Alternet Systems Inc.: This Stock Could Explode In 2021


I don’t do a lot of analysis on individual stocks on New Creation Civilization, even though that’s the primary way I’ve been making a living for the last 16 years.

The reason I’ve decided to focus on this small penny stock below is because it is one of the few I’ve been able to find that have the potential to develop a strong line of products, while still not being discovered by the majority of investors.

Here are a few of the things that show the potential of the company.

Alternet Systems Inc. (ALYI) competes in the EV space, primarily targeting the EV motorcycle segment; its flagship product is its Retro ReVolt EV motorcycle, which is highly regarded by many in the EV sector.

The boda boda market in Africa has the most potential for company growth. It is similar to Uber in regard to cars and other vehicles, with the exception Africans in many locations prefer to be transported about with motorcycles in the ride-share market. Alternet already has over 2,000 orders for its bikes in that market, and another 200 offered to the retail market – presumably in the U.S.

“…those on the pre-order list will be required to make a $500 initial payment. When the Retro ReVolt Electric Motorcycle goes into production, a $6,000 deposit will be required. When the Retro ReVolt Electric Motorcycle is ready to ship, a final payment of $6,000 will be required.”

Uber has been increasing its footprint in the African market, giving Alternet Systems a great opportunity as a ride-share competitor in Kenya and other parts of Africa, to expand exponentially over time.

It has also developed a product that will convert gas-powered motorcycles to EVs as another source of sales.

Last, it’s’ working on gaining market share in the specialized Military battery storage segment. In the U.S. alone the military spends over $100 million in the battery storage market; this would be more speculative and long term as far as generating significant revenue, if it is successful.

The bottom line is this company is among one of the last hidden gems in the EV sector where a small investment could produce some huge gains. At this time it only costs a little over $100 to acquire 5,000 shares. With very little downside and a lot of probable upside, I think the risk/reward here is terrifc.

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