhattan agreed. It’s all fluff and no stuff.

      Political kabuki theatre 🎭 performed for their puppet masters who pull their strings all to keep the sheep 🐑 asleep 😴

      Perhaps it’s time for the Yanks to have a “colour revolution” of their own?

      Don’t Vote. Revolt!

    • Silver Sundown Machine

      Biden knows he’s going to win..that’s all that matters

    • Goblin Moblin

      @Chase ManhattanBiden referred to Trump as “George” (George W Bush?) during the debate and previously stated he was running for senate office during a press conference. Biden did so poorly during these debates the media is practically begging him to stop opening his mouth. He actually said he would end oil, even the moderator was like “why would you say that”. Biden has hard evidence of shady dealings in China and Ukraine against him and the media are lying to protect him. This is Trump vs the media, Biden is just a placeholder

  • SuperJbomb1

    LOL at RT

  • Iron Maiden

    Basement Biden.

  • Qwad Luzr

    As opposed to Russia – Putin or Putin.

  • bobbie

    Accepting coming Bill Gates mandatory vaccines is like drinking the Jonestown massacre Kool-aid-

  • lewiskellye

    Biden is done. He thinks he’s running against George. Go home Biden, try to enjoy your last semi coherent moments on this earth.

  • Stinky Monkee

    At least there have been no large wars started in the last 4 years, that’s all I have to say

  • City17.76

    The small hats must be rubbing those hands so hard they’re catching on fire.

  • Erin Thor

    A Russian funded news program coming out as pro Trump. Who would have guessed? LMAO!

  • Silver Sundown Machine

    Trump is a “business man”?..good one

  • Sam Samuels

    trigger-happy Biden
    worse for Russia…

  • JessAtlas

    “haphazard Trump” who has brought peace in the middle east, de-escalated tensions with North Korea, and is the only President im decades who hasn’t started any new military conflict.

  • Urius Tosh

    Isnt this the anti trsns Marxist guy?

  • David Raynard


  • Peter Panino

    Let’s assume that Donald Trump wins the election – which is the most probable outcome. In this case, there will be a hysteric outcry of the left. But there will be no Civil War, and the US will be the same MADHOUSE as it was before.

  • Jean-François manu


  • Bob Wilsea-Smith

    Trump pulls off two peace deals of the century, and nobody, yourselves included are saying anything about it. The business of war is lucrative, and you RT are on the payroll it would appear.

  • dmob d

    LOL hey RT at least the American people have a choice ,cant say the same thing for Russia , putin in power for life in a mafia #
    state with no choice for the people ,:)

  • Dennis Hare

    Of course there is no difference, that is why the DNC declined on Sanders, and chose Biden. The money is all the same.

  • Brer Rabbit

    Do you want a Trump triumph,
    Or a Biden bash ?

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