Gary Bourgeault here.

As the name of this website suggests, we’ll look at ways to once again build a great civilization, built upon the principles of God as revealed in the Bible. First we’ll look at preservation and survival, but understand that taking a defensive posture alone isn’t enough. We must learn to go on the offensive and create alternatives to the world that is disintegrating around us.

I’ve lived in just about every region of the U.S., and have had to deal with the bitter colds of the northern climate to the heat of the desert, and everything in between. Each region requires a different way of dealing with the particular challenges associated with them, as far as the weather patterns and topography go.

I’ve also worked at a variety of different businesses, including a janitor to running, owning or acquiring multi-million dollar firms. I’ve started from the bottom, worked my way to the top, and lost everything again. Starting over and winning again is one of the valuable lessons I’ll teach you with this blog; it includes a strong mindset and the unwillingness to give up.

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While we’ll touch on some of the prepping and survival themes you’re acquainted with, some of those that aren’t as familiar will be a major focus. We’ll look at whether you should prepare to bug out or root down as your survival strategy. We’ll look at things like what to do with those that aren’t fully healthy, toddlers, or disabled, among other things most people don’t think of. I’ve been involved with all of them.

Also, localization will be a topic covered thoroughly here, with an emphasis on how to influence our communities in a way they’ll be a safe environment to remain in if there is a collapse of some sort.

I’m not going to neglect the threat of Islam on a community, persecution, economic challenges, or ways to deal with real life that can be significantly disrupted whether or not it affects a wide swath of the country or region.

The big picture will be included, but it’ll be broken down so it can be applied to where you’re life is at right now, including locally. Enjoy the ride.

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~ Gary