A discussion about the shopping addiction associated with Americans.

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  • RP McMurphy

    It’s absurd to me, that in the last few months, driving home from work, that I see the outlet malls and casino parking lots are as packed, as they have been…

    • Cheryl Yankey

      People are bored and shopping is something to keep their minds active as destructive as it is.

    • Donnalee Clubb

      IKR. It is the restaurants. OMG. It used to be people went out to eat as a treat on Friday night or picked up a pizza or maybe Sunday after church. Now every single day the restaurants are packed and waiting room only. I see this coming home from work and I think, don’t people eat at home anymore?


      My son works at a casino and he says that they are packed every day. He says this happens becuse people are depressed and try to dull this depression by getting that temporary high .

  • theeggtimer tic tic

    When my children were small I must have been slightly depressed (I didn’t think I was). I discovered S&S (sales and second hand shops) and I bought bargains. I have since learned the science behind it and the dopamine release that gives us a temporary high. I now do the ’10 minute test’ and walk away from the ‘bargain’ for 10 minutes (the time it takes for the chemical to recede and my ‘real’ brain to kick in). This helped me a lot and now I find myself only buying if I really need it … this works … (most of the time ). 😊

  • Yahweh'sWarrior

    We are programmed to consume from a very young age. It becomes an addiction as adults and many use it to fill a void they suffer from, rather than addressing the real cause of their insecurities, failures and inability to be accountable for their actions.

    • mikeh065

      Caused by boredom. She is in the opposite direction especially for a woman. Her way and the exact opposite are a form of mild neurosis almost everybody has to varying degrees. Advertisers goal is to turn your want into a need in your mind. Walked into a store on friday because it was a rainy miserable day. Saw a really nice looking over coat it was a brand name and it cost $25. Have more than enough nice winter coats and my favorite just got dry cleaned. Put it on looked really good started arguing with myself to buy or not to buy. The deciding factor was $25 is just a few rounds of drinks at a bar,Since idea of it was in my head and very good chance it will be sold over the weekend I had to make decision in the moment. Secondary logical thought was my favorite coat was going on its 5th winter and having a secondary coat will extend the life of the other coat. Wind up buying the coat. Go home and check it online turns out the cost was originally $300 which convinced me more on a logical decision it was the right thing to do. People buy things on a emotional level and then use logic (their own interpretation of what logic is) to justify why they bought something. Store I bought it in is a local chain store that sells distress merchandise and excess inventory that did not sell In mall or department store. Learned that if you buy an expensive coat,shirt,sweater,shoes etc your not going to discard it after a year so your better off going to a secondary retailer buying it 60 to 80% cheaper than original price

    • Rick Manley

      Absolutely. Our culture exposes us to many ads every day, trying to convince us to purchase things we usually don’t need.

    • Señor MeinKrafter2020

      And that culture is capitalism.

  • Jumpoff A

    That is why I became a prepper Princess, I wanted to learn to become self-sufficient. I haven’t been in a mall in over 20 months. 🙂

    • Jumpoff A

      @Todd Dembsky HAHAHA, It is the only way to stir one’s coffee via an Earthquake. Just hanging in there buddy. And you? staying warm I take it?

    • Mawmaw Sue

      I haven’t been inside a mall in over 25 years. I don’t shop walmart, I order my groceries on an app and buy in bulk we go pick up the order once a month. We prepare and home can and we haven’t eaten in a restaurant or take out for going on ten years. We downsized our home in 2009 and anything we didn’t need we either gave away or donated. We’ve saved more money during this pandemic than a lot of people has earned. Still have a deep living pantry and more clothes than we’ll wear out in this lifetime. We were thinking of buying a newer car cause ours is a 2001 but when we saw how much they wanted for insurance on a hybrid we said no way and now our 2001 is in peek condition for less than $1000 in work and looks and runs great with small insurance payment.

    • Jumpoff A

      @Mawmaw Sue You’re one smart cookie Mawmaw Sue. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Holden

      @Mawmaw Sue Preach it Maw maw Sue!!! Nothing wrong with a once a month shop, with you on the clothing and saving money during this fiasco! My husband does moving as a side job so I won’t be buying any furniture, tools, appliances or craft supplies for the next fifty years. Thankfully, we have storage building and a barn.

    • Gail Borden


  • thefirst noob

    I like shopping garage sales. I have bought a food saver, a dehydrater and canning jars for very cheap at them. I do this maby once a month. I raise some of my own food. If I have leftovers I have a leftover day. It’s usually the day in the week I have had to do lots of work and am tired. Yes we need to repurpose things.

  • Mrs T

    No offense but I can’t tell you the last time I saw a high quality product. Who makes them in America?? All products I have seen for the last 10 years are CHINESE.

    • George M.

      @Ripp Snortin’ Pelican Cases =)

    • Señor MeinKrafter2020

      That’s what happens when you are sold out by capitalists trying to exploit cheap labour in foreign countries to give them a larger profit.

    • Cheryl T.

      Well, why wouldn’t they be when all the American companies are based in China!

    • Linda Jones

      @Deekoy1958 Personally I wouldn’t say you “allowed” all your manufacturing to go overseas. I believe we ALL elected representatives who sold our their countries and their citizens. I’m going to see about joining others to stay informed, put a stop to it, and get manufacturing back home.

    • Linda Jones

      @Mrs T I was buying stainless silverware for a gift for my granddaughter. Seems only one company left in the US now, all the rest made in China producing lower quality. The name is Liberty, made in the USA. I also recently needed painting supplies. Found trays, rollers, brushes, etc. made by Wooten in USA at Lowe’s. Literally a few cents more than China made.

  • craig1974

    Last December i bought my childhood home, and in the basement sat the 1984 Maytag washing machine which my mom bought new when i was 9. For awhile it was going off balance, so i replaced the damper pads below the tub which was about 17.00 in parts along with a couple of eye screws that were rusted. The machine works flawlessly now, and i will keep it going as long as i can.


      @keith novak look in thrift stores .garage sales ECT .you will find some .

    • Keith Brookshire

      My Mothers 30+ year old Kenmore (Whirlpool) washer quit working last week. With the help of YouTube I was able to get into it and fix it for ZERO dollars.

    • keith novak

      @Keith Brookshire Lot things can be repaired, very simply.

    • Lynnette Murphy

      @Diane CelentoI still live in the house I was born in. Hope you can buy your childhood home soon. Take care & stay safe.

    • WilletteB Life's Journey

      What a great find! I used one for 16 years after the birth of our daughter. The machine washed clothes for 4 people during that time and was repaired once. I truly mourned the Maytags’ loss. 🙂

  • Big Bear Bonneville

    I lost a lot of “friends” when I stopped going out to bars and shows. I did have some friends offering to pay, but that doesn’t feel right. I had money I was just making responsible decisions about where it was going.

    • Cheryl Yankey

      Peer pressure to be normal like them. Happens to adults too.

    • Sun Set

      You mean BROKE FRIENDS

    • Heidi Misfeldt

      You lost your fake friends when you quit your bad habits. Because drinking buddies and party friends are not real friends.
      Then when you are in a different place in your life, you make new friends, of a whole different kind.

    • Donnalee Clubb

      @Heidi Misfeldt So true. I joined three book clubs before Covid. I was in them for years. It was fairly economical to go to the book clubs. I checked out the books from the Library. Every once in.a while someone brought the wine.

    • Roj Blake

      Indeed. Most of us have had that. During my early 20’s most of my “friends” vanished when I stopped doing all the work, organising parties, suggesting we go out etc. The old sayings are always the truest ones, one of my favourites “ You can count your real fiends on one hand” No truer words have been spoken.

  • The Wooden Spoon

    I shop tremendously less sense Covid started. Thru these shutdowns, shortages, limits, distancing etc I’ve learned a lot. I use it up and wear it out.I stretch out everything possible. I repurpose and reuse. There are many many things I no longer use or buy. I’ve made many changes and adaptions. I make do and I’ve learn to value, appreciate and be thankful for everything I have. Plus…… I’ve decided and learned that this is the way I should have been living all along. And you inspire this thru videos like this. Please continue this very valuable series you are doing. We all have so much more to learn. Thank you!

    • Marisa Stone O'Brien

      I shop for my elderly mom for the past 7-8 months too. I stop her up for two weeks at a time, sometimes longer.

    • lorna865

      I haven’t been in the store since the slave flu rules started. Hubby only goes when they first open. We don’t like the Stepford wives vibe. I’m prepping. Just not in the stores.

    • Loren Sims

      Shopping is such a ‘before times’ thing. It’s just not something we do much anymore.

  • Mrs T

    We have been sold to China lock stock and barrel. Our governmental offiicials got paid by us as they did it and got kick backs from the Chinese while they were doing it. WEALTH.

    • Mrs T

      @Michelle Raney he didn’t build the wall. He talks a good game. Both he and Biden stink. They are the front for what’s really going on. We have been sold to China.

    • Mrs T

      The mask is the new American burka and co vid fear has decimated the economy. All of their well laid plans are working beautifully for our new owners.

    • Mrs T

      Wales is locked down with 300 million to float those who cannot go to their jobs, and it’s CHINESE MONEY. The enslavement started with the mask and CHINA will get repaid via ENSLAVEMENT. Easy sale when your elected officials hand you over. Little do they know they screwed themselves. Ya can’t fix STOOPID. Wales down….we are next on the list.

    • Mrs T

      Manchester England locked down today

    • Tilly Kelp

      No different in Australia. It’s a problem across the western world, but how to fix it when so much manufacturing has moved to Asia for dirt cheap labour?

  • Personal Preparedness and Emergency Living

    It may have started when our parents dropped us off at the mall as teens

  • Gently Sustainable

    Back in my twenties, I had an entire bedroom dedicated to storing my clothes, with retail clothing racks no less!! Who WAS that woman??

    We paid off all of our debt 25 years ago and would never go back to that prison again.

    Excessive shopping is also due to lack of contentment.

    Great video as always!

  • Kevin Loving

    My old (almost) 90 year old Aunt said it best….”People don’t know how to be POOR anymore”. I suspect we are all going to learn a hard lesson in the near future!

    • Prepper Princess

      It might be what our country needs.

    • Stuart Hirsch

      @Prepper Princess I’ve never been poor and even in these times probably never will be. But then I’m of the baby boomer generation and learned to save and invest and basic financial lessons in my younger years. I have never been unemployed and have had good financial fortune. I have been and perhaps currently infected with consumerism but had the resources and have always had the resources to spend without maintaining debt. However I believe, poor is one thing, more of a state of mind than a state of finance, poverty is another.Poverty is the inability to afford the basics of life. Those being: nutritious meals, safe and adequate shelter with utilities, clothing that fits and is clean, personal hygiene, security from crime ,safe and reliable transportation, good health with medical and health care as required. It is poverty that causes real suffering and we all must address. Massive poverty can only lead to social unrest, kaos, and ultimately everyone having a low or lower standard of living for all.

    • Donnalee Clubb

      It won’t be hard for the frugal. They are already living slim.

    • Gail Borden

      Your Aunt was so rt !!

  • dmb3428

    some people think their “status” depends on how much stuff they have, lots of em’ are up to their neck in debt trying to one up each other… I downsized my house because I woke up one day and realized it was too big for me…then I took a look around and saw over the years I had accumulated a bunch of stuff to fill it….sold the house and sold 1/2 of everything I own and havent looked back.. I realized life is more about experiences and not “stuff”

  • Robin Strong

    Friends and family call me cheap and chincey…….

    They all struggling with money. I have a nice chunk saved and buy what ever I want with no payments later.

    I’m a free man💥

    • Mrs T

      Robin Strong I’m a free woman, same story. I can sleep well at night. I’m rich because I have no financial stress. My whole home is second hand and people always tell me it’s cozy and inviting. I have a lot to be grateful for.

    • Robin Strong

      @Mrs T money doesn’t buy happiness, but sure helps.
      Congrats 🎉 for successful life like me 👍

  • kc marie

    It’s crazy how our minds are programmed to think. I worked with women who bought brand new expensive cars, hair and nails done and name brand purses and I thought WOW they must be wealthy. Come to find out they were drowning in debt and here I was car paid off with no debt but I look like the “broke” one lol

    • Lynn Peart

      That would me to.

    • Donnalee Clubb

      Me too. My sister-in-law just bought a Versace purse and it is the ONLY place she wants to shop. I bought a purse I love at Ross Dress For Less for $15.00. Now, even if that purse only lasts me two years, I still got my $15 out of it.

  • Bucket List Boomer

    I still “window shop” alone…mostly for exercise and a diversion but rarely, and I mean RARELY buy anything. I was poor most of my life and the way I would satisfy my shopping “urge” was to spend the day at a flea market. I would allow myself ONE purchase, most of the time $5 or less. I am a loner and have one friend of 40+ years and our favorite way to spend time together is at home talking over a cup of coffee or making a craft item together.

  • Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree

    Omg now I want a pretzel too! 🤣

  • catitude4

    This shopping addiction is trying to fill a hole inside yourself that feels empty. You can never fill it. I think many people go through this when they’re young.

  • Dana Beltz

    I gave up perfume a long time ago – been calling it “designer stink” for years now. Plain old soap and water does fine for me, I’m not a flower so I don’t need to smell like one so long as I’m clean. I do still love to shop, though it’s chiefly thrift stores now. I have started asking myself before I leave the house “What do I need there?” If I can’t answer that question I try to distract myself with jobs around the house so I don’t go to the store. I’m realizing that a lot of my urge to shop now is arising from boredom instead of in answer to some need.

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